Category: Interesting Videos

Beautiful New Zealand

If you enjoy watching beautiful videos then sit back and relax as you take in the beautiful scenery of New Zealand in this video from Timestorm Films.

Postmodern Jukebox

The hit song “All About That Bass” from Meghan Trainor performed by Postmodern Jukebox with vocalists Haley Reinhart, Morgan James, and Ariana Savalas.

Woodpecker At Work

An interesting video of a Pileated Woodpecker hard at work making a cavity in a dead tree that had been topped and left standing just for a woodpecker to make a home.

Jumpy The Dog Is A Star

I knew that Jumpy the Dog was a famous internet star due to all his wonderful videos on YouTube but I had no idea how many television commercials he has starred in.

Inca Salt Pans of Peru

An interesting look at the ancient salt pans in Peru that were created by the Incas and are still being used today to mine salt.

Mist and Water In Oregon

Photographer Mike Olbinski shares with us his latest video called “Mist and Water” filmed in Oregon while taking a break with some friends from his regular photography work.

Urban Animal Rescuer

Stefan Brockling has dedicated his life to being a full-time Urban Animal Rescuer and I’m sure the wild animals he rescues are happy he’s there for them.

Beautiful Hawaii

Take a look at how a beautiful island like Hawaii is formed in this short film called “Hawaii – The Pace of Formation”.

Donkey Escape

Oreste the Donkey is a very smart donkey and the other donkeys are happy to have them around when it comes time to escape from their pen.

Cat Lover Valentine

If you are a cat lover and are looking for some good reasons to make your cat your Valentine then here they are.

Tour The Dragon Man’s Home

Mel Berstein, also known as Dragon Man, takes us on a tour of his home in Colorado that will leave you amazed at everything he has collected during his lifetime.

Guy Band Sings For Mariah

I’m not really sure but I think deep down these guys have been hurting ever since Mariah Carey’s New Years performance and they wanted to let Mariah know they still love her.

Delicious Homemade Pies

If you love delicious homemade pies and live near the Dallas and Fort Worth area of Texas you might want to place an order with MMM Pies for your favorite homemade pie.

Moose Rescue

It’s a lucky day for a moose stuck in the ice when two kindhearted ice skaters go above and beyond in their efforts to save the stranded moose.

The Can Opener Bridge

If you live near Durham, North Carolina then chances are you are already familiar with the can opener bridge that demolishes trucks on a regular basis.

When Money Doesn’t Matter

Money Doesn’t Matter to John Shocklee, all that matters to him is being able to pursue his passion for skiing.