Category: Interesting Videos

Epic Norway Filmed By Drone


Man and Drone shares with us “Epic Norway” that shows us some of the majestic Norway landscapes as seen from the air.

8 Awesome Birds


Bird lovers will enjoy this look at 8 Awesome Birds from the Planet Earth series from Great Big Story.

Falling In Love


The Story of Sarah and Juan is one of two youths falling in love and how special moments were captured to reflect upon later in life.

Amazing Elephant Rescue


Elephants are extremely intelligent animals and this one in particular has a kind heart as it attempts to rescue a man that it thinks is drowning.

Piano In The Arctic


Pianist Ludovico Einaudi shares with us his “Elegy for the Arctic” as he plays his piano in the middle of an Arctic ice mass.

The World’s Water Superpower


As the world population grows and access to fresh water becomes more limited the potential for a conflict over water increases.

Dancing The Charleston Finals


If you love dancing then I think you’ll enjoy these Solo Charleston Finals contestants including dancer Ksenia Parkhatskaya who won this dance contest.

Planet Earth II From The BBC


If you loved the original Planet Earth series from BBC that aired ten years ago then you’ll be happy to know that Planet Earth II will soon be released.

A Musical Journey


Take a musical journey in this beautiful video called “Existence Impromptu” narrated by Alan Watts that looks at the journey we call life.

High and Dry


Musicians Jason Charles Miller and Hannah Aldridge share with us their music video of “High and Dry” from Radiohead.

Be In The Moment


In a life filled with distractions it’s difficult for many people to truly be in the moment.

Firefall In Yosemite


A beautiful look at Horsetails Falls in Yosemite National Park as it turns into a Firefall at sunset.

A Journey Beyond Cancer


“B-9 A Journey Beyond Cancer” is a beautiful video from photographer Shawn Reeder created in honor of his father who is a Stage 4 Cancer Survivor.

A Trip Across Italy


If you have ever dreamed of visiting Italy but haven’t made the trip yet then this trip across Italy might be a short term travel fix.

The Man Without A Pulse


Common sense tells us that if you don’t have a pulse then you must be deceased but that’s not the case when it comes to the man without a pulse.

Jump Jive An’ Wail


The Jive Aces perform a cover of “Jump Jive An’ Wail” by Louis Prima that anyone who loves uplifting music videos is sure to enjoy.