Category: Interesting Videos

Idiot Of The Day

The Idiot of the Day is a man who risks the lives of his family to have a close-up encounter with an African Bull Elephant while on Safari in Kenya.

Discover The Palawan Islands

Filmmaker Scott McFarlane shares with us a look at the beautiful Palawan Islands located in the southwestern Philippines.

The Space Between

If you are a fan of Jazz music or the Dave Matthews Band then I think you’ll enjoy listening to Robyn Adele Anderson as she sings a cover of “The Space Between”.

Idiots Of The Day

The Idiot of the Day award goes out to a couple of drivers on a California highway who can’t seem to control their anger or vehicles very well.

Smart Dog Knows 1000 Words

Prepare to be amazed as you see Chaser The Dog demonstrates how smart she is with her vocabulary of over 1000 words.

Ring Engagement Procedure

A young pilot performs the Ring Engagement Procedure with the help of his beautiful passenger during the flight of her life.

Rock Around the Clock

If you grew up in the 1950’s you might recall the movie Rock Around The Clock which was released in 1956 and included some great music and dancing scenes.

Rock’n Roll Dance Show

Put your dancing shoes on and enjoy the music as you watch this entertaining Rock’n Roll Dance Show video featuring some great dancers and music.

Giraffes in Africa

A short look at some video clips of giraffes in Africa that were filmed by Rhino Africa, a leading safari company.