Category: Interesting Videos

Most Dangerous Photos

Dangerous Photos-min

An interesting look at some of the most dangerous photos ever taken by people that were determined to get a great shot.

Modern Day Knights

Harlem Knight-min

“Harlem Knight Fight” is a short film featuring some modern day nights in New York City.

Saving Freedom The Horse

GoPro Freedom Horse-min

Freedom The Horse accidentally fell into a maintenance pit and his owner, Marek Słodkowski, ended up calling the local fire department to help come save his horse.

Highway to Hell

Jess Greenberg AC DC Cover-min

Acoustic Rock musician Jess Greenberg plays a cover of “Highway to Hell” by rock band AC/DC.

Reflections From Inside


What if the next time you were drinking in a bar or restaurant and were going to drive you had the chance to see your reflection from inside a prison?

It Can Wait

ATT It Can Wait-min

“Close to Home, It Can Wait” is a powerful advert from ATT reminding all of us that there is nothing more important than driving safely.

Stairway To Heaven

Jess Greenberg Led Zeppelin Cover-min

Acoustic Rock musician Jess Greenberg plays a cover of “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Joey and His Dog

Joey and His Dog Roxy-min

This is a wonderful story of how how the love of a dog can change someone’s life for the better.


Mothers Day Ignitor Media-min

“Mom!” is something every mother has heard her kids say when she is being a mother to her child.

Live A Life Without Regrets

Live Without Regrets-min

Prince Ea shares his thoughts on why he thinks everyone should live their life so they don’t have any regrets at the end of it.

Fitness Apparel For Veterans

Virago Fitness-min

Brittney Hogan, the founder of Virago Fitness shares with her story and the inspiration behind the creation of her business.

Why Cats Are Special


Animal and cat lovers will enjoy this short look at why cats are special and perhaps why you should have one in your life.

A Story Of Forgiveness


This story of forgiveness is about two friends walking in the dessert and what they learn together about life.

5 Outdoor Survival Hacks

5 Survival Hacks-min

Sam Hume from BBC Earth Unplugged shares with us 5 of his favorite nature hacks that can help you survive in the great outdoors.

Spring Time in HD

Wittydud Spring 2016-min

If you enjoy the change of seasons then I think you might like watching this beautiful video of Spring Time filmed in 4K HD.

The Little Things in Life

Ikea Wonderful Life-min

A “Wonderful Life” is an entertaining advert from Ikea encouraging all of us to enjoy the little things in life.

Think Before You Give

Think Before You Give-min

When a disaster occurs somewhere in the world many kind people open their hearts and wallets to help those in need of some disaster relief.

Grandfather Mountain Proposal

Grandfather Mountain Proposal-min

“The Proposal at MacRae Peak” is a wonderful video of a man proposing marriage to his girlfriend atop one of the peaks at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina.

10 Attractive Politicians

10 Politicians-min

There’s an old saying about politics being ugly but these 10 attractive politicians might cause you to rethink that.