Funny Videos

Ice Cream Scream

Just For Laughs Ice Cream-min

Ice Cream You Cream We All Scream for Ice Cream but the guy working this ice cream stand is in serious pain and screams the loudest.

Not Under My Roof


When a daughter brings her boyfriend home from college for the weekend her mom is determined that there won’t be any funny business happening under her roof.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiki Party

Tiny Hamster Tiki-min

It’s not everyday that you see Tiny Hamster’s having a Tiny Tiki Party but these furry little guys have some special people who take care of them and treat them like royalty.

The Blood Drive

Just For Laughs Blood Drive-min

If you’ve ever donated blood then chances are you might have run across a nurse that’s still practicing how to draw the blood correctly from the donor.

Urban or Rural

Blonde Newlywed-min

This classic clip from the Newlywed Show features one of my favorite blondes of all time who has the best answer ever for whether her husband is “Urban or Rural”.