Category: Music

Highway to Hell

Jess Greenberg AC DC Cover-min

Acoustic Rock musician Jess Greenberg plays a cover of “Highway to Hell” by rock band AC/DC.

Stairway To Heaven

Jess Greenberg Led Zeppelin Cover-min

Acoustic Rock musician Jess Greenberg plays a cover of “Stairway To Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Lip Sync Conversation

Jimmy Fallon Ariana-min

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande share with us their lip sync conversation is this wonderfully entertaining video.

Sing Us A Song Sam

Michael Buble-min

Paula Hollyman and her son, Sam, attended a Michael Buble concert together; to hear Michael Buble explain it, she had enjoyed a couple of cocktails and kept calling out to him and telling him that her son can sing.

Hawai’i Aloha

Playing For Change Hawaii-min

Sit back and relax as you enjoy a beautiful Song Across Hawai’i as a collaboration of Playing For Change musicians perform “Hawai’i Aloha”.

William Tell Overture by Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell Lone Ranger-min

This is a neat music video of Glen Campbell playing the William Tell Overture, with the back-up of a symphony orchestra, and dedicating it to Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

Led Zeppelin Vs. Beethoven

2 Cellos Led Zeppelin-min

2CELLOS shares with us their latest awesome music video featuring a musical dual of Led Zeppelin Vs. Beethoven.

Moving The Piano

Piano Guys Movers-min

A behind the scenes look at the crew and effort that go into moving the piano for each video filmed by The Piano Guys.

A Special Chorus for a Teacher

Amazing Grace Kleenex-min

Some former students of Gabrielyn Watson decided to say thanks to her by surprising her with a special chorus performance of “Amazing Grace”.

The Marble Music Machine

Marble Music Machine-min

Martin Molin has built himself a very cool marble music machine that is unlike any musical instrument you have ever seen.

Jimi Hendrix On A Gayageum

Voodoo Child-min

If you grew up in the 60’s or 70’s you might recognize this song by Jimi Hendrix being played by Luna.

Custom Guitar Maker

TCR Guitar Maker-min

If you’re looking for a custom made electric guitar then Michael Stevens from Alpine, Texas just might be the guy you want to make it for you.

Hotel California Acapella Style

Hotel California-min

The Acapella music group Cubanos Acapella performs the classic rock song “Hotel California” by The Eagles using nothing but their voices.

The Cheese Song

Cheese Song-min

The Moogician sings us The Cheese Song in what is perhaps the best celebration of cheese that a cheese lover could ever hope to hear.

Magical Blind Audition

Voice Kids Rainbow-min

Watch as a Magical Blind Audition occurs on The Voice Kids as Anna sings her version of the classic song “Somewhere over The Rainbow”.

OK Go in Zero Gravity

OK GO Upside Down-min

OK Go performs their song “Upside Down & Inside Out” in this cool music video that was filmed inside a plane utilizing zero gravity.