Funny Videos

The Dog Toys

Dog Toys Shelter Project

If you have a dog then chances are you have at least half a dozen dog toys scattered around you house at any one time.

Breakdance Conversation

Jimmy Fallon Breakdance

Jimmy Fallon takes a break from work and heads to the basement to work on his dance moves where he ends up in a “Breakdance Conversation” with his friend Brad Pitt.

The Ditched Dog

Dog Karma Shelter Project

There’s nothing funny about a dog being abandoned alongside a road but this ditched dog gets the last laugh in as Karma plays it’s hand.

Funny News Bloopers

News Bloopers

A compilation of funny news bloopers from various YouTube clips that are sure to make you laugh as these newscasters mess up on live television.

The Husky Howl

Husky Howl

This Husky gets into a howling contest with two English Springer Spaniel’s after they annoy him and he needs to let them know who the Alpha of the house is.

Sleight of Mouth Magic

Sleight of Mouth

If you’re a magician with mediocre slight of hand skills then the best thing you could do besides finding another career is to find an audience that is easily fooled.

Protesters vs Police

Just For Laughs Protestors

Watching a group of protesters confront the police can be an interesting thing to watch from a distance but very uncomfortable if you’re caught between the two groups.

First Aid Training

Just For Laughs Mouth to Mouth

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation can be a life saving skill and is an important part of any First Aid Training program but sometimes it’s not the most fun thing to practice.