Category: Animals and Wildlife

Love On Tiny Hooves

Veterinarian Melanie Butera shares with us the story of Dillie The Deer and how this small creature and the love she brought changed Melanie’s life for the better.

Labs Are Awesome

This compilation of funny clips of labradors playing and acting goofy is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Swimming With Sea Lions

Take a trip underwater as you watch a scuba diver swim with a pack of sea lions off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Best Of Dogs In Cars

The best of dogs in cars sticking their heads outside the window to take in the fresh air and sights and sounds as they enjoy their car ride.

Eulogy of the Dog

If you love dogs and have ever wondered where the term “Man’s Best Friend” came from then listen to this short speech known as the “Eulogy of the Dog”.

14 Funny Pet Videos

An entertaining collection of 14 funny pet videos that should bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.

Funny Horse Videos

If you love animals and horses and need a laugh or a smile brought to your face then this collection of funny horse videos should do the trick.

Excited Jack Russell Terrier

If you love dogs then I think you’ll get a kick out of how excited this Jack Russell Terrier was during his performance at Crufts 2017.

Double Dog Tricks

Awesome dogs Jesse and Kaine share with us their Double Dog Tricks video that any animal lover should enjoy watching.

Breathtaking Africa

A breathtaking look at the massive continent of Africa filmed by drone for Rhino Africa, a leading safari company.

Feeding The Eagles In Alaska

A fisherman in Dutch Harbor, Alaska takes a break from his day to share some of his fresh catch with a bunch of Bald Eagles.

Army Dog Dance

Dog Dance Team Lusy and Deril entertain the audience at the 2016 FCI Dog dance World Championship with a military-style dance.

Where The Buffalo Roam

Where the Buffalo Roam is typically on wide open grass plains and not through your living room.

The Pug Scratcher

A large dog doesn’t refuse the services of The Pug Scratcher when the opportunity arises for a back rub and scratch.

The Snow Monkey Spa

If you’re a snow monkey in Japan life doesn’t get any better than a day at the spa in Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park.

Jumpy The Dog Is A Star

I knew that Jumpy the Dog was a famous internet star due to all his wonderful videos on YouTube but I had no idea how many television commercials he has starred in.

Urban Animal Rescuer

Stefan Brockling has dedicated his life to being a full-time Urban Animal Rescuer and I’m sure the wild animals he rescues are happy he’s there for them.

Donkey Escape

Oreste the Donkey is a very smart donkey and the other donkeys are happy to have him around when it comes time to escape from their pen.

Cat Lover Valentine

If you are a cat lover and are looking for some good reasons to make your cat your Valentine then here they are.