Category: Animals and Wildlife

Beautiful Wild Antarctica

“Wild Antarctica” is a beautiful look at the wildlife and scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Funny Cat Videos

There’s a reason cats have nine lives and these short clips of cats who fail in various situations show us why.

The Spirit Penguin

Everyone has seen a penguin but have you ever seen The Spirit Penguin?

Swimming With Gentle Giants

Coyote Peterson shares with us what it is like to go swimming with a gentle giant when he spends some time with Manatees in Florida.

Maymo The Dog

Maymo the dog wagging his tail over 500 times is sure to bring a smile to your face as you watch this adorable video compilation.

Amazing Ocean Artist

Wait until you see the amazing artwork created in the sand of the ocean floor by this amazing ocean artist.

10 Breathtaking Moments

A wonderful look at wildlife and 10 Breathtaking Moments from the series “Life Story” that will leave you amazed and in wonderment of these creatures.

Dolphins Fishing

These Dolphins filmed fishing in Western Australia prove yet again what an intelligent creature the dolphin is.

The Watering Hole

If you live in the desert then you know how important a good watering hole can be for both humans and wildlife.