Category: Animals and Wildlife

15 Funny Pet Videos


An entertaining collection of 15 funny pet videos that should bring a smile to the face of any animal lover.

Happy Thanksgiving


Munchkin the Teddy Bear looks more like a Turkey as he gets dressed up to wish all of us a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wildlife Comedy Photography


If you love wildlife photography and have a sense of humor then these photos from the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards should brighten your day.

Driving A Hound Around


“Driving Ahound” is a wonderfully uplifting music video of a hound being driven around by it’s owner.

8 Rare Animals


An interesting look at 8 rare animals whose existence is currently threatened.

Buster The Boxer


It’s Christmas time and Buster The Boxer is looking forward to getting to play with a new toy on Christmas Day.

16 Funny Puppy Videos


An entertaining collection of 16 funny puppy videos that anyone who loves puppies should enjoy watching.

Naughty Dogs Caught On Camera


Dogs are wonderful pets but when they get in trouble they do their best to make themselves look as innocent as possible.

Dogs Being Nice


An adorable collection of dogs being nice to each other as well as other animals and humans that is sure to bring a smile or two to your face.

Dinner Time For Dogs


It’s dinner time for these dogs but they have to wait until their name is called before heading to the food bowls.

Pumpkin Farm Puppies


If you want a little cuteness in your day checkout these adorable puppies as they explore a farm filled with pumpkins and other Halloween treats.

Texas Photographer


“Chasing Light” is a short film from YETI that gives us glimpse into the life of the official Texas State Photographer, Wyman Meinzer.

Meet The Clouded Leopard


If you love animals and in particular wild cats then I think you’re going to enjoy this short wildlife video about the Clouded Leopard.

Close Call With A Bear


Teliece Sander had a close call with a 300 lb Black Bear at her home in Lake Mary, Florida on a rainy afternoon in August.

The Round Giraffe


Rollin’ Safari shares with us a look at what happens to a round giraffe when it tries to get a drink from the watering hole.

Eight Awesome Birds


Bird lovers will enjoy this look at 8 Awesome Birds from the Planet Earth series from Great Big Story.

Halloween Pets


It’s that time of year again when pet owners like to dress up their animal friends and celebrate Halloween.