Category: Funny Videos

The Dancing Deer

Deer and Dog Water-min

When a deer encounters a Golden Retriever looking for something in a creek the deer decides to stop and do a little dancing for the dog.

Looking For My Glasses

Looking For Glasses-min

A funny song called “Oh No” about looking for some missing glasses and other items that seem to get misplaced on a regular basis.

Grocery Store Checkout Line

Just For Laughs Grocery Stealing-min

A guy in the checkout line at the grocery store decides some of the food the person behind him has looks pretty good so he places it in with his items.

A Night At The Opera

Victor Borge Opera-min

Victor Borge gives us the funniest night at the opera anyone could ever hope to have in this wonderfully entertaining performance.

The Middle East Story

Middle East-min

Comedian Alan King shares with us The Middle East Story from way back in the 1980’s as he tries to explain the situation in The Middle East.