Interesting Videos

A Very Rare Old Car

Rare Old Car-min

I think it’s safe to say that when there’s only one type of antique car in the world that that car would be classified as a very rare old car indeed.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Jenny Baker-min

A beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” arranged by Kurt Bestor and performed by Condoleezza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker. Amazing Grace is one of my favorite songs so I always enjoy hearing different performances of it. I’m grateful to Shadow Mountain Records for creating this music video of Amazing Grace. If you enjoyed this version…

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward-min

“Keep Moving Forward” is a documentary film about a Vietnam veteran Guy Spagnoli who suffers from PTSD and finds his peace through Disney.

The Texas Tenors

Texas Tenors God Bless-min

The Texas Tenors perform “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood in this music video that is a tribute to all the brave men and women who have fought for and defended freedom.

Tiny Hamster’s Tiny BBQ

Tiny Hamster BBQ-min

It’s not everyday that you see Tiny Hamster’s having a Tiny BBQ Party but these furry little guys have some special people who take care of them and treat them like royalty.

MoTown Flight

Virgin Atlantic Motown

Some passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight to Detroit had front row seats to a performance by the cast of Motown the Musical that featured some great singing and dancing in the aisles of the aircraft.