Category: Cool Videos

The One Moment Is Awesome


Rock Band OK Go is known for creating cool music videos and they don’t disappoint with their new music video for “The One Moment”.

Skiing And Snowboarding In Chile


Even world class athletes like gold medalist skier Julia Mancuso, big mountain skier Lynsey Dyer, and gold medalist snowboarder Jamie Anderson get excited to go skiing in Chile.

Best of the Web


If you like to watch awesome videos then this Best of the Web compilation created by Zapatou for his Review of the Month for November 2016 is sure to entertain you.

Volvo Truck Paraglider


Volvo shares with us a cool video of a paraglider flying behind one of their trucks in this live test to demonstrate their unique powertrain with the I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox.

Surfing Big Waves


Sit back in your chair and enjoy this awesome compilation of some amazing surfers as they ride the big waves at Nazare Portugal.

The Colors of New York City


If you love New York City then you’re going to enjoy watching the “Colors of New York” filmed in 8K by photographer Jansoli.

Simple Card Tricks


Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is like a little kid in a candy store as Magician David Blaine shares with him some simple card tricks.

Presidential Photo Morph 2016


If you enjoy history, politics or cool videos I think you find this Presidential Photo Morph 2016 entertaining to watch.

Our Amazing World in HDR


Filmmakers Jacob and Katie Schwarz share with us some scenes of our amazing world filmed in HDR.

WIN Video Compilation


If you like to watch amazing videos then this WIN compilation created by LwDn and WIHEL for the Month for November 2016 is sure to entertain you.

Best of the Web


If you like to watch awesome videos then this Best of the Web compilation created by Luc Bergeron (Zapatou) for his Review of the Month for October 2016 is sure to entertain you.

The BMW Escape


BMW Films shares with us their latest short film “The Escape” that is sure to entertain any fan of nice cars and action movies.

People Are Awesome


Get your day started off by watching some awesome people doing some amazing things in the People Are Awesome Best of the Month for October 2016.

Giant Celtic Cross


If you want to see something cool checkout this Giant Celtic Cross growing in a forest in Ireland.

Los Angeles Panoramic


If you love the city and surrounding area of Los Angeles, California then this Panoramic Timelapse video from photographer Joe Capra (Scientifantastic) is sure to amaze you.

Cool Card Tricks


Magician Jon Dorenbos amazes Ellen as he performs a series of card tricks that will leave you wondering how he did these card tricks.

Cool Hockey Game Painting


If you are feeling patriotic and want to see something cool watch what Artist Joe Everson does during the National Anthem at a Toledo Walleye hockey game.

One Day In Hawaii


One Day in Hawaii a guy is playing a song in a coffee house when a total stranger decides to start singing along with him.