Grandma’s Pearl Ring

Just For Laughs Granny Ring-min

An adorable little girl has acquired her Grandma’s pearly necklace and is now determined to get her hands on the matching pearl ring.

Insane Rope Swing In Greece

Devin Graham Cool Rope Swing-min

If you’re not afraid of heights strap yourself into your chair and watch this insane rope swing in Greece filmed by Devin Graham and Team Supertramp.

Cool Contortion Dance

Haley Viloria-min

The beautiful and talented Haley Viloria shares with us a cool contortion demonstration to display her strength and the technical skills.

Old Movie Dance Scenes Mashup

66 Old Dance-min

If you’re a fan of old movie dance scenes then sit back and enjoy this mashup of 66 Old Movie Dance Scenes set to a Mark Ronson-Uptown Funk ft.Bruno Mars soundtrack.