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13 Entertaining Pet Videos

13 Funny Pet Videos-min

An entertaining look at 13 different pet videos in this video compilation created by The Pet Collective.

Cougar Release in Utah

Cougar Release-min

Conservation officer Mark Ekins earns every cent of his paycheck as he shows us how to release a cougar from a trap in the mountains of Utah.

Pets Are Awesome

People Are Awesome Pets-min

If you love cool animal videos then this compilation of Pets Being Awesome is going to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Bear In Canada

A Bear in Saguenay, Canada. Photo by Thomas Lefebvre

A Bear in Saguenay, Canada. Photo by Thomas Lefebvre.

Man and Grizzly Bear

GoPro Man and Bear-min

Naturalist and Grizzly Bear expert Casey Anderson shares with us an up close and personal look at his relationship with Brutus the Bear.

Guilty Dogs Charlie and Ollie

Charlie Dog Guilty-min

Charlie the dog and his new puppy friend Ollie have been left alone for a awhile in the house and they created a mess.

Dog Loves Ice Cream Truck

Dog Ice Cream-min

Everyone knows that kids love to hear the ice cream truck coming down their street on hot summer day but have you ever seen a dog wait in line at the ice cream truck?

Puppy Meal Wheel

Dpg Pinwheel-min

It’s dinner time for this pack of Doberman puppies so they all gather round the food bowl and create the puppy pinwheel as they eat their food.

Grizzly Bear Quiz

Grizzly Bear-min

Grizzly Bears are fascinating creatures but how much do you really know about them?

Sitter Falls Asleep

Dog Falls Asleep Baby Sitter-min

This baby sitter fell asleep on the couch while watching a cute little baby and as shocking as that might sound it won’t come as a surprise once you see the video.

Cute Baby Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls Florida-min

If you need a little wildlife cuteness in your day then spend a few minutes with these cute little Burrowing Owls living in Cape Coral, Florida.

The Life of a Happy Dog

Stella The Dog-min

“The Life of Stella” is a short video compilation of Stella the Dog going about her various daily activities.

Husky Wants A Bath

Husky in Bathtub-min

It’s time for a walk but this stubborn Husky would rather take a bath and he’s not shy about letting his owner know his preference.

A Game Of Chicken

Chicken Showdown-min

A dog and a baby have a showdown over the last piece of chicken that has been left on the table.

Pets Aren’t Sorry

Pets Not Sorry-min

The Pet Collective shares with us their funny compilation of Sorry Not Sorry Pets that any pet owner will appreciate.

Saving Freedom The Horse

GoPro Freedom Horse-min

Freedom The Horse accidentally fell into a maintenance pit and his owner, Marek Słodkowski, ended up calling the local fire department to help come save his horse.

Joey and His Dog

Joey and His Dog Roxy-min

This is a wonderful story of how how the love of a dog can change someone’s life for the better.