Category: Cool Videos

Cool Water Aircraft

If you live on a lake and love to fly then you might want to buy a Kitty Hawk Flyer.

Cool River Raft

Covey Baack shows us how to navigate Class 4 rapids on his unique 6 Raft Stack.

Hot Tub Car

If you dream of having the coolest car then perhaps you should take a look at The Spa Car.

Awesome Trail Dog

If you’ve ever seen a trail dog running alongside a mountain biker or runner then you know how awesome a companion that dog is.

People Were Awesome in 2017

If you enjoy watching amazing people do incredible things then you’ll love the annual compilation of the Best of People Are Awesome for 2017.

Downhill Ice Skating

If you want to try something crazy this winter strap on a pair of ice skates and find a mountain bike trail that’s covered in ice to do a little downhill ice skating.

Best Of The Web 2017

Luc Bergeron (Zapatou) shares with us his Best Of Web 10 video compilation featuring clips from 314 of the most awesome videos on YouTube.

How To Have Fun Driving A Tractor

Many people think driving a tractor is boring but this farmer doing the “Village Drift” shows us that it can be a lot of fun.

Wingsuit Flyers Fly Into A Plane

Prepare to be amazed as you watch two wingsuit flyers jump off a mountain that they have just climbed and then fly into a plane.

Test Pilot

“A Lonely Sky” is a short film about a military test pilot in 1947 who is trying to break the speed of sound.