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This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day and see some adorable animals as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Amazing Sand Artist

The beautiful and talented artist Kseniya Simonova amazes the judges and audience with this live performance.

Dog Makes New Friends

This is why I love dogs. Bo the Black Lab returns after being gone all night and it appears he made some new friends.

Norway In Motion

A beautiful time-lapse video from photographer Casper Rolsted of Norway that is relaxing and enjoyable to watch.

King Of Your Castle

If you have ever dreamed of living in a castle and truly being king of your own home this mini-castle is for sale.

How They Filmed Free Solo

An interesting look at how Alex Honnold’s free solo climb of Yosemite’s El Capitan was filmed.

Hex Nuts To Diamond Ring

Master craftsman Pablo Cimadevila shows us how easy it is to turn a couple of hex nuts into a beautiful diamond ring.

This Is Your Internet

Take a break from your day and see how technology is being developed to allow Vegetarians to enjoy steak.

Elk Herd Vs. Wolf Pack

A small group of Elk in Yellowstone National Park face off against a wolf pack in this battle for survival.

Fly Me To The Moon

5-year-old Sophie Fatu delivers a wonderful performance of the classic Frank Sinatra song “Fly Me To The Moon”.

Italian Grandparents

I now have a great appreciation for anyone with Italian Grandparents who love and worry about them.

Unbelievable Moments

Life is full of surprises and sometimes they are caught on camera like these incredible moments.

Shipping Container Home

An interesting look at a couple in Australia who have turned three shipping containers into a tiny home.

Tidy Up With Marie Kondo

If you need a spark of joy in your life then you might want to get organized using the KonMari method.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day to see a seal that can’t stop sneezing and more cool and interesting video clips.

The Great Piano

An entertaining music video of a couple of musicians playing a large street piano with their feet.

How The Tax System Works

The tax system in the United States is complicated but this explanation using drinks should help to understand it.

How Submarines Work

An interesting look at how USN submarines operate and why they are considered so vital for our defense.

Lost At Sea

The amazing survival story of a fisherman who survived being lost at sea for 438 Days.

20 Instruments In 1

“Houston” from musical group Brunettes Shoot Blondes is a creative music video performed on a unique musical instrument.

Keep Your Car Safe

If you are concerned about someone breaking into your car then you might want to protect your key FOB.

1920s Brass Band Cover

Postmodern Jukebox and Sara Niemietz perform a 1920s Brass Band Cover of “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” by Aerosmith.

I’m Gonna Be Dancing

If you love to see people dancing in the movies then I think you’ll enjoy this video edit featuring Laurel and Hardy.

Skiing In France

Professional Skier Richard Permin shows us how a good morning begins at the ski resort.

Lost in the Woods

The amazing story of a three-year-old boy who survived being lost in the woods for three days.

A Beautiful Performance

Kechi wows the audience and judges with this performance on America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

10 Year Challenge

An interesting look at how photos and data are being used to mislead people about climate change.

A Trip To New Zealand

If you have ever wanted to take a vacation to New Zealand but haven’t, this video might be the next best thing.

LA Traffic Math

Don McMillan uses some simple math to explain how driving in California traffic works.

Everything Of Value

Father Gregory Boyle shares an inspirational and funny story about what we can learn from each other.

This Is Your Internet

Take a break from your day and see a really old snapping turtle and more cool and interesting videos.

You Ain’t Woman Enough

Postmodern Jukebox and Kitty Hawk perform a cover of “You Ain’t Woman Enough” by Loretta Lynn in this entertaining music video.

This Is Your Internet

See a scuba diver swimming in a lake full of tadpoles and more cool and interesting videos.

Dog Loves Popcorn

Seeing this dog sitting on the couch and eating popcorn out of a hoodie brought a smile to my face.

Dog Loves Sink

Dunkin the dog loves to get into the sink and enjoy a nice water massage.

Living With Bears

Grizzly County is a short film about Doug Peacock who spent several years alone with bears in the wilderness.

Eating With Kids

America’s Funniest Home Videos shares with us some clips of kids who are picky eaters.

This Is Your Internet

See a Hedgehog that was born without quills and more cool and interesting videos.

This Is Your Internet

See how a honey bee colony defends its hive from a wasp and more cool and interesting videos.

A Test For Teenagers

If you are over the age of forty and need a good laugh watch these two teenagers attempt to use a rotary phone.

Shopping At Walmart

An interesting look into the various methods Walmart uses to get shoppers to spend more money.

The Baby Hold

Dr. Robert Hamilton demonstrates how to calm a crying baby through a simple hold.

A Visit To St. Petersburg

“St. Petersburg Moves” is a short film from photographer Alex Soloviev that does a wonderful job of capturing the sights and sounds of the city of St. Petersburg.

UK Car Collection

Take a look at one of Europe’s largest car collections valued at 45 million dollars.

Idiot Of The Day

Today’s idiot of the day is a drunk Russian who gets instant Karma when he kicks a dog.

Surfing With Dolphins

A surfer off the California coast had the ride of a lifetime when he was joined by several dolphins.

Great Adventurer

Ben Carlin set the record for traveling around the world in an amphibious car in 3,619 days.

This Is Your Internet

See over 200 skydivers jumping from ten planes and more cool and interesting videos.

Love Conquers All

ESPN shares with us the wonderful story of David Saville, an equipment manager for the Clemson football team.

Speeding Ticket

A funny Candid Camera skit where Peter gives a speeding ticket to a taxi passenger.

Boogie Woogie Show Time

Put your dancing shoes on and enjoy some great dancers and music in this entertaining dance video.

Dog and Squirrel Playing

If you love animals then this short video of a dog and squirrel playing chase will bring a smile to your face.

A Trip To Alaska

Photographer Tim Keller recently visited Alaska and he shares with us some of his Alaska experiences.

Tales From The Edge

Professional wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss soars above the Dolomites in Italy to honor his friend Uli Emanuele.

On Eagle’s Wings

Comedian Tim Hawkins shares with us what it would sound like if The Eagles did a cover of “Amazing Grace”.

The Canadian Alphabet

If you think you have a good vocabulary then I challenge you to keep up with these two Canadian lads.

This Is Your Internet

See an awesome encounter a scuba diver had with a seal and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Wingsuit Death Star Run

Professional wingsuit flyer Jeb Corliss shares with us an awesome look at his recent Death Star run in Italy.

Geek or Nerd

Don McMillan explains the difference between a Geek and a Nerd in this funny video.

Robots In New York

If you are in Brooklyn and see a cool robot walking around it might be made from recycled trash.

The Peacock Clock

This amazing clock is a work of art created in the 18th Century by James Cox, a London goldsmith and jeweller.

This Is Your Internet

See a frog that inflated itself and more cool and interesting videos in your Daily Dose of Internet.

The New Old People

Comedian Lachlan Patterson shares with us some thoughts on why the new old people are going to suck.

Fast Pets

The Pet Collective shares with us an entertaining collection of pets racing around and having fun.

OK Go Marching Band

Rock band OK Go performs This Too Shall Pass with the Notre Dame marching band in this creative music video. 

Feel It Still

Postmodern Jukebox shares with us their music video of “Feel It Still” by Portugal The Man.

Super Dave Osborne

Bob Einstein makes an appearance as Super Dave Osborne on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. 

This Is Your Internet

Take a break from your day and see some cool and interesting video clips as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Super Marine

Michael Eckert is in the Marine Corps and as you can see he is physically fit.

Getting In Shape

Comedian Dennis Gaxiola shares with us how his New Year’s Resolution to lose weight is going.

This Is Your Internet

Take a look at Wilfred the Cat who is a little on the ugly side but that’s what makes him adorable.

The Dancing Doctor

I hate to see sick kids in a hospital but I love to see healthcare workers who make those kids smile.

Losing Arguments With Your Wife

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares with us why it’s even worse to lose arguments with your wife after she’s had brain surgery.

How Aircraft Carriers Work

An interesting look at how USN Aircraft Carriers operate and why they are considered so vital for our defense.

This Is Your Internet

Today’s edition of your Daily Dose of Internet starts off with a bench that causes people to sit closer together.

Best Of The Web 2018

The best video clips from the most awesome videos of 2018 make up this Best Of Web 11 video compilation.

Little Girl On Train

An inspiring story of how a little girl on a train helped to make the day better for many people.

Yoga In Utah

Comedian Mary Mack shares with us her Yoga experience in this funny stand up act.

Driving In The Snow

Comedian Mike P Burton shares with us a funny story about driving in the snow.

Landing On The 405

The thrilling landing of an airplane on Interstate 405 in California has a dramatic ending that I wasn’t expecting.

Surfing Santas

There’s just something about seeing a bunch of surfing Santas that puts a smile on my face.

Wildlife Photographer

Sometimes when trying to photograph wildlife the animals take an interest in getting to know the Wildlife Photographer.

This Is Your Internet

See a dog that has been elected Mayor of a small town and more cool and interesting clips.

The New Hot Tub

Part of the fun of a new hot tub is being able to share it with family and friends.

The Jive Aces

The Jive Aces perform the Ruth Brown R&B classic “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”.

Tribute To Chris Farley

Comedian Adam Sandler shares with us a song he wrote as a tribute to his best friend and fellow comedian Chris Farley.

The Best of GoPro in 2018

This cool and entertaining look at the best clips from GoPro filmed during 2018 will make you want to pick up a GoPro and start filming something interesting or exciting.

Venice In Motion

Take a short trip to Venice and experience both the beauty and the chaos that the city has to offer visitors.

This Is Your Internet

See a couple of dancing trucks and more cool and interesting clips in your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Comedian Mike P Burton

Mike shares with us a funny look into what it’s like living in his New York City neighborhood.