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Funny and Adorable Boxer Dogs

Pet’s World shares with us a funny and adorable look at Boxer’s, a dog breed with character and personality unlike any other.

Cat Watching Scary Movie

The look on this cat’s face as it’s watching a scary movie is exactly why I don’t watch horror movies.

Super Happy Dogs

The Pet Collective shares with us a look at some super happy dogs in this video compilation any dog lover should enjoy watching.

Cat Optical Illusion

A cute video of a cat that appears to be mesmerized by an optical illusion and keeps trying to grab at something it sees on the paper.

Ice Cream Squirrel

If you love to have a good ice cream cone on a summer day then you’ll understand why Putter the squirrel enjoys a miniature ice cream cone as well.

Every Child Should Have A Dog

People who love dogs understand that every child should have a dog but many times this isn’t possible for various reasons.

Dolphin Superpod Off Cape Town

If you love dolphins you might enjoy this video of a dolphin superpod filmed by a drone off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa.

The Philosophical Dog

Martin the talking dog isn’t your typical dog as you see when he shares some philosophical thoughts with us about his life.

Why I Love Raccoons

Why I Love Raccoons is a funny look at the antics of the furry bandits wearing masks commonly known as Racoons.

Bucket Head Bear

Sometimes we stick our head into things we shouldn’t and this bear finds himself in a bad situation after sticking his head in a bucket.

The Cosmic Purr

Take a deep breath, slowly exhale, relax, and become one with your feline friend as you practice some Meow Meditations for Cats.

Great Horned Owl Rescue

Craig Loving goes above and beyond to rescue an owl caught in fishing line at the Lost Creek Country Club.

Love On Tiny Hooves

Veterinarian Melanie Butera shares with us the story of Dillie The Deer and how this small creature and the love she brought changed Melanie’s life for the better.

Labs Are Awesome

This compilation of funny clips of labradors playing and acting goofy is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Swimming With Sea Lions

Take a trip underwater as you watch a scuba diver swim with a pack of sea lions off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Best Of Dogs In Cars

The best of dogs in cars sticking their heads outside the window to take in the fresh air and sights and sounds as they enjoy their car ride.

Eulogy of the Dog

If you love dogs and have ever wondered where the term “Man’s Best Friend” came from then listen to this short speech known as the “Eulogy of the Dog”.

14 Funny Pet Videos

An entertaining collection of 14 funny pet videos that should bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.