The Three Little Bears

3 Bears-min

We’ve all heard the story of the three little bears but someone has finally captured this trio on video.

Dog Makes Baby Laugh

Charlie Dog Baby Laughs-min

Charlie the dog is such a patient and loyal friend to his little girl, Laura.

Lip Sync Conversation

Jimmy Fallon Ariana-min

Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande share with us their lip sync conversation is this wonderfully entertaining video.

Homemade Hoverbike


Inventor Colin Furze has created a homemade hoverbike with a little help from a sponsorship from Ford.

Rope Swing Basketball

Dunking Devils Rope Swing-min

Leave to the crew at Dunking Devils to create a cool way to dunk the basketball on a hoop placed underneath a railroad bridge.

Science Vs. Music

Science Vs Music-min

“Cymatics” from Nigel John Stanford is a really cool look at Science and Music and how the two are connected.