Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Let’s Twist Again

An entertaining music video of Let’s Twist Again (1961) by the great Chubby Checker.

The Vegetable Orchestra

The Vegetable Orchestra plays an original ensemble called “Green Days” in this entertaining music video.

This Is Your Internet

See a cat get a relaxing head massage that might make you want to get a massage as you watch your Daily Dose Of Internet.


“Breathe” is a creative short timelapse film from photographer Thomas Blanchard that utilizes fruits, vegetables, and flowers to symbolize lungs breathing.

Komodo Dragons

An up close look at Komodo Dragons filmed using a couple of spy cameras.

Backyard Beekeeper

Beekeeper Mike Barry shares a look at his beehives in his backyard just outside New York City.

Cat True Facts

An interesting and entertaining look at the Cats that will leave you with more knowledge about this unique creature than you ever dreamed possible.