Category: Interesting Videos

Wonderful Italian Mountains

“A Sense of Wonder” is a beautiful short film from photographer Mathieu Le Lay that takes the viewer on a hike up above the clouds in the Italian Dolomites.

The Sound Of Silence

The hills might be alive with the sound of music but one square inch of the forest is alive with the sound of silence.

Lifeguard Saves Two Swimmers

This off-duty lifeguard was at the right place at the right time to save these two swimmers from drowning in the ocean.

The Recycled Gym

Many people would love to exercise at an outdoor gym on the beach and for the people of Santa Maria, Cape Verde this is now a reality thanks to the efforts of one man.

Western Violin

Musician Lindsey Stirling shows us that playing the Violin doesn’t have to be boring as she takes on a guitar slinger in this western music video of “Roundtable Rival”.

The Best Recipe Ever

The Power of Positivity shares with us The Best Recipe Ever and you don’t even have to be a good cook to make it.

Magical Teddy Bears Of Love

Meet 12-year-old Campbell, an amazing kid with a big heart who spends his free time sewing teddy bears for sick kids.

Stars Above Hawaii

Take a trip above the clouds to Mauna Kea in Hawaii to see the stars in this short timelapse filmed called “POLI’AHU””.

7 Things You Can Change

If you’d like to live a healthier and happier life then here are seven things you can change right now.

Hot Sugar Band Dance

A fun and entertaining dance video filmed during a party at Jazz Roots Festival in 2015 featuring the Hot Sugar Band.

5 Minute Ab Workout

Fitness expert Zuzana shares with us a 5-minute ab workout that you can do at home to get stronger abdominal muscles.

Pinball Prison Blues

Puddles The Clown performs a mashup of the classic songs “Folsom Prison Blues” and “Pinball Wizard” that is sure to captivate any music fan.

Summer In Iceland and Norway

If you’ve ever dreamed of a summer vacation to Norway or Iceland then this aerial adventure should help motivate you to take that trip and see these beautiful countries.

He Has Risen

“He Arose” is a short film about the moments that lead to Jesus’ crucifixion.

Beautiful Peru

A beautiful look at wildlife and outdoor scenery in Peru from filmmakers Jacob and Katie Schwarz.

Rock That Swing

Dancers Tanya and Sondre deliver a wonderfully entertaining Lindy Hop performance at the Rock That Swing Festival.