How To Add Interests On Facebook

I just discovered How To Add Interests On Facebook and wanted to share this Facebook Tip with you in case you are frustrated by not seeing certain content on your Facebook Wall. The reason you might want to create an Interest List on Facebook is because it will easily allow you to sort content that you have liked. Think of it as sections in a newspaper if you will. Sometimes you might like to read the sports section but you certainly wouldn’t want to see a sports article on every page of the main news section if you’re not that into sports. Facebook can get very cluttered the more you use it so segementing interests can make it much more user friendly.

Here’s another reason you should create an Interest List – so Facebook isn’t “hiding” posts from pages that you have liked. Facebook recently started limiting how many Fans will see a post unless the posted is “promoted”. This is a great way for Facebook to monetize their subscriber base but can be very frustrating for those same subscribers who might be missing posts from pages their really do Like.

So, since I currently have a little over 8,000 Facebook Fans and less than 1,000 are seeing any given post because I don’t pay to “promote” on Facebook I figured this would helpful information for my Fans. I’ll use my Facebook Page as an example but keep in mind you can create an Interest List for anything you Like.

First, Log In to your Facebook account.

Now take a look in your Left Sidebar and towards the bottom of the various lists there you should see one called Interests. It should hopefully look similar to the image to the left. If you’re not seeing the section called Interests then scroll to the bottom of this post to see an alternative way to create an interest list.

Click on Interests and it’ll take you to a Page called Add Interests as shown in the image below.

This is where you can Create An Interest List or and then add Interests to it. For this example I just want to create a list for Big Geek Daddy posts so I will Click On the Create List Button and it’ll will show me a list of Pages I have already liked. If you haven’t already Liked the page then it’s not going to be displayed in this setting.

So now I will choose Big Geek Daddy as shown in the Image below:








I’ll then choose a name for this list and determine who can see the list. Keep in mind you can have more than one Liked Page in a list so if you like to watch Videos on other sites besides mine (Hard To Believe…LOL) you could create an Interest List called Videos and add the various sites you have liked to that list. You could do this for any subject like Cars, Books, Travel, Hiking, Family…whatever your Interest is.









That’s it, you should be done and should now be able to see the Interest List you just created in your left sidebar. To edit the list or add it to your favorites list so it appears at the top in the left sidebar simply highlight the list by holding your mouse pointer over it and a list edit button that looks like a pencil should appear.


If you are trying to add an Interest List but don’t see the option for the first step in the process in your left sidebar there is another way to do this. Simply go to the page that you have already Liked and click on the drop down arrow next to the Message button. It will give you the option to add that Page to an Interest List as shown in the photo below:

Another alternative method to create and add an interest list would to Follow These Instructions from Facebook’s Help Page.