Funny Videos

Dachshund Police Chase

BarkBox Police Chase-min

Some dog thief has stolen the monthly delivery of another dog’s BarkBox and Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund is off on a police chase catch this canine criminal.

When Dogs Need To Go

BarkBox Dog Poop Time-min

Dog people know that when dogs need to go outside do their business it doesn’t matter what you’re doing as the dog’s need come first.

Full Service Dry Cleaners

Just For Laughs Laundromaut-min

If you’re going to take your clothes to the dry cleaner you might as well have some laundry done at the same time including the clothes that you’re wearing.

7 Corgi Things

BarkBox 7 Corgi Things-min

Corgi dog owners will appreciate this video from the crew at BarkBox called “7 Things Only Corgi Parents Understand”.

The Dog Train

dog train-min

The Fort Worth dog train is run by 80 year old Eugene Bostick has seating for eight or more canines as it takes these dogs on rides around his property.

Weekend Pupdate

BarkBox Weekend Pupdate-min

The Weekend Pupdate from the good folks are BarkBox is sure to entertain dog lovers as some of this news is just dog gone funny stuff.

5 Dachshund Things

BarkBox Dachshunds-min

“5 Things Only Dachshund Parents Understand” from the crew over at BarkBox is sure to resonate with anyone that’s ever owned a Dachshund.