Category: Interesting Videos

How To Rescue A Skunk


If you’re feeling brave and kindhearted you might be tempted to rescue a skunk with it’s head stuck in a soda can.

How Boeing Builds A Plane In Nine Days


Aviation and engineering fans will enjoy this look at how Boeing manages to build a 737 in just days at their aircraft factory in Renton, Washington.

Vintage Postmodern Jukebox Music Video


This Vintage Postmodern Jukebox music video performance of Alessia Cara’s “Scars To Your Beautiful” sung by Sara Niemietz is entertaining to listen to.

The World’s Best Road Trip


If you enjoy scenic and exciting drives then the 5 mile stretch of highway in Norway called the Atlantic Ocean Road might be for you.

Underwater Art In Cancun


If you take a vacation to Cancun, Mexico to enjoy the sun and sand that the beaches offer you might also like to know what lies in the shallow water offshore.

Arnold Palmer Tribute


A very nice tribute to Arnold Palmer, “The King”, that any fan of golf and good people will enjoy watching.

Arnold Palmer Stories


Fans of golf and Arnold Palmer will enjoy hearing these wonderful stories told by celebrities Jim Nantz, Chris O’Donnell, Patrick Reed, and Wayne Gretzky.

Amazing Goat Balance


Everyone knows that mountain goats are great climbers but wait till you see the balance and strength exhibited by this goat as it performs alongside a road in Pakistan.

Pets Home Alone


An adorable look at what happens when some pets are left home alone.

Epic Iceland Timelapse


Man and Drone shares with us “Enter Iceland” a short preview of a full length film to be released later in 2017 showing us the natural beauty of Iceland.

7 Uses For Dryer Sheets


An interesting look at 7 uses for dryer sheets other than being placed in the dryer with a load of clothes.

Forever Country Music Video


If you are a fan of country music then you’re going to love the awesome music video of “Forever Country” created to promote The 50th Annual CMA Awards.

Life Is Better With A Dog


This won’t come as a big surprise to anyone that has ever owned a dog but life really is better with a dog.

It Will Be Okay


The Piano Guys share with us a positive message as they sing the song “Okay” written by Andy Grammar and Dave Bassett.

The Martial Eagle


The Martial Eagle lives in Africa and is so strong it’s capable of breaking a human arm with one of it’s legs.

Crazy On An Italian Street


Playing For Change band members Clarence Bekker, Roberto Luti and Jason Tamba sing “Crazy” for us in this wonderful music video filmed on the street in Brescia, Italy.

Amazing Animal Camouflage


This Lychen Katydid filmed in Costa Rica by David Weiller demonstrates how some creatures are capable of creating some amazing camouflage.

Construction Meets Art


Checkout this amazing drywall art sculpture from Bernie Mitchell who has perfected his art since starting out as a drywall finisher in the 1990’s.

The End of September


If you love music and dogs then Trench and Maple the dog are sure to bring a smile to your face with this short music video.