Category: Interesting Videos

Eye of the Rainbow

GoPro Rainbow-min

Everyone loves to see a rainbow as they one of nature’s most beautiful events but have you ever seen a rainbow quite like this one?

Brown Bear Webcam

Bear Cam

A live webcam from Alaska of Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park courtesy of Within a few minutes of watching not only did I see some bears in the river but I also saw a bald eagle.

Pedals The Bear

Pedals Bear-min

It’s not everyday that you see a bear walking around like a human on two legs but that’s exactly what Pedals the Bear does.

White Sands Timelapse


“SANDSTORM ALAMOGORDO” is the latest timelapse video from Harun Mehmedinovic filmed as part of the SKYGLOW Project.

The Night Photographer

Texas Country Reporter Night Photographer-min

Texas Country Reporter shares with us the story of one mans passion for night photography in the desert of West Texas.

Animal Teamwork

Raccoon Teamwork-min

A mother Raccoon and her baby raccoons demonstrate how to scale a wall using ingenuity and teamwork.

Magnets and Marbles

Magnets and Marbles-min

Magnets and Marbles provide the means to create some interesting and entertaining geometric figures and tricks in a small space.

Becoming a Dad

Becoming A Dad-min

A heartfelt look at a man who is about to become a Dad when he and his wife have their first child.

Important Message to Dads

Kid President Dads-min

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an Important Message to Dads from Kid President in celebration of Father’s Day.

Coffee Artist

Coffee Artist-min

If you love art and coffee then the latte art created by Kohei Matsuno should leave you fulfilled.

Bears in Yellowstone National Park

Mama Bear and Cubs-min

If you love the outdoors and animals then spend a few minutes watching these Bears in Yellowstone National Park courtesy of a CBS Sunday Morning film crew.

8 Things Happy People Do

8 Things Happy People Do-min

Almost everyone wants to be happy and fulfilled in their life and this short list of 8 Things Happy People Do is a good blueprint for how to achieve happiness.

The Bowerbird


Bird watchers will enjoy this look at the Bowerbird narrated by Sir David Attenborough.

Wilhelm Tell Ouverture

André Rieu - Wilhelm Tell Ouverture-min

I don’t speak Dutch but this performance of the “Wilhelm Tell Ouverture” by André Rieu sounds a lot like the William Tell Overture to me.

The Bike Man

Texas Country Reporter Bike Man-min

Texas Country Reporter shares with us a look at the life of Randal Duvall who is known to many in Texas simply as “The Bike Man”.

White Wedding

White Wedding Harp-min

Camille and Kennerly are the Harp Twins and in this music video they play their acoustic arrangement of “White Wedding” by Billy Idol on their harps.

You Raise Me Up

You Raise Me Up Chinese-min

Ten year old Jeffrey Li from Canada and seven year old Celine Tam from Hong Kong team up for an amazing duet of “You Raise Me Up” on Chinese television.

The Dirty Truth

Don't Follow Your Passion-min

“Don’t follow your passion, but always bring it with you” is some great advice shared with young people by TV personality Mike Rowe.