Short Films

The Book of Life

Moped Diary-min

“The Moped Diaries” is a wonderful short film from Lucky Treehouse Production and Post about how you can handle change and opportunities in life.

Looking For Adam

Looking For Adam Eva-min

Eva is looking for Adam and thanks to her son’s video editing skills her chances of finding the love of her life are really good.

The Important Places

Important Places-min

“The Important Places” is a wonderful short film that looks at a man’s relationship with the Colorado River as seen through his son’s eyes.

Awake in Alaska

Awake in Alaska Timelapse

If you enjoy beautiful Northern Lights then the short timelapse film “AWAKE” from photographer Alexis Coram will give you a few minutes of pleasure.

The Black Hole

Black Hole

When working overtime in the office at three in the morning the last thing you want to deal with is problems with the copy machine.

The Dust on Our Feet

Dust Feet

“The Dust on Our Feet” is a feature film from JJ Starr about children living in a trash dump in Honduras just outside the city limits of Tegucigalpa.

A Messy Business

Tropfest Ruby

“Ruby” is a short film about an elderly woman named Ruby who is reading a murder mystery novel that is causing her to be a little paranoid.

Corvette Heaven


“Corvette Heaven” is a wonderfully creative short video about a young boy who falls in love with a Corvette and spends the rest of his life pursuing his dream car.

What is Happiness?

Gary Yost Happiness

The question “What is Happiness?” is asked of the staff of the Delfina restaurant group in San Francisco and they share their answers with us.