Category: Animals and Wildlife

Jumpy The Dog Is A Star

I knew that Jumpy the Dog was a famous internet star due to all his wonderful videos on YouTube but I had no idea how many television commercials he has starred in.

Urban Animal Rescuer

Stefan Brockling has dedicated his life to being a full-time Urban Animal Rescuer and I’m sure the wild animals he rescues are happy he’s there for them.

Donkey Escape

Oreste the Donkey is a very smart donkey and the other donkeys are happy to have them around when it comes time to escape from their pen.

Cat Lover Valentine

If you are a cat lover and are looking for some good reasons to make your cat your Valentine then here they are.

Mission Impossible Dog

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund does his best impersonation of Tom Cruise in his version of Mission Impossible called “Wiener Impossible!”.

Moose Rescue

It’s a lucky day for a moose stuck in the ice when two kindhearted ice skaters go above and beyond in their efforts to save the stranded moose.

Dancing Owls

If you enjoy bird watching then I think seeing these Burrowing Owls try to outdo each other in front of the camera is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Watching For The Loch Ness Monster

Many people believe the Loch Ness Monster is real and one man, Steve Feltham, has dedicated over 25 years of his life looking for Nessie.

Funny Animal Videos

Play a game of “If You Laugh, You Lose” as you watch this compilation of funny animal videos.

Man and Bear Play In Snow

Take a break from your day and watch as Jim and Jimbo the Bear play in the snow at the Orphaned Wildlife Center.

Canine Freestyle Dance

If you love dogs and dancing then this video of a dog and it’s trainer performing a Canine Freestyle Dance is sure to bring a smile to you face.

13 Funny Pet Videos

An entertaining collection of 13 funny pet videos that should bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.

A Cat’s Purpose Explained

If you have ever wondered what a Cat’s Purpose is then this short video will help you understand what exactly it is that cats are meant to do.

Mountain Rescue Dogs

An interesting look at the mountain rescue dogs that work at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado.

Bear Cub River Rescue

Watch as mama bear springs into action when her bear cubs start to get washed down river after going over a small waterfall.

Unlikely Animal Friendships

A cute and adorable look at some animals who have formed some unlikely friendships that will bring a smile to animal lovers faces.

Attention All Humans

Attention all humans for this important message from your pet friends about the need to stop Pet Shaming.

Bringing The Cat Home

Apparently this cat has strayed a little too far from home and it’s owner sends the dog out to fetch the cat.