Flying and Military


Col Sylvester-min

COL. Ernie Sylvester is a member of the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame and this video was made as a tribute to his service during his Army career.

The Unknowns

The Unknowns Trailer-min

A special extended preview of the documentary “The Unknowns” abut the Tomb of the Unknown Solider located in Arlington National Cemetery.

Military Aircraft Boneyard

Aircraft Grave-min

Take a tour of the military aircraft boneyard in the Arizona desert operated by the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group of the Air Force Material Command.

Terrafugia Flying Car

Tearrafugia Concept 2015-min

If you have ever dreamed of having a flying car then the Terrafugia TF-X™ might just be the vehicle that makes your dream come true.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

Prager Univeristy Iran Agreement-min

Dennis Prager looks at the Iran Nuclear Deal and whether it is going to be a good deal or bad deal for the United States and it’s allies.

Hawaii By Drone

Hawaii By Air Drone-min

Take a vacation break and view Hawaii by Drone in this video compilation from the YouTube Channel Hawaii By Air.

Pearl Harbor P-40 Pilots

Pearl Harbor P 40s-min

Everyone knows that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor caught the United States off guard and unprepared to defend itself but many people might not be aware of the story of these two P-40 Fighter Pilots.

Safe Passage

Safe Passage Veteran-min

Veterans are giving kids in Chicago a safe passage to school on some troubled streets through a unique program created by the nonprofit group Leave No Veteran Behind.

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward-min

“Keep Moving Forward” is a documentary film about a Vietnam veteran Guy Spagnoli who suffers from PTSD and finds his peace through Disney.

Drone Down Range

GNat Warfare-min

Shotgun sport shooters are going to love having an opportunity to take their best shot at a drone flying down range thanks to the cool folks at Gnat Warfare.