Category: Animals and Wildlife

Duffy The Dog

Duffy the dog has a tough time catching tennis balls so his owner decided to film some of his efforts in slow motion and the result is awesome.

Smart Dog Knows 1000 Words

Prepare to be amazed as you see Chaser The Dog demonstrates how smart she is with her vocabulary of over 1000 words.

Giraffes in Africa

A short look at some video clips of giraffes in Africa that were filmed by Rhino Africa, a leading safari company.

One Last Time

If you love music and dogs then Trench and Maple performing their version of “One Last Time” by Ariana Grande is sure to warm your heart.

Fox and Dogs Playing

I’m not really sure why anyone would have a pet fox but this video of the Fox and their dogs playing is entertaining to watch.

Hello Summer

If you love summer then I think you enjoy watching these animals dance to the song “Hello Summer” by Rameez.

If Animals Were Round

Rollin’ Wild shares with us a humorous look at what would happen if animals were round.

Funny Mummy Pets

A funny collection of pet videos featuring cats, dogs, and birds who make an extra special effort to dress up like a mummy.