Category: Cool Videos

Audi R8 Commander

Audi R8-min

A retired astronaut has lost his zest for life and is bored out of his mind until his son decides to hand over the keys to the 205-mph Audi R8 V10 plus.

Snowboarding In New York City

NYC Snowboard-min

The blizzard of 2016 left New York City with a couple feet of snow and created the perfect opportunity for Casey Neistat and some of his friends to make a cool video for YouTube.

Meet At The Cafe

Home Flight-min

Sometimes when you’re on top of the mountain and your friends want to meet at the cafe in town the quickest way down is to fly straight to the cafe.

Welcome To 2016!

Welcome To London 2016-min

Welcome to 2016 and I hope you enjoy watching these fireworks in London on New Year’s Day courtesy of the BBC.

The Best of GoPro in 2015

Best of Gopro 2015-min

This cool and entertaining look at the best clips from GoPro filmed during 2015 that will make you want to pick up a GoPro and start filming something interesting or exciting.

Golden Eagle Hunting

Brothers Of The Wind-min

An epic look at a Golden Eagle hunting a goat in this wildlife video that shows us the survival of the fittest in all of nature’s raw splendor.

The Magic Picture

Magic Painting-min

An amazing and entertaining illusion act performed by magician Dani Lary on the French television show of Patrick Sebastien The World’s Greatest Cabaret.