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Tango Mike Mike

Tango Mike Mike is the story of Green Beret Roy P. Benavidez and his heroic action in Vietnam that resulted in him being awarded the Medal of Honor. Roy suffered numerous injuries in saving the lives of eight fellow soldiers.

Whales Hunting Seal

Killer Whales

Orca Whales Hunting a Seal demonstrate their intelligence and ability to work together to achieve an objective. The seal didn’t have a chance against these Orca Whales and this is truly a great example of Survival of the Fittest.

Bottlenose Dolphins Are Amazing

Bottlenose Dolphins use their intelligence to come up with a clever way to fish. The best part is they look so happy and proud of themselves for devising this method of fishing.

Coca-Cola Happiness Machine

The coolest Coca Cola vending machine you’ll ever see. This Coke machine dispenses more than just soda, it serves Happiness!

Babies Laughing


These babies always bring a smile to my face every time I see them. Their Daddy is a regular comedian.

Water Drops In Slow Motion

A really close look at water drops using video at 2000 Frames Per Second. I never knew water drops actually bounced!

Peace All Over The World

Playing For Change Song

Peace All Over The World is sung by Robert Bradley as part of the Playing For Change music collection. You can never have enough songs about Peace and hopefully the music of Playing For Change will inspire people to create a better world.


Music Abilities

The music of opportunity and the sound of potential as demonstrated by Patrick Henry Hughes and his father. Patrick doesn’t have disabilities he has abilities!