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The Peacock Clock

This amazing clock is a work of art created in the 18th Century by James Cox, a London goldsmith and jeweller.

This Is Your Internet

See a frog that inflated itself and more cool and interesting videos in your Daily Dose of Internet.

The New Old People

Comedian Lachlan Patterson shares with us some thoughts on why the new old people are going to suck.

Fast Pets

The Pet Collective shares with us an entertaining collection of pets racing around and having fun.

OK Go Marching Band

Rock band OK Go performs This Too Shall Pass with the Notre Dame marching band in this creative music video. 

Feel It Still

Postmodern Jukebox shares with us their music video of “Feel It Still” by Portugal The Man.

Super Dave Osborne

Bob Einstein makes an appearance as Super Dave Osborne on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahon. 

This Is Your Internet

Take a break from your day and see some cool and interesting video clips as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Super Marine

Michael Eckert is in the Marine Corps and as you can see he is physically fit.

Getting In Shape

Comedian Dennis Gaxiola shares with us how his New Year’s Resolution to lose weight is going.

This Is Your Internet

Take a look at Wilfred the Cat who is a little on the ugly side but that’s what makes him adorable.

The Dancing Doctor

I hate to see sick kids in a hospital but I love to see healthcare workers who make those kids smile.

Losing Arguments With Your Wife

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares with us why it’s even worse to lose arguments with your wife after she’s had brain surgery.

How Aircraft Carriers Work

An interesting look at how USN Aircraft Carriers operate and why they are considered so vital for our defense.

This Is Your Internet

Today’s edition of your Daily Dose of Internet starts off with a bench that causes people to sit closer together.

Best Of The Web 2018

The best video clips from the most awesome videos of 2018 make up this Best Of Web 11 video compilation.

Little Girl On Train

An inspiring story of how a little girl on a train helped to make the day better for many people.

Yoga In Utah

Comedian Mary Mack shares with us her Yoga experience in this funny stand up act.

Driving In The Snow

Comedian Mike P Burton shares with us a funny story about driving in the snow.

Landing On The 405

The thrilling landing of an airplane on Interstate 405 in California has a dramatic ending that I wasn’t expecting.

Surfing Santas

There’s just something about seeing a bunch of surfing Santas that puts a smile on my face.

Wildlife Photographer

Sometimes when trying to photograph wildlife the animals take an interest in getting to know the Wildlife Photographer.

This Is Your Internet

See a dog that has been elected Mayor of a small town and more cool and interesting clips.

The New Hot Tub

Part of the fun of a new hot tub is being able to share it with family and friends.

The Jive Aces

The Jive Aces perform the Ruth Brown R&B classic “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”.

Tribute To Chris Farley

Comedian Adam Sandler shares with us a song he wrote as a tribute to his best friend and fellow comedian Chris Farley.

The Best of GoPro in 2018

This cool and entertaining look at the best clips from GoPro filmed during 2018 will make you want to pick up a GoPro and start filming something interesting or exciting.

Venice In Motion

Take a short trip to Venice and experience both the beauty and the chaos that the city has to offer visitors.

This Is Your Internet

See a couple of dancing trucks and more cool and interesting clips in your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Comedian Mike P Burton

Mike shares with us a funny look into what it’s like living in his New York City neighborhood.

Identical Twins

“Her and Me” is an interesting documentary that shares with us a look at twin sisters leading the same life.

Beautiful South America

Photographer Morten Rustad shares with us a beautiful look at the amazing landscapes of South America.

Home Recycling Hero

In a world where we use too much plastic having a HERU in your home could be the ultimate way to recycle.

Santa Boot Camp

A funny look at how Santa recruits are turned into a real Santa Claus just in time for Christmas.

This Is Your Internet

See a fire tornado created inside a bubble and more cool and interesting clips in your Daily Dose Of Internet.

People Are Awesome

Watch amazing people do incredible things in the Best of People Are Awesome for 2017.

Kayaking In Norway

If you love beautiful and relaxing outdoor scenes then I think you’ll enjoy seeing some Kayaking in Norway.

The Best Christmas Gift

This short film is called “Love Is A Gift” and while it may be a low budget film it packs a powerful message.

Baby, Please Go Outside

Since the classic song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” has become controversial and offensive to some here’s an updated version.

GE Big Boy Appliances

With GE’s new line of Big Boy Appliances, any man can still feel like a man when he’s on domestic duty.

Merry Christmas Kevin

Kevin has suffered through years of getting gifts he didn’t want for Christmas but that’s about to change.

Tiny Apartment In Paris

Wait till you see an amazing apartment renovation in Paris that turned 86 sq ft into a microapartment.

The Christmas Bike

Comedian Jeanne Robertson shares another funny story about her husband “Left Brain”.

The Goglia Sisters

The beautiful and talented Emily and Juliette Goglia sing  “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy & Monica ft.

The Big Night

It’s a very big night for this nervous eight-year-old who has the starring role in her school Christmas pageant.

Norway Mountain Biking

Rocky Mountain Bicycles shares with us their short film “Norðvegr: The Way to the North”.

The Jeep Gladiator

The 2020 Jeep Gladiator has finally been revealed and it looks like a pretty cool vehicle that is certainly different from your standard pickup truck.

A Christmas Miracle

WestJet shares with us a Christmas Miracle that they made happen for several lucky people who will always remember this Christmas as being a special one.

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Unsuspecting shoppers at a Michaels store are happy to find they can get their Christmas gifts wrapped for free but when they see the results they aren’t so happy anymore.

This Is Your Internet

Check out this cool fabric material that has a self-healing capability if it is punctured.

Half Brain Christmas Gift

Comedian Jeanne Robertson shares another funny story about her husband who she affectionately calls “Left Brain”.

Mary Did You Know

A beautiful rendition of the Christmas song “Mary Did You Know” by A Capella group 7th Avenue.

I Wish You Enough

Saying goodbye to someone you love is always difficult but when you know it’ll be goodbye forever it can be heartbreaking.

This Is Your Internet

Check out some extreme golfing and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Fax Food

Candid Camera might have been onto something years ago when they filmed this funny food by fax hidden camera skit.

Nina Conti and Monkey

The beautiful and talented ventriloquist Nina Conti performs with her Monkey in this funny comedy act.

Making Baklava

This amateur chef discovers that making Baklava can be tricky and even if you follow the recipe exactly as written you might still end up with a disaster on your hands.

Idiot Of The Day

Today’s Idiot of the Day award goes to an off-duty Border Patrol agent who started a massive wildfire in Arizona.

The Backup Call

If you ever find yourself in a tough situation surrounded by deadly foes it’s always good to be able to call for backup.

The Most Extreme Grandpa

90-year-old John Carter claims he is The Wolrd’s Most Extreme Grandpa and after seeing him in action I think he can claim that title.

Cosmo’s Big Day

Cosmo is a BIG Dog and he recently had a BIG Day when he was adopted by his new family.

This Is Your Internet

See a cool card trick using some good sleight of hand skills and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Silent Night

Actor Kevin Sorbo plays a police officer trying to repair some broken relationships in this Christmas video of “Silent Night” by The Tabernacle Choir.

The Mean Mr. Grinch

If you’d like to see a new twist on an old Christmas song then I think you’ll enjoy “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina Carpenter.

Kilauea Volcano Eruption

Photojournalist Andrew Richard Hara shares with us an amazing video documenting 100 days of volcanic eruption of Kilauea on the island of Hawaiʻi.

A Cool Flying Bathtub

Imagine your reaction if you saw a guy flying a bathtub land in your grocery store parking lot and then go inside to do his grocery shopping like it’s perfectly normal.

A Football Miracle

The last few plays of this high school football game is perhaps the most exciting 45 seconds of football you will ever see.

An Awesome Pika Queen

If you need a distraction from your day then seeing a small furry mammal sing a song is about as good as it gets.

Pip The Underdog

Southeastern Guide Dogs shares with us the heartwarming animated story of Pip, a small dog with a big dream of becoming a Guide Dog.

A Marine Body Bearer

ESPN shares with us the inspiring story of Alexander Findura, a college football player who was also an elite United States Marine Corps Body Bearer.

The Power Of A Gift

The Boy and The Piano is an inspiring Christmas story from John Lewis and partners about the power of a gift and how it can change someone’s life forever.

A Visit To Budapest

“Budapest Moves” is a short film from photographer Alex Soloviev that does a wonderful job of capturing the sights and sounds of the city of Budapest.

Cool Restaurant Menu

If seeing is believing then being able to see what your food looks like before you order it is a sure fire way for restaurants to increase their sales.

Making Homemade Soup

If you love to cook while playing some music then you’ll appreciate the Sing-along Soup Song by Erik Langley.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break and watch some cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

The Island Of Hawaii

“The Big Island” is a captivating short film that takes the viewer on a quick tour of Hawaii.

The Elephant’s Rope

The story of the elephant held captive by a rope is one that will hopefully inspire someone to break free from whatever is holding them back in life.

People Are Awesome

The crew at People Are Awesome shares with us some of their favorite clips of people being awesome this month.

Best Dance Moves

It was late on a Friday afternoon when I stumbled upon this gem of a dance video and knew I had spent to much time on the Internet.

The Magic Ribbon

Magician Eric Chien shares with us his Grand Prix Act from the 2018 International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM) World Championships of Magic.

Hallelujah Veterans

Musical artist Sailor Jerri shares with us her music video of Hallelujah that she rewrote as a tribute song for Veterans.

Beautiful Norway Scenes

Sit back and relax as you enjoy seeing the stunning landscapes and beauty of Norway in this video from Timestorm Films.

2018 Marine Corps Birthday

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert B Neller delivers the 2018 Marine Corps Birthday Message in honor of the 243rd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

A Valuable Lesson

A short video about a wealthy couple and how they treat others that will serve as a reminder for all of us that honesty has no class.

The World’s Tallest Statue

Take a look at the tallest statue in the world and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Dragonfly True Facts

If you have ever seen a dragonfly and wondered about this marvel of biology and engineering then this video will provide answers to questions you haven’t even thought of.

How To Overcome Fear

Alex Honnold is without a doubt the world’s best solo climber and in this TED Talk he shares with us his story of how he climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan and lived to tell about it.

We Are All So Stupid

When it comes to getting the best value for our hard-earned dollar most of us make some really stupid valuations.

Hundred Pound Hammer

Jason Charles Miller shares with us his latest music video of the song “Hundred Pound Hammer”.

70-Year-Old Climber

If you think you’re too old for a little rock climbing wait until you see this 70-Year-Old man climb without ropes.

Be Social On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving try to be social but try even harder to make sure it’s the right kind of social.

Fighter Jets

A cool video of a pair of fighter jets flying low in the Blue Ridge Mountains over Linville Gorge.

This Is Your Internet

Designing a vending machine that actually requires you to shake it to get your drink to come out is probably not the smartest engineering design.