Category: Animals and Wildlife

Piper The Aviation Bird Dog

Piper the Airport K9 has one of coolest jobs a dog could hope to have as he gets to chase birds for a living.

Little Red Convertible

Gabe Hits The Road to do a little cruising in his cool red sports car that is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

Awesome Trail Dog

If you’ve ever seen a trail dog running alongside a mountain biker or runner then you know how awesome a companion that dog is.

Bear On Ice

Berkley The Bear has discovered a small stream covered in ice and decides to show off her ice skating skills.

Lucky Day For Deer

A young man was filming this train coming down the tracks when out of nowhere a deer runs in front of the train.

Dog Discovers Mud Puddle

A dog named Toby is out walking with his dog friends when he discovers a mud puddle that is calling out to him to play in.