Cool Videos

Road Locomotive Steam Convoy

Steam Convoy-min

Take a look at these wonderful old steam engine road locomotives from World War One as they participate in the The Great Dorset Steam Fair commemorative convoy from Bovington Camp to Tarrant Hinton.

Reunion of Giants

Reunion of Lancasters-min

It is a Reunion of Giants when the last two remaining Avro Lancaster bombers from World War Two fly together again in this cool aviation history video.

Kids Are Awesome

People Are Awesome Kids-min

The People Are Awesome crew presents us with an episode of kids being awesome in this entertaining compilation of video clips from around the world.

Skydive Dubai

Dubai Skydive-min

When you’re bored and have run out of things to do you might consider travelling to the Middle East to Skydive Dubai.

Insane Car Jump

Long Snow Jump-min

Professional skier and rally car driver Guerlain Chicherit tries to break the Guinness World Record in this insane longest ramp car jump.

LED Sheep Art

LED Sheep-min

Watch as some shepherds and their sheep take to the hills of Wales with LED Lights and a camera to create a huge amazing LED display and an amazing work of art.

Los Angeles Skyglow


Los Angeles Skyglow is a cool timelapse video of star trails over light polluted Los Angeles that was made by photographer Gavin Heffernan for International Dark Sky Week.

Spot The Robot Dog

Spot Remarkable Engineering

Spot The Robot Dog is a four-legged electrically powered and hydraulically actuated robot designed by Boston Dynamics for indoor and outdoor use.

The Honey Tap


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a backyard beekeeper and having your own honey then you’re going to love the Flow™ Hive.