Category: Funny Videos

Free Car Wash

Just For Laughs Free Car Wash-min

Most guys like to have a clean car and every man is going to want a free car wash wen the person offering it is an attractive female.

Holderness Family Thanksgiving

Holderness Family Thanksgicing Mashup-min

When the Holderness Family celebrates Thanksgiving there is never a dull moment as seen in this Ultimate Thanksgiving Mashup featuring their versions of the songs Hello, Hotline Bling, and Nae Nae.

Thank You for Being a Friend

Mashable Friend-min

A few “Golden Dogs” just want to say “Thank You for Being a Friend” in this short and sweet video from the good folks at the Mashable Watercooler.

Two Girls At A Bar

Girls At Bar-min

A funny look at a guy trying to engage two girls in a bar in conversation by offering to buy one of them a drink.

Grandma’s Pearl Ring

Just For Laughs Granny Ring-min

An adorable little girl has acquired her Grandma’s pearly necklace and is now determined to get her hands on the matching pearl ring.

Adele Impersonator Audition

Adele Impersonators-min

British singer and songwriter Adele decides to participate in the fun of an audition for an Adele Impersonator and the results are hilarious to watch.

You’re Going To Be A Grandfather

Pregnancy Announcement-min

A funny look at how a man figures out he’s going to be a grandfather as the family is playing a game using noise cancelling headphones to try and decode what the other person is saying.

Things Kids Still Ask Their Dads

BuzzFeed Things Ask Dad-min

Every father wants to raise their kids to be strong and independent individuals who are capable of taking care of themselves but this look at things kids still ask their dads shows it’s not easy.

Is A Nature Rx Right For You?

Nature Rx 2-min

If you find yourself feeling down, stressed out, and out of shape then ask your doctor if nature is right for you because a Nature Rx might just be the cure you need.

Winter Vacation In Canada

Canada Vacation-min

When the cold days and long dark winter nights finally wear down even the toughest Canadians they long for a winter vacation someplace warm and sunny.

Birthday Wish Comes True

Keith Hopkin Last Birthday-min

A father goes all out to make his son’s birthday wish come true as they celebrate his last birthday at home before he heads off to college.

Cowboy Fashion Advice

Cowboy Fashion-min

A cowboy in Texas shares some fashion advice for young men that every teenage boy and some men should start practicing so they don’t look like fools.

Angry Yoga Class

Angry Yoga-min

If you’re feeling stressed out and angry then perhaps it’s time to cleanse your body and soul by attending an angry yoga class.