Category: Animals and Wildlife

Catching Frozen Alligators In Colorado

Your Daily Dose Of Internet shares with us a look at an alligator sanctuary in Colorado where they occasionally have to catch some frozen alligators.

If It Fits I Sits

Rescue cats Cole and Marmalade show us how they like to try and fit into small spaces in this cute cat video.

Simon’s Cat In A Tree

Simon’s Cat has managed to get stuck in a tree and now it’s up to Simon to get the cat down safely.

Wakeup With An Otter

If you need a daily dose of cuteness then watch what it is like to wake up with an otter.

Dog In The Rain

An elderly man in the Philippines truly loves and cares for his dog as he takes extra time to make sure the dog is prepared for a bicycle ride in the rain.

Lucky Dog Escapes From Wolves

Nothing could be worse for a dog then getting cornered by a pack of wolves but this lucky dog managed to escape and live another day.

Beautiful Fawn

If you need a dose of cuteness in your day this video of a beautiful fawn should fill your heart with joy and bring a smile to your face.