Category: Interesting Videos

West Point to Arlington

“West Point to Arlington” is a tribute song for Special Forces Captain Andrew Pedersen-Keel who was Killed In Action while serving in Afghanistan in 2013.

Last of the Lampists

If you love old lighthouses then you might be interested in learning about the last of the Lampists.

Inspiring Families of the Fallen

Two women are doing a wonderful job of Inspiring Families of the Fallen as they continue to honor the memory of their loved ones lost to war.

6 Mosquito Repelling Plants

If you are preparing for a summer filled with mosquitos you might want to consider adding some Mosquito Repelling Plants to your arsenal to battle the bugs.

Beautiful Wild Antarctica

“Wild Antarctica” is a beautiful look at the wildlife and scenery of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Professional Parking Lot Painter

Many people classify themselves as a professional painter but only the best of the best can call themselves a professional parking lot painter.

Apollo Astronaut Photographs

If you are a fan of space exploration and NASA then I think you’re going to enjoy the wonderful short film “LUNAR”.