Defrag Hard Drive

The more you use your PC, the more some files become broken into disparate parts scattered around your Hard Drive. Defragmenting the hard drive rearranges each file’s pieces into a single continuous block for faster access.

Think of it as a workbench that starts out with all the tools in the correct place then gets messed up because the tools aren’t put back where they belong. They’re still there, it’ll just take longer to find them.

Here’s how to DeFragment your Hard Drive.


Start (lower left corner of screen)
System Tools
Disk Defragmenter.
Highlight the disk that you want to DeFrag and press the Defrag button.

If you’d like to Defrag easier and more efficiently than Windows built in Defrag utility then Big Geek Daddy suggests you try the Free Auslogics Disk Defrag.

If you are using an SSD Drive (Solid State Hard Drive) don’t worry about defragging it because this will actually cause more problems than it will solve.