Category: Short Films

Test Pilot

“A Lonely Sky” is a short film about a military test pilot in 1947 who is trying to break the speed of sound.

High Flying Dad

“Flying High” is a short film that profiles the life of Navy pilot Keith Roudebush and how he gave up his love of flying for something much more important in his life.

The Story of Ranger and Jim

If you could bark what would you tell your dog? “If I Could Bark” is a wonderful short film about Jim Van Shaw, a man who loved his dog and wished he could bark to tell him all the things he wanted to share.

Flight Above The Fog

“Above The Fog” is a peaceful and relaxing video of the Blue Ridge Mountains after a thunder storm filmed by Zachary Burnop using a DJI Inspire drone.

A Cast Of Characters

If you’re going to pull off the job of the century then you better have a really talented crew to help you do it.

Los Angeles Traffic

If you live in Los Angeles and have experienced countless hours of frustration driving in LA Traffic then perhaps you’ll enjoy how cool it looks when filmed like this.

New York City Underwater

If you live in New York City and are worried about climate change you might like to see what the city will look like when it’s underwater.

Awesome Supercell StormLapses

“FRACTAL” is a collection of awesome storms time-lapse videos that are sure to entertain anyone who enjoys watching amazing weather.

Going Out With A Bang

When someone grows tired of life I’m sure the thought of going out with a bang crosses their mind.

Operation Barbershop

Enjoy some animated action and adventure as Agent 327 undertakes Operation Barbershop in this creative short film.