Laughing Horses


If you need a chuckle watch this short video of some horses laughing at a guy trying to back up his horse trailer.

Adorable Bulldog Puppy


Bentley the Bulldog is about 8 weeks old in this adorable video where he is putting up quite the fuss for his owner.

Kids Packing For Vacation


Packing for a vacation can be an interesting process if you only have one suitcase to fit all your stuff into.

Awesome Slackline Walk


If you’re like me and afraid of heights you’ll probably appreciate this Awesome Slackline Walk filmed with a GoPro camera.

Cool Violinist Music Video


Take a short visit to Germany and The Czech Republic and see some beautiful scenery and circus performers practicing their skills in this cool music video featuring violinist Alicia Enstrom.

Triple Decker Domino Spiral


If you have 15,000 dominoes laying around your house then you might want to build a triple decker domino spiral in your free time.