Category: Funny Videos

Cop Is Brokenhearted

Just For Laughs Cop Broken Heart-min

A cop is distraught after discovering his girlfriend is cheating on him and he is left standing on the street brokenhearted.

Granny Is Prepared

Just For Laughs Granny's Trunk-min

Some people like to be prepared for anything and it certainly looks like Granny is one one them.

13 Entertaining Pet Videos

13 Funny Pet Videos-min

An entertaining look at 13 different pet videos in this video compilation created by The Pet Collective.

The Fishing Hole

Just For Laughs Fishing Puddle-min

Every kid that loves to fish dreams of having a secret fishing hole stocked with the biggest fish around.

People Are Crazy

People Are Crazy-min

Country music singer and songwriter Billy Currington has created an entertaining music video for his song “People Are Crazy”.

Jim and Helen Forever

Jim and Helen-min

Nothing says you love a woman more than buying her an expensive wedding ring and asking her to marry you.

Pretty Good

Pretty Good-min

Country music singer and songwriter Billy Currington is Pretty Good at creating entertaining music videos like this one for his song “Pretty Good At Drinkin’ Beer”.

Guilty Dogs Charlie and Ollie

Charlie Dog Guilty-min

Charlie the dog and his new puppy friend Ollie have been left alone for a awhile in the house and they created a mess.

Dog Loves Ice Cream Truck

Dog Ice Cream-min

Everyone knows that kids love to hear the ice cream truck coming down their street on hot summer day but have you ever seen a dog wait in line at the ice cream truck?

Puppy Meal Wheel

Dpg Pinwheel-min

It’s dinner time for this pack of Doberman puppies so they all gather round the food bowl and create the puppy pinwheel as they eat their food.

Sitter Falls Asleep

Dog Falls Asleep Baby Sitter-min

This baby sitter fell asleep on the couch while watching a cute little baby and as shocking as that might sound it won’t come as a surprise once you see the video.

All Hockey Hair Team

Hockey Hair-min

Hockey Fans know that Minnesota is crazy about their High School Hockey and the state tournament is the place to see the best hockey.

The Life of a Happy Dog

Stella The Dog-min

“The Life of Stella” is a short video compilation of Stella the Dog going about her various daily activities.

Husky Wants A Bath

Husky in Bathtub-min

It’s time for a walk but this stubborn Husky would rather take a bath and he’s not shy about letting his owner know his preference.

Top 5 Mother’s Day Moments

Top 5 Mothers Day-min

America’s Funniest Home Videos shares with us their Top 5 Mother’s Day Moments in this entertaining video.

Meet Your Second Wife

SNL 2nd Wife-min

Meet Your Second Wife is a hilarious look at what a Game Show for men who marry much younger women would look like.

Idiot at the Car Wash

Car Wash Fail-min

If you’re having a bad day and would like to feel better watch this idiot at the automatic car wash.