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Being An Everyday Hero

Everyday Hero-min

You don’t have to be a Superhero to be an Everyday Hero, you just have to be willing to go out of your way a little to help others.

Officially Resigning As An Adult

Adult Resignation-min

If you have had enough of being an adult and yearn for those carefree childhood years then perhaps it’s time to officially resign from being an adult.

The Story Of The Starfish


The story of the starfish that washed up on the beach and one man’s effort to save them will hopefully cause you pause and reflect for a moment or two.

A Week In The Wilderness of Alaska


Photographer Tom Welsh spent a week in Alaska with a friend and he shares some of the images he filmed during his trip in this short film about disconnecting.

Beautiful Landscapes Of Spain


Photographer David de los Santos Gil shares with us some of the beautiful Spanish landscapes that he filmed in Guadalajara, Spain.

A Lesson On Being Thankful


The Power of Positivity shares with a short story about a young man and his father and the lesson of being thankful for every gift you are given.

Awaken Your Senses In Iceland


Photographer Mike Bishop shares with us his latest short film “Awaken-Iceland” that is a beautiful look at the remote and rugged parts of Iceland.

Eagle Webcam in Florida


If you enjoying watching eagle web cams then you might like to watch the Southwest Florida Eagle cam.

40 Old Photos In Color


An interesting look at 40 old black and white photos that have been colorized to give a different perspective of the same photograph.

Charlie The Dog Hurt His Paw


Charlie the dog hurt his paw playing on some frozen grass and now he’s receiving some loving care from little nurse Laura.

The Pulse of Storms


Storm chaser and photographer Mike Olbinski shares with us his latest weather video edited in black and white that is captivating to watch.