Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Dance Of The Puffin

The mating dance of the puffin is a subtle affair and if you don’t take life too seriously you’ll see the humor in this video.

Badass Cat

Three coyotes thought they had found themselves an easy meal but they didn’t realize that Max the Cat is a total Badass.

Savage Cats

The Pet Collective shares a look at cats and kittens that are absolute savages in this funny pet video compilation.

This Is Your Internet

See some stretchy ice ande a cat that wishes it could stretch more as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Paws & Wheels

Balu the dog and his best friend Oli go everywhere together and are always up for an adventure.

Paws & Wheels II

Mountain biker Oli Dorn and his dog Balu share a longer video of their life and adventures together since filming Paws & Wheels.

2 Year Old Drummer

Hugo Molina might just be the cutest little drummer boy you’ve ever seen as he performs with his drum on Spain’s Got Talent.

Oregon’s Secret Coast

A relaxing and enjoyable look at a remote section of Oregon’s beautiful and rugged coastline from photographer Shawn Reeder.

This is Your Internet

See a really cool video clip of lightning inside an erupting volcano as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

The Incredible Ibex

Climbing mountains for adventure is something humans do but scaling vertical walls is something mountain goats do for survival.