Interesting Videos

Looking For Adam

Looking For Adam Eva-min

Eva is looking for Adam and thanks to her son’s video editing skills her chances of finding the love of her life are really good.

Never Let Them Break You Down

King Doug Locke-min

I just finished watching the music video “KING” from Doug Locke and the line “Never Let Them Break You Down” really resonated with me because we all deal with jerks in our life.

Baddy’s Story

Retired Dog-min

The story of Marine Sergeant Charlsie Hoffman’s fight to save her retired military working dog Baddy who was a member of the Marine Corps’ HMX-1 canine squadron.

The Important Places

Important Places-min

“The Important Places” is a wonderful short film that looks at a man’s relationship with the Colorado River as seen through his son’s eyes.

Drone Sheepdog

Drone Shep-min

Sheepdogs everywhere better pay attention to Shep the Drone as he moves sheep from one field to another as they might soon be out of a job.