Category: Interesting Videos

What Will Matter

What Will Matter-min

At the end of life we are all food for worms so ask yourself what will really matter when your time on Earth is over.

Oklahoma City by Drone

Blue Mantle Media Oklahoma City-min

A look at Oklahoma City by Drone in this video from Blue Mantle Media filmed using a DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter, a Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal, and a GoPro Hero 4 Black.

Songs Of Rugby

Gary Yost Fiji Rugby-min

“Songs in the Key of Rugby” is a short film from Gary Yost about Rugby in Fiji and the importance of music to the sport.

Wild Scotland

Wild Scotland-min

“Wild Scotland” is a short film from John Duncan that shows us the beauty of Scotland as seen from the air.

Winter Driving Awareness

Montana Highway Patrol-min

The Montana Highway Patrol shares with us a video to help increase Winter Driving Awareness and to decrease accidents on the roads and highways.

Swiss Beauty

Epic Drone Swiss-min

A beautiful drone video of Switzerland called “Swiss Beauty” filmed and edited by Ante Babić.

In The Mood by Glenn Miller

In The Mood Glenn Miller-min

This amazing video of “In The Mood” by Glenn Miller is been remixed in HD and has an enhance HQ Sound so it will make the viewer feel like they are watching it live.

8 Human Foods For Dogs

8 Foods Dogs-min

Every dog owner knows that dogs love to eat human food so this entertaining look at 8 Human Foods Dogs Can Eat should be helpful for dog owners.

Dog Almost Sets House On Fire

Black Lab Pizza-min

Most people have probably heard a story or two of a dog saving a person from a house fire by alerting them but have you ever seen a video of the dog starting the fire?

Black Bear in Finland

Bear Dog Finland-min

An interesting look at a black bear in Finland being flushed out of the woods by what appears to be a German Shepherd mix breed dog.

Blue Moon Timelapse

Blue Moon-min

“Once in a Blue Moon” is a beautiful timelapse video from photographer Luke Taylor of the Blue Moon that occurred on July 31, 2015.