Category: Short Films

Dog Photographer in NYC


An interesting and insightful look into the lief and work of Instagram canine photographer and author Elias Weiss Friedman aka The Dogist (@thedogist).

Mojave Desert Timelapse

Skyglow Mojave Blues-min

“Mojave Blues” is a timelapse video of the Mojave Desert filmed by Harun Mehmedinovic as part of the SKYGLOW Project to raise awareness about light pollution and the loss of dark sky areas in North America.

Highland Fairytale

Highland Fairytale-min

A short film looking at Montserrat mountain in Spain from several different angles that a person might not normally see if they were visiting the mountain.

New River Gorge Timelapse

melancholy gorge 2-min

If you love beautiful fall scenery then “Melancholy Gorge”, a timelapse film of the New River Gorge in West Virginia, is sure to please with it’s abundance of fall scenes and colors.

Stunning Norway Landscapes

Timestorm Films Norway-min

If you enjoy watching beautiful videos then sit back and relax as you take in the stunning landscapes of Norway in this video from Timestorm Films.

The Art of the Gag

Buster Keaton-min

“The Art of the Gag” is an interesting and entertaining look at Buster Keaton who is widely recognized as being one of the three greatest silent comedians of all time.

Pray for Paris

Pray For Paris-min

Pray for Paris is a beautiful short cinematic video about the acts of terrorism committed in Paris on November 13, 2015.

The BMX Businessman

Mashable BMX Businessman-min

If you want to start making your own high definition short films all you need is a modern new smart phone like the Apple iPhone 6Plus.

Sharks At Night

Edge Shark

“THE EDGE” is a short film that explores the edge of personal passion as seen through the eyes of Joe Romeiro, a shark conservationist.

Paris Poetry

Paris Poetry Alex Soloviev-min

“Paris Poetry” is a short film from Alex Soloviev dedicated to the beautiful city of Paris, France.

Appreciate The Art

Hair Today Appreciate The Art-min

“Hair Today Gone Tomorrow” is a short film from WonderlandWoods.TV that focuses on the story of a girl trying to find the perfect job for herself.

Cool Road Trip

Friends Road Trip

“Friends in High Places” is a short film by Cyrus Sutton documenting a cool road trip he took with his girlfriend Michelle up the West Coast.

The Magic of Paris

Marriott Paris-min

Ethan is a young businessman visiting Paris for a technology conference at the Marriott Champs Elysees who experiences the magic of Paris.

The Thousand Year Journey

Thousand Year

“The Thousand Year Journey” is a short film about one man’s desire to make a 100 years of living feel like being alive for one thousand years.

Go Beyond

Go Beyond-min

“Go Beyond” is a short film about a young man going beyond his normal boundaries as he explores the world around him.

Amazing Tree House

Cinder Cone Treehouse-min

“The Cinder Cone” is a short film about an amazing tree house a group of friends built in Skamania County, Washington in the Columbia River Gorge.