Category: Sports

Amazing Slackline Walk


“ACROSS THE SKY” is a short film about an amazing slackline walk across the Utah desert that most likely is a new world record.

Found His Calling

Texas Country Reporter Duck Calls-min

An interesting look at James “Cowboy” Fernandez and his business Sure-Shot Game Calls located in Groves, Texas.

The Pull-up Guys

Pullup Guys-min

Prepare to be amazed as you watch these two guys doing pull-ups with a grand finale at the end that will blow you away.

The Humanity of Sports

Sports Humane Acts-min

When sports meets humanity you end up with some amazing moments about celebrating the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat that remind us in the end we’re all human.

Figure 8 Racing

Figure 8 Race-min

If you need a little more excitement than the typical race car race where cars circle a track then some Figure 8 Racing might be for you.

Yogi Berra Quotes

Yoggi Berra RIP-min

The wisdom of Yogi Berra can best be understood by thinking about some of the quotes that he is famous for saying.

People Are Awesome

People Are Awesome Aug 2015-min

For the August 2015 Edition of People Are Awesome: Best Of The Month they have teamed up with trick shot legends How Ridiculous to show us mind blowing basketball, football, bowling and tennis trick shots.

Line of The Winter

GoPro Line of Winter-min

Léo Taillefer shows us how to win $20,000 from GoPro as he skis down a narrow canyon at Val d’Isère in France.

Dirt Bike Surfing

Pipe Dream Robbie Maddison-min

Robbie “Maddo” Maddison demonstrates how to do a little dirt bike surfing in Tahiti in this awesome video from DC Shoes called “Pipe Dream”.

Summer Is Awesome

People Are Awesome 2015 Summer-min

The People Are Awesome YouTube Channel shares with us their Summer 2015 edition of people doing awesome things.

600 Foot Static Line Jump

GoPro Static Jump-min

Watch as extreme sports enthusiast Marta Jiménez jumps off the side of a cliff in Riglos, Spain and takes a 600 foot free-fall using a static line.

Cable Car Parachute

Parachute Cable Car-min

If you like to skydive or BASE Jump then the thought of parachuting out of a cable car has probably crossed your mind at some point.