Top 10 Videos of 2010

These are the Top 10 Videos of 2010 based upon number of views on Big Geek Daddy’s websites. A few, including the #1 video are from my older site where I used to post the videos I liked. I switched over to this site at the end of 2009 as it was easier for me to update. If you haven’t already be sure to sign-up for my Free Video of the Day email. I encourage you to sign up so you don’t miss out on any videos in 2011. Happy New Year!

#1 Best Card Trick Ever

Best Card Trick
James Galea at The 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala performing a really cool card trick.

#2 Old Rock Stars

Old Rock Stars
Old Rock Star Songs updated for the singer’s age from comedian Tim Hawkins.

#3 The Harmonica Man

Harmonica Man Andy Mackie has survived 10 heart surgeries and numerous heart attacks. His love of music and teaching kids keeps him going. Heaven Can Wait for Andy!

#4 Understanding Southern

#6 Understanding Southern

#6 Understanding Southern

Understanding someone from the South can be difficult at times. This Southern Lady gives Bill Cosby the fits as he tries so very hard to understand what she is saying.

#5 Top 10 Extreme Sport Jumps

Top 10 Jumps Travis Pastrana of X Games fame is featured in several of these clips. The #1 jump will probably surprise you as many people have never seen it.

#6 Tango Mike Mike

Tango Mike Mike Tango Mike Mike is the story of Green Beret Roy P. Benavidez and his heroic action in Vietnam that earned him the Medal of Honor. His story is truly amazing and is a tribute to all the Vietnam Vets whose stories haven’t been told.

#7 Parental Control For Your Computer

Parental Control
Terra Brazil has figured out a really clever way to prevent people from watching videos they aren’t supposed to.

#8 Tattoo Moms

Tattoo Mom Sexy tattoos on women don’t always stay that way.

#9 Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent I Wish Ted Would Stop Holding Back And Tell Us How He Really Feels.

#10Steve Gets Arrested Again

Steve Gets Arrested
My favorite Redneck, Steve from South Louisiana, just can’t seem to stay out of trouble with the law and has been arrested again for taking a scissors lift on a beer run.