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My Father’s Garden

My Father’s Garden is a wonderful film by Mirko Faienza showing a close up look at life in a garden.

This Too Shall Pass

OK Go performs This Too Shall Pass in the craziest Rube Goldberg Machine you’ve ever seen. These guys sure know how to have fun with the music videos they create.

Dogs In Slow Motion

Dogs In Slow Motion from a Pedigree Dog Food Ad. These dogs were filmed catching treats using a Phantom Camera at 1000 FPS.

I’m Watching You Dad

I’m Watching You Dad is about the impact a father’s everyday actions can have on his kids. Too good to save for Father’s Day so share it with every dad you know.

Marines Of The Pacific – Robert Leckie

USMC Veteran

The Pacific is an HBO mini series produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg that is scheduled to air in March 2010 in ten parts. The Pacific follows Marines as they fight their way across the Pacific Islands during World War Two. Robert Leckie is one of the Marines featured in The Pacific series.

Thank Your Military

A group of American citizens gathered to say Thank You to members of the military.

Canadian Hockey Goalie

Olympic Hockey

Clark the Canadian Hockey Goalie shares his off season training experience. I hope Team USA beats Canada for the Gold Medal but will still be happy for Canada if they don’t.

Steel City Skiing

Iron City Skiing

Skiing The Steel City in the winter of 2010. If you never knew that Pittsburgh was a top rated destination for skiing and snow boarding here is the proof.