Cool Videos

Cool Weather Photography

Mike Olbinski Monsoon-min

If you enjoy looking at cool weather photography then “Monsoon II”, a timelapse video from photographer Mike Olbinski, is some awesome weather photography for you to enjoy.

Amazing Balance Challenge

Balance Challange-min

A couple of performers on a Chinese talent show demonstrate an incredible act of balance that leaves the judges and audience floored by their performance.

The BMX Businessman

Mashable BMX Businessman-min

If you want to start making your own high definition short films all you need is a modern new smart phone like the Apple iPhone 6Plus.

The Diving Dog

Dog Diving-min

The diving dog is a Jack Russell Terrier named “Titti” and as you’ll see she’s quite the cliff diving dog.

Contact Juggling

Contact Juggling Video-min

This contact juggler in Taiwan has some serious skills that are mesmerizing to watch as he manipulates the spheres in his hands.

Pitching Aircraft Carrier Deck

Pitching Deck Video-min

Landing on a pitching aircraft carrier deck is described by one pilot as “a moment of sheer terror” after which he just wants to find a quiet place to have an aneurysm and call it a day.

Cool Camping Hammock

Blue Ridge Hammock-min

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is a pretty cool camping hammock because it can double as a ground tent if you don’t feel like hanging it between two trees.