Cool Videos

73 Year Old Bungee Jump

Bungee Jump 73 Year Old

73 year old Ray Woodcock isn’t content to sit around and grow old quietly so he risks life and limb in a record breaking bungee jump that will leave anyone with a fear of heights stunned.

Cool Road Trip

Friends Road Trip

“Friends in High Places” is a short film by Cyrus Sutton documenting a cool road trip he took with his girlfriend Michelle up the West Coast.

SLIP Dance

Slip Dance-min

Choreographer and Dancer Phillip Chbeeb performs a beautiful and amazing dance routine with Renee Kester that is so cool you’ll want to watch it twice.

Drone Down Range

GNat Warfare-min

Shotgun sport shooters are going to love having an opportunity to take their best shot at a drone flying down range thanks to the cool folks at Gnat Warfare.