Category: Flying and Military

Meet At The Cafe

Home Flight-min

Sometimes when you’re on top of the mountain and your friends want to meet at the cafe in town the quickest way down is to fly straight to the cafe.

Dogs On Deployment

Dogs On Deployment-min

Dogs On Deployment is a wonderful non-profit organization that helps find foster homes for military service members pets while they go on deployment.

Chamonix Wingsuit Flight

GoPro Chamonix Wingsuit-min

Wingsuit flyer Brandon Mikesell shows us how to live life in the extreme as he soars down Le Brévent and takes the line less traveled as he avoids hitting the rocks and trees.

The Flag Man

Flag Man Runner-min

“One Life, One Flag, One Mile” is a short video documenting the amazing journey of Army Veteran Mike Ehredt and the Project America Run II.

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten Film-min

“Not Forgotten” is the story of a Marine who was classified as Missing In Action during the Vietnam War and the closure that was finally provided to his wife.

Flight Lapse

Flight Lapse Video-min

“Flight Lapse” is a cool timelapse and hyperlapse short film from High Pressure Aviation Films showing us the view from the cockpit of an airliner flying around the world.

Jetman Dubai Flight

JetMan A380-min

Jetman Dubai pilots Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet fly alongside an Emirates A380 in this cool video promoting tourist and business travel to Dubai.

Sky Wizards

Devin Grham Paramotoring-min

Take a look at some cool flying at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta in this video called “Sky Wizards” from YouTube Filmmaker extraordinaire Devin Graham and Team Supertramp.

Heroes and Horses

Nat Geo Hero and Horse-min

Heroes and Horses is a wonderful organization that is helping combat veterans deal with PTSD, severe anxiety, and other combat related issues by taking them on back-country horse packing trips in the mountains.

Horses That Heal

Nat geo Horse Heal-min

An interesting look at how equine therapy is helping to heal veterans invisible wounds at the Boulder Crest Retreat in Bluemont, Virginia.

North West Australia By Drone

Aerial Film-min

“HAMERSLEY” is a short film from Dan Proud that takes us on an aerial tour of some of the more scenic northern regions of the State of Western Australia.

Special Operations Pilot Karl Maier

Army Aviation CWO Maier-min

Chief Warrant Officer Five Karl H. Maier was recently inducted into the Army Aviation Association of America Hall of Fame and it’s easy to see why when you learn about his career.