Animals and Wildlife

Yoga Cat

Yoga Cat Funny-min

Cats are known to have an arrogant attitude and this cat decides to show the world who’s really worth watching as his owner attempts to film some of her yoga moves.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ

Tiny Hamster BBQ-min

It’s not everyday that you see Tiny Hamster’s having a Tiny BBQ Party but these furry little guys have some special people who take care of them and treat them like royalty.

The Rufferee

Tug War

A couple of Golden Retrievers are playing a friendly game of tug of war when the Rufferee gets involved in this cute dog video.

Funny Guilty Dogs

Guilty Dogs 2015-min

An entertaining look at some Funny Guilty Dogs who have gotten themselves into trouble and are trying to not look guilty to their owners who love them.

Little Piggy Sue

Pig Vodaphone

Little Piggy Sue meets Kieth the postman in this wonderful advert from Vodaphone New Zealand that demonstrates that life is better when you have friends that you’re connected with.