Category: Animals and Wildlife

Black Bear In Hammock

Having a hammock in the backyard is a great way to relax and have fun as this black bear in New Hampshire discovered.

Eagles In Alaska

If you enjoy watching eagles but are having trouble finding one where you live then head North to Unalaska, Alaska where there is no shortage of bald eagles.

Hiking With Bears

A man goes for a walk down a trail in Katmai National Park in Alaska and soon finds himself hiking with bears.

Awesome Service Dog

Colt the dog is a very clever dog who has been trained to place himself under his owner’s head when she is having a seizure.

For the Love of Lions

A short video of The Lion Whisperer, Kevin Richardson, as he shares with us some insights on his Love of Lions.

How To Catch A Mud Crab

If you like to eat crabs but are having a little trouble catching them then this short video tutorial of How To Catch A Mud Crab is sure to help.

Man Vs. Raccoon

It’s man vs. raccoon in the latest example of a human acting like an idiot when it comes to wildlife.

Making Pizza With A Dog

If you have a dog that likes to hang out in the kitchen and help you cook then this dog making pizza is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Cletus The Tiny Dog

Cletus the dog looks a little different than most dogs but he is just like other dogs when it comes to being loved and giving back joyful moments to his owners.

Song Of The Sea

Sit back and relax as you list to Song of The Seas by Vangelis and enjoy some beautiful scenery and ocean wildlife.