Category: Animals and Wildlife

Brown Bear Webcam

Bear Cam

A live webcam from Alaska of Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park courtesy of Within a few minutes of watching not only did I see some bears in the river but I also saw a bald eagle.

Pedals The Bear

Pedals Bear-min

It’s not everyday that you see a bear walking around like a human on two legs but that’s exactly what Pedals the Bear does.

Maymo vs. Citrus

Maymo Vs Citrus-min

If you enjoy dog videos I think you’ll get a chuckle out of Maymo the dog vs. Citrus.

Animal Teamwork

Raccoon Teamwork-min

A mother Raccoon and her baby raccoons demonstrate how to scale a wall using ingenuity and teamwork.

Jesse The Dog

Jessie the dog summertime-min

Summer has arrived and Jesse the Dog shows us how to have some summertime fun.

Buddy The Rescue Dog

Buddy Rescue Dog-min

Buddy the Rescue Dog makes me smile as he anxiously anticipates his ball being shot across the yard and I hope he brings a smile to your face as well.

10 Funny Pet Videos

Pets Slow Motion-min

Animal lovers and pet owners will enjoy watching these 10 funny pet videos.

Bears in Yellowstone National Park

Mama Bear and Cubs-min

If you love the outdoors and animals then spend a few minutes watching these Bears in Yellowstone National Park courtesy of a CBS Sunday Morning film crew.

The Bowerbird


Bird watchers will enjoy this look at the Bowerbird narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Dogs Vs. Water

Dogs vs Water-min

Sit back and enjoy this awesome compilation of dogs and puppies vs water that will leave animal and dog lovers with a smile on their face.

Pets In Slow Motion

Pets Slow Motion-min

An entertaining look at various pets in slow motion that animal lovers will enjoy watching.

I Think My Dog’s a Democrat

Dog Democrat-min

If you have a dog then you might recognize some of the characteristics that Bryan Lewis sings about in his song “I Think My Dog’s a Democrat”.

Funny Pet Memes

Pet Memes-min

If you love pets and have a sense of humor then I think you’ll get a laugh or two out of these funny pet memes compilation brought to us by The Pet Collective YouTube channel.

Baby Bear on Golf Course

Bear on Golf Course-min

Don’t look now but the circus has come to town as this baby bear gives us an awesome performance on the Golf Course.

The Cat Burglars

Cats Steal Dog Beds-min

When cats and dogs live together sometimes they think each other’s beds are more comfortable than their own as these cat burglars demonstrate.

Cats Demanding Attention

Cats Demanding Attention-min

These entertaining cats demanding attention demonstrate how lovable and cute our furry feline friends can be when they want some personal attention.

Golfing In Florida

Gofing Florida Gator-min

When you’re golfing on Florida be sure to keep an eye out for massive gators walking across the golf course.

18 Adorable Animals

18 Adorable Animals-min

If you need something to brighten up your day then this compilation of 18 Adorable Animals videos is sure to make you smile and feel better.