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11 Funny Pet Videos

11 Funny Pet Videos-min

A compilation of 11 Funny Pet Videos to bring a laugh or smile to your day.

Tape Face Is Speechless

AGT Tape Face-min

Tape Face arrives on stage speechless on America’s Got Talent 2016 and after performing a really entertaining act he leaves the same way, speechless.

Our Wonderful Nature


An up close and amazing look at The Common Chameleon in this episode of Our Wonderful Nature that will leave you with a special feeling for this wonderful creature.

The Acoustic Dog

Maple Plays Drums-min

If you love music and dogs then Trench and Maple are sure to bring a smile to your face with this short video compilation of them playing together.

18 Husky Dog Videos

Husky Puppies-min

If you love dogs then this compilation of 18 Husky Puppy and Dog Videos is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Glasses for Pets

Candid Camera Dog Glasses-min

Candid Camera pulls off a funny skit on some pet owners by trying to convince them that their pet needs glasses.

Dog In The Bathroom

Charlie Dog Bathroom-min

Charlie the Dog helps his little friend get through some tasks in the bathroom. Brushing, Flushing, and Bathing, Oh My!

Celebrity Buys Entire Town

Candid Camera Susan Anton

If you’ve ever live in a small town then you’ll appreciate the humor in this Candid Camera skit where a celebrity buys the entire town.

Cute and Adorable Sleepy Pets

Sleepy Pets 2016

An entertaining look at some cute and adorable sleeping pets that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face that loves animals.

Dog Loves The Shower

Corgi Shower-min

Misty the dog loves to take a shower and will sprint to the tub or shower when she hears the word “Shower”.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Just For Laughs Fresh Eggs-min

If you have ever tasted a fresh egg right from the chicken coop then you know that nothing beats a farm fresh egg.

Hot Dog in the Diner

Tim Conway Diner-min

Tim Conway serves up a hot dog and a drink in the diner in this funny skit from “The Dean Martin Show”.

The Best Home Workout

Studio C P90X-min

If you’re looking for the best home workout then you might try completing the P90X exercise routine.

Non Stop Coffee

Candid Camera Coffee-min

A funny skit from Candid Camera where some people were confronted with some non stop coffee.

Mountain Dog and Puppy

Mountain Dog Puppy-min

If you love dogs then this video of a Bernese Mountain Dog playing with a four week old puppy should bring a smile to face and warm your heart.

Old Man Strength

Old Man Strength-min

If you’ve ever wondered what Old Man Strength looks like take a look at Grandpa throwing some weight around Muscle Beach in California.

Pets Playing In Grass

Pets Vs Grass-min

A fun look at various pets playing in the grass in this Pets Vs. Grass video compilation from The Pet Collective.

Painting The Office

Tim Conway Painting-min

It’s time for Mr Tudball to paint his office and he’s enlisted the help of Mrs Wiggins in this funny skit starring Tim Conway and Carol Burnett.