Category: Animals and Wildlife

Thank You for Being a Friend

Mashable Friend-min

A few “Golden Dogs” just want to say “Thank You for Being a Friend” in this short and sweet video from the good folks at the Mashable Watercooler.

8 Human Foods For Dogs

8 Foods Dogs-min

Every dog owner knows that dogs love to eat human food so this entertaining look at 8 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat should be helpful for dog owners.

Dog Almost Sets House On Fire

Black Lab Pizza-min

Most people have probably heard a story or two of a dog saving a person from a house fire by alerting them but have you ever seen a video of the dog starting the fire?

Black Bear in Finland

Bear Dog Finland-min

An interesting look at a black bear in Finland being flushed out of the woods by what appears to be a German Shepherd mix breed dog.

Baby Elephant Orphans

Orphan Elephants-min

“I will always remember you” is an animated short film from acclaimed illustrator, writer and Academy Award nominee producer Hugo Guinness to raise awareness for orphan elephants.

Dogs Enjoy A Fall Day

Maymo Fall Leaves-min

Cute dogs Maymo and Penny enjoy a nice fall day outside where they watch the leaves change color and get to play in a big pile of leaves.

7 Adorable Kitten Facts

7 Kitten Facts Mashable-min

Animal lovers will enjoy learning these 7 Adorable Kitten Facts that are shared with us from the folks at The Mashable Watercooler YouTube Channel.

Steve Martin And Dogs

Steve Martin Dogs-min

Way back in 1976 comedian Steve Martin realized he wasn’t that appealing to dogs so he went out of his way to make his routine more dog friendly.