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This Is Your Internet

Check out this cool fabric material that has a self-healing capability if it is punctured.

Half Brain Christmas Gift

Comedian Jeanne Robertson shares another funny story about her husband who she affectionately calls “Left Brain”.

Mary Did You Know

A beautiful rendition of the Christmas song “Mary Did You Know” by A Capella group 7th Avenue.

I Wish You Enough

Saying goodbye to someone you love is always difficult but when you know it’ll be goodbye forever it can be heartbreaking.

This Is Your Internet

Check out some extreme golfing and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Fax Food

Candid Camera might have been onto something years ago when they filmed this funny food by fax hidden camera skit.

Nina Conti and Monkey

The beautiful and talented ventriloquist Nina Conti performs with her Monkey in this funny comedy act.

Making Baklava

This amateur chef discovers that making Baklava can be tricky and even if you follow the recipe exactly as written you might still end up with a disaster on your hands.

Idiot Of The Day

Today’s Idiot of the Day award goes to an off-duty Border Patrol agent who started a massive wildfire in Arizona.

The Backup Call

If you ever find yourself in a tough situation surrounded by deadly foes it’s always good to be able to call for backup.

The Most Extreme Grandpa

90-year-old John Carter claims he is The Wolrd’s Most Extreme Grandpa and after seeing him in action I think he can claim that title.

Cosmo’s Big Day

Cosmo is a BIG Dog and he recently had a BIG Day when he was adopted by his new family.

This Is Your Internet

See a cool card trick using some good sleight of hand skills and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Silent Night

Actor Kevin Sorbo plays a police officer trying to repair some broken relationships in this Christmas video of “Silent Night” by The Tabernacle Choir.

The Mean Mr. Grinch

If you’d like to see a new twist on an old Christmas song then I think you’ll enjoy “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch” by Lindsey Stirling ft. Sabrina Carpenter.

Kilauea Volcano Eruption

Photojournalist Andrew Richard Hara shares with us an amazing video documenting 100 days of volcanic eruption of Kilauea on the island of Hawaiʻi.

A Cool Flying Bathtub

Imagine your reaction if you saw a guy flying a bathtub land in your grocery store parking lot and then go inside to do his grocery shopping like it’s perfectly normal.

A Football Miracle

The last few plays of this high school football game is perhaps the most exciting 45 seconds of football you will ever see.

An Awesome Pika Queen

If you need a distraction from your day then seeing a small furry mammal sing a song is about as good as it gets.

Pip The Underdog

Southeastern Guide Dogs shares with us the heartwarming animated story of Pip, a small dog with a big dream of becoming a Guide Dog.

A Marine Body Bearer

ESPN shares with us the inspiring story of Alexander Findura, a college football player who was also an elite United States Marine Corps Body Bearer.

The Power Of A Gift

The Boy and The Piano is an inspiring Christmas story from John Lewis and partners about the power of a gift and how it can change someone’s life forever.

A Visit To Budapest

“Budapest Moves” is a short film from photographer Alex Soloviev that does a wonderful job of capturing the sights and sounds of the city of Budapest.

Cool Restaurant Menu

If seeing is believing then being able to see what your food looks like before you order it is a sure fire way for restaurants to increase their sales.

Making Homemade Soup

If you love to cook while playing some music then you’ll appreciate the Sing-along Soup Song by Erik Langley.

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Take a short break and watch some cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

The Island Of Hawaii

“The Big Island” is a captivating short film that takes the viewer on a quick tour of Hawaii.

The Elephant’s Rope

The story of the elephant held captive by a rope is one that will hopefully inspire someone to break free from whatever is holding them back in life.

People Are Awesome

The crew at People Are Awesome shares with us some of their favorite clips of people being awesome this month.

Best Dance Moves

It was late on a Friday afternoon when I stumbled upon this gem of a dance video and knew I had spent to much time on the Internet.

The Magic Ribbon

Magician Eric Chien shares with us his Grand Prix Act from the 2018 International Federation of Magic Societies (FISM) World Championships of Magic.

Hallelujah Veterans

Musical artist Sailor Jerri shares with us her music video of Hallelujah that she rewrote as a tribute song for Veterans.

Beautiful Norway Scenes

Sit back and relax as you enjoy seeing the stunning landscapes and beauty of Norway in this video from Timestorm Films.

2018 Marine Corps Birthday

The Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Robert B Neller delivers the 2018 Marine Corps Birthday Message in honor of the 243rd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

A Valuable Lesson

A short video about a wealthy couple and how they treat others that will serve as a reminder for all of us that honesty has no class.

The World’s Tallest Statue

Take a look at the tallest statue in the world and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose of Internet.

Dragonfly True Facts

If you have ever seen a dragonfly and wondered about this marvel of biology and engineering then this video will provide answers to questions you haven’t even thought of.

How To Overcome Fear

Alex Honnold is without a doubt the world’s best solo climber and in this TED Talk he shares with us his story of how he climbed Yosemite’s El Capitan and lived to tell about it.

We Are All So Stupid

When it comes to getting the best value for our hard-earned dollar most of us make some really stupid valuations.

Hundred Pound Hammer

Jason Charles Miller shares with us his latest music video of the song “Hundred Pound Hammer”.

70-Year-Old Climber

If you think you’re too old for a little rock climbing wait until you see this 70-Year-Old man climb without ropes.

Be Social On Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving try to be social but try even harder to make sure it’s the right kind of social.

Fighter Jets

A cool video of a pair of fighter jets flying low in the Blue Ridge Mountains over Linville Gorge.

This Is Your Internet

Designing a vending machine that actually requires you to shake it to get your drink to come out is probably not the smartest engineering design.

The Sugar Tattoo

If you live with Diabetes then imagine how cool it would be to have a tattoo that could check your blood glucose levels.

This Is Your Internet

Take a few minutes out of your day to see this bird might not be an angry bird but it certainly sounds dangerous.

Mountain Dog Rescue

The touching story of an injured dog that was rescued from a mountain and how it has helped to make a family’s life better.

Monsoons In Arizona

Storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski shares with us his latest weather video “Monsoon V” that is captivating to watch.

Crazy Mountain Bike Ride

If your idea of mountain biking is a nice flat trail through the woods then this is the furthest thing from it.

Where Almond Milk Comes From

While shopping for groceries I sometimes contemplate deep thoughts like “Where Does Almond Milk Come From?”.

This Is Your Internet

Once you get past the idiot pouring some maple syrup on a police car there are some pretty good clips in today’s edition of the Daily Dose of the Internet.

Pets Enjoying Autumn

Autumn is a great time to get outside and enjoy some cooler weather before winter comes and these pets are making the most of it.

Kissing the Sun and Moon

Hang Massive shares with us their latest music video “The Secret Kissing of the Sun and Moon” filmed on location in Ladakh Valley of Northern India.

Fitness Motivation

Zuzana from the Zuzka Light YouTube fitness channel shares with us some of her favorite exercises that she does to stay in shape.

Boston Love

“I Love You Boston” is a wonderful tribute to the city of Boston from Bodhi Films.

This Is Your Internet

See how firefighters use X-ray vision technology to work faster and safer as you take a few minutes to get your daily dose of Internet.

The Haircut Lesson

Getting a haircut from a new cosmetologist can be a stressful experience especially when it is obvious they are still learning on the job.

Fence Post Machine

If you have ever attempted to straighten a fence post you know it’s an exercise in futility.

Idiot Of The Day

The latest Idiot of the Day is a well-dressed man filling up his car tire with air at a gas station.

The Ship Horn

This little girl honking at a passing ship in Varberg port, Sweden gets more than she expected when the ship decides to return the greeting.

Utah Fall Colors

A look at some beautiful fall colors filmed by Justin McFarland at Snowbasin resort in Utah.

Utah Fall Colors

A look at some beautiful fall colors filmed by a drone at Snowbasin resort in Utah.

The Bulldog Copilot

Sometimes a good copilot can be difficult to find so why not turn to man’s best friend when you are in need of a copilot.

The Cave Castle

If you love seeing cool structures then I think you’ll appreciate the architecture of this Cave Castle in Slovenia.

Fairmont Canine Ambassadors

I have to admit I’m a little bit envious of Marcus the dog and his sidekick Bear because they have an awesome job at Fairmont Hotels.

The Sounds of Starbucks

A storm’s a-brewin’ for comedian Tim Hawkins as he absolutely crushes it with his “Sounds of Starbucks” tribute song.

Idiot of the Day

The most recent Idiot of the Day award goes to this truck driver in California who has a very bad day on a mountain road.

Southwest Monsoons

“Tempest” is a beautiful short film from photographer Henry Jun Wah Lee that captures the amazing weather of the summer monsoon season in the American Southwest.

A Forrest Gump Van

If there was ever a van that could be called the “Forrest Gump of Vans” then this 1963 Volkswagen Kombi would be it.

Interviewed By A Millennial

If you are a Baby Boomer in search of a job your worst nightmare might be having to be interviewed by a Millennial.

This Is Your Internet

Take a few minutes to see some cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Playful Baby Hippo

If you love animals then I think you’ll enjoy seeing some special moments of Baby Hippo Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Bears In Asheville

These four bears are frequent visitors to this home near Asheville, North Carolina, and stop by just about every day for lunch.

The Prostate Exam

Mike Rowe shares with us a look at his visit to the doctor’s office to get his annual Prostate Exam in this funny yet serious video.

Car Stuck In Garage

If you’ve ever managed to get your car stuck in a tight parking space then you might be able to understand the dilemma this nice lady finds herself in.

Great Barrier Reef Dive

If you enjoy wonderful underwater scenes then I think you’re going to like this video taken on a trip to the Great Barrier Reef by Phill Gordon.

Apple Repair or Replace

If you own an iPhone or another Apple product you might like to see this interesting investigative report from CBC News – The National.

Scorpion Farming

If you are looking for a way to get rich quick you might consider taking up scorpion farming as the venom they produce os the most expensive liquid in the world.

Shredding The Painting

The people at this Sotheby’s art auction were shocked to see a million dollar painting being shredded right after it was auctioned off.

Jinjing The Penguin

When an old fisherman rescued a penguin he had no idea that the penguin would become a loyal friend for many years.

In Love With Italy

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Italy but haven’t made the trip yet then this video of some Italian scenes might be a short-term travel fix.

Ghost Town In Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania has turned into a ghost town due to an underground coal fire that started in 1962.

Minnesota Squirrel Revival

Police officers wearing body cams in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, caught Chris Felix being a Good Samaritan after he hit a squirrel while driving.

Miami By Drone

Miami by Drone is a beautiful look at the city of Miami filmed by Blue Mantle Media.

BBC Earth Dynasties

If you are a fan of David Attenborough then you will probably enjoy watching the trailer for the new BBC Earth series “Dynasties”.

A Look At Paris In 1900

An interesting look at Paris, France in the late 1890’s and 1900 from film taken by the Lumière company.

Bad Day Racing The Porsche

Everything seemed to be going so well for these two race car drivers until one of their cars was bumped by another and then this happened.

Safe Wildlife Crossings

If you live in an area with an abundance of wildlife then you know how dangerous it can be driving on roads where the wildlife can cross in front of your car.

Cats on Catnip

If you have ever had a pet cat and given it some catnip then you know how amusing it can be.

Cute Dreaming Pets

An entertaining look at some sweet dreamers that is sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face that loves animals.

Who Wants to Live Forever

The beautiful and talented Morgan James performs a wonderful cover of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” with Postmodern Jukebox.

Driving A Monster Truck

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to drive a Monster Truck then this video will give you a look inside the world of Monster Truck Jam.

Dog With A Hose

Seeing a dog play with a water hose is usually a fun event unless the dog is being filmed by your security camera with the hose inside your house.

Airport Delay Humor

This man was experiencing a flight delay and was frustrated so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Hurricane Florence Flooding

An aerial look at the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence in Eastern North Carolina courtesy of Nelson Aerial Productions.

Swimming Pool Tricks

People Are Awesome shares with us an assortment of clips of people performing some cool swimming pool tricks and stunts.