Category: Cool Videos

The Amazing Card Shark

Richard Turner is without a doubt the most amazing person you will ever see pick up and handle a deck of cards.

A Cool Van Home

If you’ve ever dreamed of living in a van down by the river then this modified 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van might be for you.

Train Stunts

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like jump on a trampoline on a train or swing on a big Russian Swing then this will show you what it’s like.

Beach Creatures Evolution

Theo Jansen’s Strandbeests continue to evolve and this updated look at his creations will amaze you.

The Mandrill

Those with an eye for detail and an appreciation for creative artists will enjoy this look at The Mandrill.

People Are Awesome

These awesome people doing some amazing things in the People Are Awesome Best of the Month for June 2017 is sure to impress you.

Muscle-Up At The Beach

“Muscle-Up” is a cool look at Muscle Beach from the air as it was filmed using the world’s smallest drone.

Bruce Lee In Action

A great look at Bruce Lee In Action as he faces one of his top students, Ted Wong, in a match.

Insane Obstacle Course

I need to stretch my legs and take a couple Ibuprofen for my knees after watching Alex Schauer navigate this Insane Parkour Speed Course.

Coast Guard Rescue

A cool look at a Coast Guard Rescue of passengers off of a sinking yacht.