Category: Short Films

A Trip Across Italy


If you have ever dreamed of visiting Italy but haven’t made the trip yet then this trip across Italy might be a short term travel fix.

Pale Mountains In The Sky


If you enjoy watching beautiful videos then sit back and relax as you take in the stunning Dolomites in this aerial film from Timestorm Films.

If A Dog Could Talk

If I Could Talk-min

“If I Could Talk” is a wonderful short film about a dog and the things he would like to say to the man who saved him when he was a puppy.

Pioneer Woman


“Pioneer” is a short film from Josh Brine about the decision to begin a journey.

Our Wonderful Nature


An up close and amazing look at The Common Chameleon in this episode of Our Wonderful Nature that will leave you with a special feeling for this wonderful creature.

Make Inishturk Great Again


Some Americans love Ireland so much and dislike Donald Trump so much that they are considering moving to Ireland if Trump gets elected President of the United States.

The Color of California

Color California-min

“The Color of California” is a short film from Sean Slobodan that takes the viewer on a short trip to California.

Jim and Helen Forever

Jim and Helen-min

Nothing says you love a woman more than buying her an expensive wedding ring and asking her to marry you.

When We Were Knights

GoPro When We Were Knights-min

“When We Were Knights” is a short film that shares with us the story of extreme athletes Matt Blank and Ian Flanders and their love and passion for BASE Jumping.

Modern Day Knights

Harlem Knight-min

“Harlem Knight Fight” is a short film featuring some modern day nights in New York City.

Chasing The Ghost

Player Two-min

“Player Two” is a touching short film by John Wikstrom about a boy’s connection with his father through a video game.

The Little Owl

Little Owl-min

“The Gnomist: A Great Big Beautiful Act Of Kindness” is a short film that shows us how one person can help make the world a better place for so many others.

Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport-min

A short film of Brussels Airport filmed by Alex Soloviev as he was waiting for his next flight.

Fishing In Fiji

Gary Yost Fiji Fishing-min

The most unusual fishing ritual you’ve ever seen is the ancient Qoli Wawa ceremony in which the Fijians catch hundreds of fish using a 1 kilometer wide vine “net” and a corral horseshoe.

Dog Photographer in NYC


An interesting and insightful look into the lief and work of Instagram canine photographer and author Elias Weiss Friedman aka The Dogist (@thedogist).

Mojave Desert Timelapse

Skyglow Mojave Blues-min

“Mojave Blues” is a timelapse video of the Mojave Desert filmed by Harun Mehmedinovic as part of the SKYGLOW Project to raise awareness about light pollution and the loss of dark sky areas in North America.

North Carolina High Country

High Country-min

“Aerial Appalachia” is a short film from Nelson Aerials for the Boone Film Festival that takes us on a tour of the North Carolina High Country.

Highland Fairytale

Highland Fairytale-min

A short film looking at Montserrat mountain in Spain from several different angles that a person might not normally see if they were visiting the mountain.

New River Gorge Timelapse

melancholy gorge 2-min

If you love beautiful fall scenery then “Melancholy Gorge”, a timelapse film of the New River Gorge in West Virginia, is sure to please with it’s abundance of fall scenes and colors.