Rockstar Granny

Just For Laughs Granny Rockstar-min

Granny might be old but she isn’t ready to fade away just yet so when she gets the chance to rock out she takes it.

The Governors Ball

Improv Everywhere Porta-min

Some people attending the Governors Ball music festival in New York got a huge surprise when they took a trip to the restroom.

Awesome Piano Player

Jive Aces Piano-min

The Jive Aces were performing live in Glastonbury on the Avalon stage when Vince, the piano player, got a little too carried away and hammered on the piano just a bit too much.

Kanye West vs Freddie Mercury


Kanye West recently played a concert where he tried to demonstrate to the world how great a singer he was by channeling Freddy Mercury and singing some of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhampsody”.

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Jenny Baker-min

A beautiful rendition of “Amazing Grace” arranged by Kurt Bestor and performed by Condoleezza Rice and Jenny Oaks Baker.

Homeless Piano Player

Homeless Piano-min

Donald Gould is an amazing piano player who also happens to be homeless for the last six or seven years after he got laid off from his job.

The Texas Tenors

Texas Tenors God Bless-min

The Texas Tenors perform “God Bless the USA” by Lee Greenwood in this music video that is a tribute to all the brave men and women who have fought for and defended freedom.

Edge Of The Earth

Edge Earth Don Diablo-min

The official music video for the song “Edge Of The Earth” from Don Diablo is a beautiful look at a Dutch nature reserve.

Aint No Sunshine

Terry Fator Sunshine-min

Ventriloquist Terry Fator and Julius perform Bill Withers’ classic “Ain’t No Sunshine” in this entertaining video.

MoTown Flight

Virgin Atlantic Motown

Some passengers on a Virgin Atlantic flight to Detroit had front row seats to a performance by the cast of Motown the Musical that featured some great singing and dancing in the aisles of the aircraft.