Memorial Day Taps

Taps Memorial Day-min

A Memorial Day performance of Taps, sung by Kitty and Bob Millard’s granddaughter, Mei, at Bob’s Celebration of Life service in August 2011.

Never Let Them Break You Down

King Doug Locke-min

I just finished watching the music video “KING” from Doug Locke and the line “Never Let Them Break You Down” really resonated with me because we all deal with jerks in our life.

24 Notes of Gratitude

Taps Nightly

Taps is a unique song with deep meaning and it is being played nightly in the Pacific Northwest by Don Britton much to the enjoyment of his neighbors who have taken notice.

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday Dance

Ivy Claire Huiet and Bradley Kemp are a couple of talented dancers from South Carolina who show us their Saturday Night Dance moves in this entertaining video.

Bridge City Crooners

Bridge City Sugar Sweet

Take a step back in time and listen to Jacob Miller and the Bridge City Crooners performing “Sugar Sweet” live from the Modern Man Barbershop in Portland, Oregon.


Piano Cat Concert

I’m sure many of you have been to a concert or classical music performance of some kind but have you ever seen a CATcerto?

Alizée – Blonde

Alizee Blonde

Alizée sings her hit song “Blonde” and dances in this entertaining music video that might just have brunettes rushing to the beauty parlor.