Category: Animals and Wildlife

If A Dog Could Talk

If I Could Talk-min

“If I Could Talk” is a wonderful short film about a dog and the things he would like to say to the man who saved him when he was a puppy.

11 Funny Pet Videos

11 Funny Pet Videos-min

A compilation of 11 Funny Pet Videos to bring a laugh or smile to your day.

Swimming With Wild Dolphins

GoPro Dolphins-min

Jim Abernethy is known for creating wonderful scuba adventures off the coast of Florida and he doesn’t disappoint his clients with this experience of swimming with wild dolphins.

The Dog Knows

Dog Nose-min

An interesting look at how dogs keen sense of smell let’s them see the world in an entirely different way than humans.

Yellowstone Traffic Jam

Yellowstone Traffic Jam-min

The next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam picture yourself in Yellowstone National Park with a herd of bison causing a traffic jam.

Hummingbirds in HD

Hummingbirds in HD-min

If you enjoy bird watching or just nature in general I think you’ll enjoy watching these beautiful hummingbirds in HD.

Our Wonderful Nature


An up close and amazing look at The Common Chameleon in this episode of Our Wonderful Nature that will leave you with a special feeling for this wonderful creature.

The Acoustic Dog

Maple Plays Drums-min

If you love music and dogs then Trench and Maple are sure to bring a smile to your face with this short video compilation of them playing together.

18 Husky Dog Videos

Husky Puppies-min

If you love dogs then this compilation of 18 Husky Puppy and Dog Videos is sure to bring a smile to your face.

The Dog Nurse

Charlie Dog Sleep-min

Laura was told that Charlie the Dog was sick and therefore was unable to sleep with her in her bed.

Glasses for Pets

Candid Camera Dog Glasses-min

Candid Camera pulls off a funny skit on some pet owners by trying to convince them that their pet needs glasses.

Dog In The Bathroom

Charlie Dog Bathroom-min

Charlie the Dog helps his little friend get through some tasks in the bathroom. Brushing, Flushing, and Bathing, Oh My!

Best Day For Cherry The Dog

Barkbox Best Day Cherry

Cherry the dog has his best day ever thanks to many kind folks and organizations who wanted to do something extra special for this dog.

Cute and Adorable Sleepy Pets

Sleepy Pets 2016

An entertaining look at some cute and adorable sleeping pets that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face that loves animals.

Dog Loves The Shower

Corgi Shower-min

Misty the dog loves to take a shower and will sprint to the tub or shower when she hears the word “Shower”.

Hungry Bears

Hungry Bears-min

It’s feeding time for some baby bears and these little guys and gals are some hungry bears.

Mountain Dog and Puppy

Mountain Dog Puppy-min

If you love dogs then this video of a Bernese Mountain Dog playing with a four week old puppy should bring a smile to face and warm your heart.

K9 intelligence Test

Jumpy K9 Intelligence-min

Jumpy the dog takes a K9 Intelligence Test and passes with flying colors after three days of training.