Category: Animals and Wildlife

Cute Arctic Foxes

If you love wildlife then these cute arctic foxes being filmed as part of the Nature series on PBS are sure to bring a smile to your face.

Cute Halloween Dogs

Cute dog Maymo and his sister Penny share with us a look at the assortment of Halloween costumes they have to wear when they go trick or treating.

Funny Animal Voices

“Talk Like The Animals” is a new series from Mashable that adds a humorous human voice to animal videos.

German Shepherd Rescue

The wonderful story of Sassy the German Shepherd, a feral dog, being rescued by Coastal German Shepherd Rescue in Orange County, California.

The Dog Photographer

William Wegman is known as the dog photographer as he has spent the last 45 years photographing his dogs.

The Butterfly Forest

A wonderful look at where the monarch butterfly goes South of the border to vacation each winter.

Beautiful Redwood National Park

A relaxing and beautiful look at the wildlife and terrain of Redwood National Park in Northern California filmed by Jacob + Katie Schwarz.

A Drone Above Botswana

A short look at the wildlife and geography of Botswana, Africa filmed using a drone by Rhino Africa, a leading safari company.

Awesome Rescue Of A Raccoon

This is just an awesome rescue of a raccoon by some kindhearted individuals who came across him on a Jeep Club outing.

Our Wonderful Blue Planet

A wonderful look at the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it narrated by Sir David Attenborough.