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8 Ways To Use Coconut Oil

Cocnut Oil Household Hacker-min

Coconut Oil is widley regarded as one of the most healthy foods around and there are hundreds of different ways you can use it.

Hidden Valley Ranch

Ranch Dressing-min

If you love to have Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing on your salad then you might be interested to know that Hidden Valley Ranch is actually a real place.

The Big Sting

Sting King-min

Entomologist Justin Schmidt is so passionate about his work of studying stinging insects that he has endured more than 1000 stings by various insects.

Yellowstone Volcano

Skyglow Hades Exhales-min

“Hades Exhales” is the latest timelapse video from the SkyGlow Project filmed by Harun Mehmedinovic to raise awareness about light pollution and the loss of dark sky areas in North America.

A New Start

New Start-min

Heather M Potter performs her song “A New Start” that might resonate with anyone starting over in life.

The Giraffe Cat

Giraffe Cat-min

A short and interesting look at the Serval which has been nicknamed “The Giraffe Cat”.

The American Dream

George Carlin American Dream-min

If you’re disillusioned about the current state of American politics then “The American Dream” by George Carlin is sure to resonate with you.

Desert Oasis In Peru

Desert Oasis-min

A Desert Lagoon in the Peruvian desert is an amazing oasis of life that stands out on the harsh landscape of sand.

The Secret Treehouse

Secret Treehouse-min

The Secret Treehouse provides an escape from everyday life for those that can discover it’s location.

The Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot-min

An interesting look at the hyacinth macaw which will immediately catch your attention due to it’s wonderful blue color.

Inspiring Unlimited Youth

Iron Nun-min

An interesting interview with Sister Madonna Buder who has been featured in the Nike episode of their “Unlimited Youth” campaign that has been airing during the 2016 Olympics.

The Iron Nun

Unlimited Youth-min

Nike shares with us the story of Sister Madonna Buder in this episode of their “Unlimited Youth” campaign that has been airing during the 2016 Olympics.

Newport By Drone

Newport RI-min

A wonderful look at Newport, Rhode Island, filmed by an aerial drone by Blue Mantle Media.

Laughter and Love

Laugh Love-min

If you want to live happily every after you get married then be sure to never let the laughter go out of your relationship.

Creative Tiny Garage

Tiny Garage-min

If you drive a small car you don’t need a large space to park it in so a tiny garage would be the perfect place to park it securely.