Category: Animals and Wildlife

The Giraffe Cat

Giraffe Cat-min

A short and interesting look at the Serval which has been nicknamed “The Giraffe Cat”.

Funny Goofy Dogs

Goofy Dogs-min

If you’ve ever owned a dog you know they can be goofy and this collection of funny goofy dog videos is proof of that.

13 Funny Kitten Videos

13 Kitten Videos-min

An entertaining collection of 13 funny kitten videos that anyone who loves kittens should enjoy watching.

12 Funny Puppy Videos

12 Puppy Videos-min

An entertaining collection of 12 funny puppy videos that anyone who love puppies should enjoy watching.

The Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot-min

An interesting look at the hyacinth macaw which will immediately catch your attention due to it’s wonderful blue color.

13 Funny Pet Videos

13 Funny Pet Videos-min

An entertaining collection of 13 funny pet videos that should bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.

Dogs Love Big Sticks

Dogs Big Sticks-min

An entertaining look at an assortment of dogs who are obsessed with getting the biggest stick they can find.

15 Hilarious Animal Antics

15 Animals Rumble-min

A funny look at 15 Hilarious Animal Antics that should brighten you day and put a smile on your face if you love animals.

The Duck Farm

Duck Farm-min

An interesting look at a duck farm in South Africa that has a very special purpose that I never would have imagined.

Gold Medal Pets

Gold Medal Pets-min

The 2016 Olympics aren’t the only place where you’ll see some Gold Medal performances as these pets show us they have what it takes to go for the gold.

Bedtime Dog Stories

Reading To Dogs-min

If you enjoy adorable videos then it’s hard to beat the combination of dogs and kids together.

Squirrel Gets The Nuts

Squirrel Nuts-min

A couple of people camping in Ontario, Canada couldn’t figure out why the lid to the container of nuts was off each morning.

Dog Needs Glasses

Just For Laughs Dog Glasses-min

These kind people are only too willing to pick up some glasses for a man who appears to have dropped them.

Maymo Loves Food

Maymo Food-min

Maymo the dog loves food and he’s more than willing to beg for any human food he can get his paws on.

Rowdy The Dog

Rowdy The Dog-min

Rowdy The Dog is a 14 year old black Labrador Retriever who is bringing awareness to an usual skin condition called Vitiligo.

Dog Loves Cheeseburger

Pitbull Hope for Paws-min

Animal Rescue group Hope For Paws shares with us a look at dog who just loved the cheeseburger he was given.

Evolution Of The Dog

Dog Evolution-min

An interesting look at the evolution of the dog which might lead many to conclude that dogs are going to outlive all of us.

If A Dog Could Talk

If I Could Talk-min

“If I Could Talk” is a wonderful short film about a dog and the things he would like to say to the man who saved him when he was a puppy.