Category: Animals and Wildlife

A Game Of Chicken

Chicken Showdown-min

A dog and a baby have a showdown over the last piece of chicken that has been left on the table.

Pets Aren’t Sorry

Pets Not Sorry-min

The Pet Collective shares with us their funny compilation of Sorry Not Sorry Pets that any pet owner will appreciate.

Saving Freedom The Horse

GoPro Freedom Horse-min

Freedom The Horse accidentally fell into a maintenance pit and his owner, Marek Słodkowski, ended up calling the local fire department to help come save his horse.

Joey and His Dog

Joey and His Dog Roxy-min

This is a wonderful story of how how the love of a dog can change someone’s life for the better.

The Three Little Bears

3 Bears-min

We’ve all heard the story of the three little bears but someone has finally captured this trio on video.

Why Cats Are Special


Animal and cat lovers will enjoy this short look at why cats are special and perhaps why you should have one in your life.

Animal Migrations in Yellowstone

Yellowstone Migrations-min

Many people visit Yellowstone National Park each year to see the beautiful scenery and wildlife but very few people get to witness one of the more amazing aspects of the park.

The Last of the Musk Oxen

Musk Oxen-min

Rolf Steinmann’s short film “In Between” is an amazing look at the Musk Oxen in the wild as they struggle to survive in a warming plant.

The Flying Dogs

Flying Dog-min

Pigs Might Fly but thanks to efforts of Mark Vette, a world renowned animal behavior specialist, there are now dogs that know how to fly.

Bear Chases Snowboarder

Snowboard Bear-min

Snowboarding can be a fun and exciting sport but if you’re chased by a bear it might be more excitement than you bargained for when you hit the slopes.

The Thirsty Dog

Thirsty Dog-min

They say a tired dog is a happy dog but sometimes a tired dog can also be a thirsty dog and they need a little reminding that they should get a drink of water.

Dog Toy Napper

Dog Toy Napper-min

Margo the dog is enjoying playing with her dog toy and isn’t being very nice to Pepper the dachshund who also wants to play with the dog toy.

110 Horses Running

Horse Pasture-min

If you love horses then I think you’ll enjoy this short video of 110 horses running to a new pasture.

The Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch-min

Everyone has a seen a cat take a long stretch after waking up from a nap but I doubt you have ever seen a cat stretch quite like this one.

Dog Disguises Lead To Treats

Maymo Disguise-min

If your dog wants to earn some extra treats you could ask him to do some chores around the house but that probably won’t work out well for you.

Dogs Vs. Stairs

Dogs Vs. Stairs-min

Don’t look know but it’s another round of Dogs Vs. Stairs and in more than one case the stairs appear to be winning.

Cats and Kittens

Cat and Kitten Compilation-min

This entertaining compilation of Cats and Kittens playing is sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves cats.

Wild Dog Species

Fritz Dog Wild-min

A new species of wild dog known as Aurea Pecus Ferarum has been discovered in the hills of California.

Yoga Dog

Yoga Dog-min

Yoga can be difficult for many people but for this dog Yoga appears to come naturally.