Category: Funny Videos

Advice On Service Dogs

Drew Lynch Dog Blog-min

Comedian Drew Lynch and his dog Stella entertain us in this funny bit from Drew’s dog blog.

Sh%t Southern Women Say

Southern Women 7-min

How Southern Women Talk Part 7 continues the funny language lesson for y’all on stuff Southern Women say.

Funny Wild Cats

Wild Ass Cats-min

A funny look at some cats that are just plain wild and crazy.

Funny Grumpy Dogs

Grumpy Dogs-min

If you need a laugh or two then this funny grumpy dogs video compilation is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Young D Gets A New Car

Young D New Car-min

Rapper Young D bought a new car and he’s driving it around the hood showing it off to all of his friends.

Dog and Duck Playing

Duck and Dog-min

If you love animals then this short video of a dog and duck playing together will bring a smile to your face as it’s just so adorable to watch.

Charlie The Talking Dog

Charlie Talking Dog-min

Charlie the dog is eager to tell his owner something in this cute dog video that I think will bring a smile to your face.

Just For Laughs Summer

Just For Laughs Summer-min

A funny compilation of some of the best summer pranks performed by the crew at Just For Laughs Gags.

EU Exchange Rate

EU Exchange Rate-min

A funny look at what the EU Exchange Rate will look like for American tourists now that Great Britain has left the EU.

New House Number

Candid Camera House Number-min

Some residents of existing homes are a little confused and surprised to learn that they will be getting a new house number for their address.

Crazy Water Fountain

Just For Laughs Drinking Fountain-min

Some people in a park want a drink of water on a hot day but when the water fountain goes crazy on them they get more than a sip of water.

Maymo vs. Citrus

Maymo Vs Citrus-min

If you enjoy dog videos I think you’ll get a chuckle out of Maymo the dog vs. Citrus.

Cop Fails DUI Test

Just For Laughs DUI Test-min

A couple of police officers decide to have a little fun with their DUI suspects as they put them through the test but it backfires as one cop painfully fails the DUI Test himself.

Jesse The Dog

Jessie the dog summertime-min

Summer has arrived and Jesse the Dog shows us how to have some summertime fun.

Badass Grandpa

Just For Laughs GrandPa Pickup

Grandpa forgets about Grandma and shows us that he still has what it takes to get the attractive girl in this funny clip.

Buddy The Rescue Dog

Buddy Rescue Dog-min

Buddy the Rescue Dog makes me smile as he anxiously anticipates his ball being shot across the yard and I hope he brings a smile to your face as well.

The Snail Crossing

Candid Camera Snail Crossing-min

Some drivers are a little confused when they come upon a snail crossing on a rural road.