Animals and Wildlife

The Dog Toys

Dog Toys Shelter Project

If you have a dog then chances are you have at least half a dozen dog toys scattered around you house at any one time.

The Ditched Dog

Dog Karma Shelter Project

There’s nothing funny about a dog being abandoned alongside a road but this ditched dog gets the last laugh in as Karma plays it’s hand.

The Husky Howl

Husky Howl

This Husky gets into a howling contest with two English Springer Spaniel’s after they annoy him and he needs to let them know who the Alpha of the house is.

Tired Bird Dog

Old Dog Napping

This old dog is so tired he has turned into a bird dog because he’s letting the bird use his dog hair for nesting material.

The Dramatic Dog

Dog Treat Playing Dead

Sam the Dog demonstrates that she has mastered the art of dramatic acting for dogs as she goes all out to get her dog treat in this funny dog video.