Category: Funny Videos

Bikers and Barbies

Just For Laughs Biker Barbie-min

Bikers are supposed to have a tough guy image so a really tough bike would never be caught buying a Barbie doll.

The Three Little Bears

3 Bears-min

We’ve all heard the story of the three little bears but someone has finally captured this trio on video.

Dog Makes Baby Laugh

Charlie Dog Baby Laughs-min

Charlie the dog is such a patient and loyal friend to his little girl, Laura.

Lip Sync Conversation

Jimmy Fallon Ariana-min

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande share with us their lip sync conversation is this wonderfully entertaining video.

Surfing at Baby Bay

Evian Beach Babies-min

Surfing at evian Baby Bay is so amazing it’s unlike surfing at any other beach in the world.

Emergency Brake Malfunction

Just for Laughs Parking Break-min

Parking your car on a steep street can be a nerve wracking experience and most conscientious drivers will set the emergency brake as an extra precaution.

Bernie and Hillary

Bad Lip Reading Bernie and Hillary-min

The folks at Bad Lip Reading are taking full advantage of the 2016 presidential election cycle to make fun of politicians.

Angry Old Men

Just For Laughs Geriatric Mob

The old people are sick and tired of being rushed and treated without any respect and they aren’t going to take it anymore.

Porta Potty Nightclub

Just For Laughs Porta Potty Guard-min

If you have ever had to wait in line to use a porta potty you know it’s nothing like waiting in line to get into your favorite nightclub.

Bad Karma

Bad Karma-min

A funny look at how one person just can’t seem to stay away from some Bad Karma.

The Thirsty Dog

Thirsty Dog-min

They say a tired dog is a happy dog but sometimes a tired dog can also be a thirsty dog and they need a little reminding that they should get a drink of water.

Dog Toy Napper

Dog Toy Napper-min

Margo the dog is enjoying playing with her dog toy and isn’t being very nice to Pepper the dachshund who also wants to play with the dog toy.

The Cat Stretch

Cat Stretch-min

Everyone has a seen a cat take a long stretch after waking up from a nap but I doubt you have ever seen a cat stretch quite like this one.

Girl vs. Habenero Pepper

Glozell Pepper-min

Comedian GloZell Green hilariously captured the pain that comes with eating a habanero pepper.

The Democrats


The 2016 Presidential Election has presented We The People with an interesting cast of characters from which to choose when casting our ballots.

The Republicans

The Republicans-min

The 2016 Presidential Election has presented We The People with an interesting cast of characters from which to choose when casting our ballots.

Dog Disguises Lead To Treats

Maymo Disguise-min

If your dog wants to earn some extra treats you could ask him to do some chores around the house but that probably won’t work out well for you.

Dogs Vs. Stairs

Dogs Vs. Stairs-min

Don’t look know but it’s another round of Dogs Vs. Stairs and in more than one case the stairs appear to be winning.

Cats and Kittens

Cat and Kitten Compilation-min

This entertaining compilation of Cats and Kittens playing is sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves cats.