Funny Videos

Paper In The Park

Just For Laughs Paper Blow-min

For some unknown reason a woman is sporting importing papers into piles on a picnic table in a park and she needs a little help.

The Big Biker

Just For Laughs Biker Imitation-min

When in the presence of big bikers it’s a good idea to be on your best behavior least you annoy them.

What’s For Lunch

Linda Dog-min

It’s lunch time and Dinky and Linda the Great Danes are very interested to know what kind of sandwich they are going to get to eat.

A Nice Family Dinner

Texting Dinner Family-min

This family is having a nice quiet family dinner that they all seem to be enjoying perfectly fine without having their phones present at the dinner table.

Grandma’s Parking Problem

Just For Laughs Granny Parking-min

Grandma has been told by the police officer to move her car otherwise she’s going to get a parking ticket and that’s what led to Grandma’s Parking Problem.

Blue Whale Watching

BBC Earth Blue Whale-min

Watching for Blue Whales can be a frustrating experience as they are sometimes difficult to spot as Zoologist Mark Carwardine demonstrates for us.

Nap Time

Dog Baby Crib-min

That moment of silence in the house when the baby is finally taking a nap then you wonder where the dog is.

Bullet Ant Gloves

Hamish and Andy Pain-min

Only a complete idiot or an Australian comedian radio show host would try on a pair of bullet ant gloves in the Amazon jungle to experience the worst pain known to man.

The Frontier Doctor

Dean Martin Foster Brooks Doctor-min

Doctors were few and far between in the old west so if you were injured it was really important to know a good frontier doctor.

Old Man Walking

Just For Laughs Old People Kick Cop-min

It’s not funny to imitate an old man walking and even less funny when it’s done by a police officer trying to impress some onlookers at the old man’s expense.