Category: Interesting Videos

Memorial Day Tribute

Memorial Day Tribute-min

A powerful Memorial Day Tribute video to honor all those that have fallen and made the ultimate sacrifice for “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Gold Star Moms on Memorial Day

Gold Star Moms Memorial Day-min

Two Gold Star Moms shares with us the true meaning of Memorial Day as they gather to remember and honor their sons who were killed in combat.

The Surfing Pig

GoPro Surfing Pig-min

Most people have seen a dog on a surfboard but have you ever seen a pig surfing?

Cougar Release in Utah

Cougar Release-min

Conservation officer Mark Ekins earns every cent of his paycheck as he shows us how to release a cougar from a trap in the mountains of Utah.

KC Steaks and Seafood

Texas Country Reporter Steak House-min

If you love a good steak or seafood and happen to live near Big Spring, Texas then you might want to eat at KC Steaks and Seafood.

Man and Grizzly Bear

GoPro Man and Bear-min

Naturalist and Grizzly Bear expert Casey Anderson shares with us an up close and personal look at his relationship with Brutus the Bear.

The Sights and Sounds of Paris

Paris Come and Stay-min

“Come and Stay in Paris” is a short film from Alex Soloviev that takes the viewer on a short rapid race into the city of lights!

10 Useful Kitchen Hacks

10 Kitchen Hacks-min

If you spend any time in the kitchen cooking or preparing food then these 10 Useful Kitchen Hacks might be helpful to you.

Heartwarming Families

Father of Year-min

If you need something to brighten your day up then this compilation of heartwarming family clips should do the trick.

Canada The True North

Canada Drone-min

A beautiful look at the stunning scenery of Western Canada filmed by Will Lindsley known as “Man And Drone”.

A Gold Medal Moment

You Can Do It-min

If you are a fan of the Olympics then I think you’re going to enjoying watching this Gold Medal Moment featuring Gold Medal winner Kerri Strug.

Personal Safety Apps

Pretty Loaded Safety Apps-min

I have never heard of a Safety App but given how many people rely on their smart phone for every little aspect of their life it’s not surprising some people would entrust their safety to it.

10 Facts About Fast Food

10 Fast Food Facts-min

If you eat at fast food restaurants on a regular basis you might be surprised and shocked to learn about these 10 fast food facts.

Grizzly Bear Quiz

Grizzly Bear-min

Grizzly Bears are fascinating creatures but how much do you really know about them?

Cute Baby Burrowing Owls

Burrowing Owls Florida-min

If you need a little wildlife cuteness in your day then spend a few minutes with these cute little Burrowing Owls living in Cape Coral, Florida.

An Underwater Garden

Hunter to Farmer-min

Bren Smith, a former fisherman, has turned from a hunter of the seas to a farmer of the seas as he has developed an unique vertical 3-D ocean farming model.