Category: Animals and Wildlife

Pumpkin Farm Puppies


If you want a little cuteness in your day checkout these adorable puppies as they explore a farm filled with pumpkins and other Halloween treats.

Texas Photographer


“Chasing Light” is a short film from YETI that gives us glimpse into the life of the official Texas State Photographer, Wyman Meinzer.

Meet The Clouded Leopard


If you love animals and in particular wild cats then I think you’re going to enjoy this short wildlife video about the Clouded Leopard.

Close Call With A Bear


Teliece Sander had a close call with a 300 lb Black Bear at her home in Lake Mary, Florida on a rainy afternoon in August.

The Round Giraffe


Rollin’ Safari shares with us a look at what happens to a round giraffe when it tries to get a drink from the watering hole.

Eight Awesome Birds


Bird lovers will enjoy this look at 8 Awesome Birds from the Planet Earth series from Great Big Story.

Halloween Pets


It’s that time of year again when pet owners like to dress up their animal friends and celebrate Halloween.

17 Halloween Dog Costumes


Cute dogs Maymo and Penny model 17 different Halloween dog costumes for us in this adorable dog video.

Amazing Elephant Rescue


Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and this one in particular has a kind heart as it attempts to rescue a man that it thinks is drowning.

Lazy Puppy In Bed


If you struggle to get out of bed sometimes then you’ll understand why Lulu the Shiba Inu puppy is in no hurry to jump out of bed.

Slow Motion Dog Tricks


Nana the Border Collie is back to entertain us with some slow motion dog tricks that are pretty amazing to see.

From Model To Musher


Fashion model Zoya DeNure gave up a life in front of the camera lens to lead a life behind a team of dogs as she trains to race the Iditarod in Alaska.

The Dog Chapel


If you love dogs then you’ll be happy to know that The Dog Chapel is a place where their memories will live on forever.

Stella The Dog Brakes


Stella the dog is a perfectly healthy dog who has a quirky way of stopping herself after she’s been running and playing.

Wild Dogs In Australia


An interesting look at the Dingo, Australia’s Wild Dog that is a cultural symbol for the country.

Weekend Dogs Are Awesome


Dogs work hard all week so when the weekend rolls around they are ready for some outdoor fun and action.

10 Strange Cat Behaviors


Cat Lovers will enjoy this interesting look at 10 strange cat behaviors and the explanation of why cats behave as they do.