Category: Animals and Wildlife

Dogs With Hands

A funny look at what might happen if dogs had hands instead of paws.

Collecting Antlers In Montana

If you have ever gone looking for an antler that an animal has shed then you might be amazed to see how many Jim Phillips has collected over the last 60 years.

The Story of Ranger and Jim

If you could bark what would you tell your dog? “If I Could Bark” is a wonderful short film about Jim Van Shaw, a man who loved his dog and wished he could bark to tell him all the things he wanted to share.

Bear Plays The Piano

A bear that broke into a home in Vail, Colorado played a few notes on the piano before deciding it was time to raid the freezer.

Guilty German Shepherd

Some dogs just can’t hide their guilt when it comes to getting into trouble and being called out by their owner.

Woodpecker Guards Its Nuts

A wonderful look at an acorn woodpecker that is protecting its tree full of nuts from a raiding squirrel.

Lifeguard Dogs

If you love dogs and think they’re amazing then wait until you see how these lifeguard dogs in Italy are helping to save people from drowning.

Black Bear In Hammock

Having a hammock in the backyard is a great way to relax and have fun as this black bear in New Hampshire discovered.