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Saving the Planet

George Carlin shares his views on the environment and saving the planet that are more applicable today than ever.

Camaro Costume

Cool Chevy Camaro costume that looks like a transformer. Watch the video till the end to see the costume transform into the Camaro.

Canine ED

Funny Dog Video

Does your dog suffer from Canine Erectile Dysfunction? If your dog just doesn’t seem to be himself perhaps he’s suffering from Canine ED.

Drinking Problem

If you wake up in this guy’s position, then I’d say it’s safe to say you might have a drinking problem.

Bat Costume

Bat Man is Remi Gaillard dressed up as a man size Bat. Have a Happy Halloween!

Paragliders at Point Cartwright

Cool video of some Paragliders at Point Cartwright. Paragliding looks like it would be a lot of fun and not quite as scary as skydiving.

Stand By Me

Stand By Me music video from Playing For Change: Peace Through Music. Awesome song sung by amazing musicians from around the world.