Category: Flying and Military

West Point to Arlington

“West Point to Arlington” is a tribute song for Special Forces Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel who was Killed In Action while serving in Afghanistan in 2013.

Inspiring Families of the Fallen

Two women are doing a wonderful job of Inspiring Families of the Fallen as they continue to honor the memory of their loved ones lost to war.

Crazy Low Flying

Flying is dangerous to begin with, but when pilots start doing low pass flybys the risk for a crash becomes even greater.

Native American Code Talkers

Until I saw this video I had no idea that Native American Code Talkers were used during World War One in the fight against the Germans.

Flying Between Skyscrapers

If you need a little excitement in your life then perhaps you should take a flight between skyscrapers with Brandon Mikesell.

Wing Walking Stunts

Youtube filmmaker extraordinaire Devin Graham shares with a cool video of some Wing Walking Stunts.

Army Dog Dance

Dog Dance Team Lusy and Deril entertain the audience at the 2016 FCI Dog dance World Championship with a military-style dance.

Too Heavy For Liftoff

Every pilot’s worst nightmare is being too heavy for liftoff so if they’re carrying too much cargo or fuel they unload some to take flight.

The Red Baron

German fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, known as the Red Baron, prepares for a combat flight in this rare video footage filmed during World War One.

Awesome Wingsuit Flight

Take an awesome wingsuit ride with human flight professional and stunt coordinator Marshall Miller in this cool video.