Category: Cool Videos

Crazy Low Flying

Flying is dangerous to begin with, but when pilots start doing low pass flybys the risk for a crash becomes even greater.

Awesome Violin Solo

If you love a great performance wait until you see Violinist Caroline Campbell perform this awesome violin solo at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Big Ships Launching

A cool compilation of big ships being launched from various shipyards around the world.

Extreme Water Slide

Taking a ride on a water slide that sends you flying off a cliff isn’t for the faint of heart.

The Royal Flush

If you love water slides then you might want to take a run or two down The Royal Flush.

People Are Awesome

Prepare to be amazed as you watch some awesome people doing some amazing things in the People Are Awesome Best of the Month for April 2017.

Juggling With Twenty Toes

If you love unique artistic performances then you’re going to love this juggling act by Roxana Kuewen called “Twenty Toes”.

Trump’s New Limo Driver

If the Secret Service is ever looking to hire a new limo driver for the President they might consider this guy.

How To End A Police Pursuit

If you’d like to see some cool technology in action stopping people fleeing from the police check out the Grappler Police Bumper.