Reagan’s One-Liners


If you are a fan of Ronald Reagan then you might like to have a little Presidential humor as you get a view of the history of Reagan’s One-Liners.

The Round Giraffe


Rollin’ Safari shares with us a look at what happens to a round giraffe when it tries to get a drink from the watering hole.

Awesome Baby Hair


This adorable 9 week old baby has quite the hair style going and his Mom has nicknamed him “Baby Bear” becuase of the thick coat of hair he’s sporting.

Cool Card Tricks


Magician Jon Dorenbos amazes Ellen as he performs a series of card tricks that will leave you wondering how he did these card tricks.

Cool Hockey Game Painting


If you are feeling patriotic and want to see something cool watch what Artist Joe Everson does during the National Anthem at a Toledo Walleye hockey game.

One Day In Hawaii


One Day in Hawaii a guy is playing a song in a coffee house when a total stranger decides to start singing along with him.