Category: Cool Videos

Cool Card Tricks


Magician Jon Dorenbos amazes Ellen as he performs a series of card tricks that will leave you wondering how he did these card tricks.

Cool Hockey Game Painting


If you are feeling patriotic and want to see something cool watch what Artist Joe Everson does during the National Anthem at a Toledo Walleye hockey game.

One Day In Hawaii


One Day in Hawaii a guy is playing a song in a coffee house when a total stranger decides to start singing along with him.

Bike Tricks In Barcelona


BMX Rider Tim Knoll shares with us some cool bike tricks as he rides through the streets of Barcelona, Spain in this cool video.

GoPro Awards Are Awesome


A cool video from GoPro celebrating their one year anniversary of The GoPro Awards and the people who submit their amazing videos.

Enjoy A Wee Day Out


Enjoy a “Wee Day Out” with Professional biker Danny MacAskill as he takes a nice ride through the Edinburgh countryside.

The Shovel Guitar


Most shovels are made for digging but this shovel is made for playing!

People Are Awesome


Get your day started off with some excitement by watching some awesome people doing some amazing things in the People Are Awesome Best of the Month for September 2016.

Awesome Slackline Walk


If you’re like me and afraid of heights you’ll probably appreciate this Awesome Slackline Walk filmed with a GoPro camera.

Cool Violinist Music Video


Take a short visit to Germany and The Czech Republic and see some beautiful scenery and circus performers practicing their skills in this cool music video featuring violinist Alicia Enstrom.

Triple Decker Domino Spiral


If you have 15,000 dominoes laying around your house then you might want to build a triple decker domino spiral in your free time.

Surfing New York


When a big storm rolls up the East Coast and creates some waves on New York beaches the local surfers must be aware of the “Disorderly Conduct” rules that could be applied.

Crazy Sea Plane Landing


If you’re ever on a sea plane flight and need to stop in a hurry you will want to have some calm water and a really skilled pilot at the controls.

Ken Block Industrial Playground


Ken Block takes a spin through an industrial playground in his highly modified Ford Focus that will leave everyone that loves to drive in awe.

Water Is Awesome


A cool look at water and all the awesome things that have been filmed with water and shared on YouTube.

Sofie Dossi Is Awesome


15 Year old contortionist Sofie Dossi was awesome in her final performance on America’s Got Talent 2016 as she continued to amaze the audience and judges.

Magical Inspiration


NFL Magician Jon Dorenbos continued to amaze the audience and judges on America’s Got Talent 2016 as he provides all of us with some magical inspiration.

Basketball Train Dunking

Dunking Devils Train-min

Extreme Basketball Freestyle group the Dunking Devils show us how to slam dunk some basketballs on a moving train in Slovenia.

Superhumans Are Awesome

Yes I Can-min

The band “We’re The Superhumans” performs in this wonderful trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games which recently concluded.

The Illusionists Card Trick

AGT Card Trick Yu Ho Jin-min

Magician Yu Ho-Jin is known as “The Manipulator” because of his incredible sleight of hand skills and talent when it comes to being an expert at card manipulation.