Category: Music

Everlasting Arms

Playing For Change shares with us their music video of “Everlasting Arms” featuring musicians from around the world with a special appearance by Dr. John in New Orleans.

A Little Bit Sad

5-year-old Claire and her Daddy, Dave Crosby, sing “Tomorrow” from the musical “Annie” in this adorable music video.

Duel Of The Fates

Once you hear the words to this song from the Star Wars prequel trilogy you’ll never listen to it again without a smile crossing your face.

Bulldog Sing-along in a Car

Walter Ledermüller and his French Bulldog Junior have a sing-along to the song “Like diamonds in the sky” as they go for a car ride.

Mambo No. 5

It’s hard not to smile and feel good when you watch Lou Bega join André Rieu on stage to sing his song “Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit of…)”.

The Lunch Lady Song

Adam Sandler performs his song “Lunch Lady Land” in this classic clip from Saturday Night Live.

A Beautiful Song For Mother Earth

Amadeus, The Electric String Quartet shares with us their beautiful music video “Earth Song” as a tribute to the wonderful plant we call home.

Mission Impossible Theme Song

An entertaining live performance of the Mission Impossible theme song by musical group Amadeus – The Electric String Quartet.

King Of The Mountain

I found this cool line rider track drawing set to the song “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg entertaining to watch.

Missing Someone At Christmas

The Christmas holiday can be a wonderful time to spend with family and friends but for many people, it is also a time of grief as they are missing someone very dear to them at Christmas.