Category: Animals and Wildlife

Dog In The Mirror

This dog doesn’t like the look of the dog in the mirror that is looking back at him.

Bear Rescued From River

A cinnamon bear gets a little help from a boat after he became caught in an eddy and was struggling to swim out of the strong current.

The Monkey Mask

I have no idea what the relationship between this Chimpanzee and man is but it’s obvious they care for each other very much.

Hummingbird Facts

If you love to watch Hummingbirds then I think you’ll find learning about these amazing hummingbird facts to be quite interesting.

Just A Dog

Cowboy poet Baxter Black shares with us “Just A Dog” as he reflects on the loss of a good friend.

Gary And The Seal

If you love to see wonderful encounters with wildlife then sit back and enjoy this encounter with a seal filmed by Videographer Gary Grayson.

Duct Tape On The Farm

Cowboy poet Baxter Black shares some interesting uses for Duct Tape in agriculture settings.

Pet Yer Dog

Cowboy poet Baxter Black shares with us some thoughts on dogs and why you should always take the time to Pet Yer Dog.

Funny Immature Dogs

If you’ve ever owned a dog you know they can be funny and immature and this collection of funny immature dog videos is proof of that.