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My Mom’s on Facebook

The Heavy Metal version of My Mom’s on Facebook. Luckily I don’t have this problem as my Mom isn’t even on the Internet.

Low Pass Flyby’s


A good list of the Top 10 Low Pass Flyby’s ever caught on video. These are very talented pilots and the guys on the ground are just plain nuts.

Solid Potato Salad

The Ross Sisters perform their Potato Salad song in this classic clip that will leave you amazed at the talent and skill they display.

Little Drummer Boy

Rock Band

This Kid Rocks! Little Drummer Boy plays the drums like he’s the boss.

Bad Day On The Job Site

No matter how bad a day you think you’re having at work chances are this guy’s day on the job site was worse than yours.

A Serious Man


A Serious Man can’t be bothered by a pretty woman who wants to get to know him better. I’m glad I’m not this serious!

Cannonbells Intel Chime Tune


Cannonbells perform the Intel Chime Tune. Geeks will appreciate this new way to celebrate the Intel Chime Tune.

The Jogger and The Fly


The Jogger and The Fly proves there is always a way out of a bad situation. You can’t get more lost than this fly.