Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Special Delivery To Cowpens

Jeanne Robertson shares a funny story about a cab driver in South Carolina who had a special passenger one day.

Labs Are Awesome

Anyone that’s ever had a Labrador Retriever for a pet knows that Labs are awesome dogs.

Sally And Nana

Sally the dog is best friends with her 84-year-old Nana and they enjoy each other’s company immensely.

Skateboarding Bird

This Java Sparrow has mastered the art of skateboarding and will be appearing in the X Games for Animals.

Funny Misheard Lyrics

If you have trouble understanding the words to songs then you’ll appreciate this video from Comedian Peter Kay.

This Is Your Internet

See an ancient ice cave in Iceland and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Big Fluffy Dog

Bailey the dog is a Mastiff with some seriously fluffy hair that can cause some problems when she plays in the snow or water.

Teamwork In The Swamp

If you live in the swamp it takes teamwork to survive as every animal is part of the food chain for some other animal.

Women Are Awesome

I think you’ll agree that the girls featured in this video performing some extreme sports are awesome and amazing.

Saving The Redwoods

Moving The Giants is a short film about one man’s mission to revive the redwood forests.