Animals and Wildlife

Online Dog Trainer

Online Dog Trainer-min

If you have a dog that you would like to train yourself you might consider using an Online Dog Trainer like Doggy Dan from New Zealand.

How To Look Like A Dog

Husky Makeup-min

If you have ever wondered how to look like a dog this Siberian Husky makeup tutorial will show you exactly how to turn yourself into a canine.

What’s For Lunch

Linda Dog-min

It’s lunch time and Dinky and Linda the Great Danes are very interested to know what kind of sandwich they are going to get to eat.

Courthouse Dogs

Courthouse Dogs Video-min

Ellie and Jeeter are a couple of dogs that are hard at work in the courthouse helping people feel calm and comfortable in the stressful situation that being in court is.

Blue Whale Watching

BBC Earth Blue Whale-min

Watching for Blue Whales can be a frustrating experience as they are sometimes difficult to spot as Zoologist Mark Carwardine demonstrates for us.

Black Cats Are Cool

Black Cats-min

In honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day, which is August 17th, Furball Fables asked their viewers on Facebook and Youtube to share pictures and videos of their black cats.

Nap Time

Dog Baby Crib-min

That moment of silence in the house when the baby is finally taking a nap then you wonder where the dog is.

The Science of Dogs

ASAP Science Dogs-min

For anyone that owns a dog or just loves dogs you’re going to enjoy learning about the science of dogs from the crew at the AsapSCIENCE YouTube Channel.