Category: Interesting Videos

Buying A Diamond Ring

If you know someone who is shopping for a diamond ring you might want to have them watch this video.

Love On Tiny Hooves

Veterinarian Melanie Butera shares with us the story of Dillie The Deer and how this small creature and the love she brought changed Melanie’s life for the better.

Trout Fishing In Nevada

If you love to fish then I think you’ll be impressed by the effort of angler Steve MacMillan to go trout fishing in Nevada.

New Zealand Coast

Man and Drone shares with us a short look at the coastline of new Zealand in this short drone video called “Coast To Coast”.

Swimming With Sea Lions

Take a trip underwater as you watch a scuba diver swim with a pack of sea lions off the coast of British Columbia, Canada.

Meet The King of Fake Cash

Everyone knows one of the quickest ways to go to jail is to create and use counterfeit money but did you realize there is such a thing as legal fake cash?

The Fastest Passenger Ship

If you have ever been on a cruise ship or long ferry ride then you might be interested in seeing the fastest passenger ship in the world.

Eulogy of the Dog

If you love dogs and have ever wondered where the term “Man’s Best Friend” came from then listen to this short speech known as the “Eulogy of the Dog”.

A Grateful Chef

A grateful chef shares his story of how fortunate he was when his former boss closed the door on him and wouldn’t rehire him.

Singing In The Subway

30 New York City opera singers have formed a group called Opera Collective and they are brightening subway commuters day with their wonderful voices.

Roll Over Beethoven

Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry performing his hit song “Roll Over Beethoven” live on a French television show.


Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry performing his hit song “Maybelline” live in 1964 with Gerry and The Pacemakers.

Johnny B. Goode

Rock and Roll legend Chuck Berry performing his hit song “Johnny B. Goode” live in 1964.

Painting The Ski Slopes

If you’ve ever been skiing, chances are you’ve spent some time studying the ski resort map showing the mountain and all the trails you can ski down.

A Father Unlike Any Man

If your father is a man unlike any other who you love deeply then share this video to let everyone know how you feel about your dad.

Oregon Fall

A beautiful look at some Oregon scenery in the fall in this short video from TriumphRainbow.

The Tree Farmer

Nebraska might not seem like the place where trees for the Rocky Mountain forests would be grown but that’s where one man leads the effort to grow millions of trees.

Regrowing A Rainforest

Pamela Gale Malhotra and her husband Anil have taken 300 acres in India’s Southern Ghats and done something remarkable with it.

Upper Austria

Take an incredible journey through Upper Austria in this director’s cut of a video produced for the Upper Austria Tourist Board.