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All Out of Smiles

Emily Riesen Music Video

All Out of Smiles by Country Music Artist Emily Riesen is a tribute to the men and women serving in the Armed Forces and their families. The song was written by Dr. Bob Farmer who is a family practitioner in New Baden, IL.

5 Minute Counseling


Bob Newhart gives the best advice anyone could hope to get for $5 from a therapist.

Spitfire Low Pass

The reporter might have thought he was prepared for this but obviously he wasn’t as the Pilot of the Spitfire went very, very, low overhead.

Welcome Home!

Soldier Returns Home

Capt. Andrew Schmidt of the West Virgina Air National Guard receives a warm Welcome Home from his dog Gracie!

The Happy Hippo

Jessica The Hippo

This Hippo acts more like a well trained dog than a dangerous hippo. Truly amazing story about one of the most feared beasts of Africa.

Waking Up Is Hard To Do

The Laryngospasms are a group of practicing Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists who create and perform medical parodies for audiences throughout the United States.

4 Hands Guitar

I thought just playing the guitar by yourself was difficult until I saw this video of four hands playing one guitar.

The Phobia Workshop

Fear Workshop

Nothing better than a little group therapy session to discuss your Phobia.

The Fox and The Ibex

Amazing Animal

The Ibex is an amazing animal that has some unique skills when it comes to climbing cliffs. This Ibex survives an attack by a fox because of these mountain climbing skills.