Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Steel City Skiing

Iron City Skiing

Skiing The Steel City in the winter of 2010. If you never knew that Pittsburgh was a top rated destination for skiing and snow boarding here is the proof.

Dating In 1961

Dating In 1961 could sometimes get complicated for a girl. Peggy Sue really needs to have a talk with her Dad and explain some things.

Lost Generation

Lost Generation is a cool video that will test how closely you are paying attention to what is written and what is said.

Buy, Buy American Pie

Capitol Steps Song

Buy, Buy American Pie as sung by Uncle Sam. The problems with buying products from China are numerous. The old saying you get what you pay for holds true in many cases of buying cheap products from China.

Work Out RAP

Fitness and Exercise

The Work Out RAP from Rhett and Link as they strive to get in shape and stay healthy. They make quite the pair in the gym.

Dinner for One

Dinner for One featuring the coolest Yellow Labrador you’ve ever seen. This is fine dining at it’s best!

You Gonna Eat All That

You Gonna Eat All That performed by Here Come the Mummies on the Bob and Tom Show. The Mummies are a fun band with original songs.

Snow Business


>A cute cartoon about a cat discovering snow for the first time.

Cowboys On Ice

Cowboys On Ice perform their skating routine. I think this might be a tribute dance to Brokeback Mountain.

Kitty Massage

One Kitty gives another kitty a massage in this cute video. I wonder if this is a deep tissue sports massage or a Swedish massage.