Category: Short Films

Going Out With A Bang

When someone grows tired of life I’m sure the thought of going out with a bang crosses their mind.

Operation Barbershop

Enjoy some animated action and adventure as Agent 327 undertakes Operation Barbershop in this creative short film.

The Wizard Oz

If you live a long and interesting life then someday you might have a story to tell like The Wizard Oz.

The Lofoten Archipelago

Filmmaker Lasse Henning shares with a beautiful timelapse video of The Lofoten Archipelago in Northern Norway.

Mesmerizing Iceland

If you love amazing photography and timelapse videos then you’re going to enjoy watching “Whispering Iceland”

Islands Of Legends

Photographer Nick Kontostavlakis shares with us a look at the Lofoten Islands in this short video he filmed in February 2017.

Hummingbird and Robot

If you love animated films I think you’re going to enjoy watching “Hum”, an award winning short film about a hummingbird and robot.

A Trip Across Italy

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Italy but haven’t made the trip yet then this trip across Italy might be a short term travel fix.

Pale Mountains In The Sky

If you enjoy watching beautiful videos then sit back and relax as you take in the stunning Dolomites in this aerial film from Timestorm Films.

If A Dog Could Talk

“If I Could Talk” is a wonderful short film about a dog and the things he would like to say to the man who saved him when he was a puppy.