Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Fine Art Restoration

The detailed step by step process required to restore a work of fine art back to its original appearance is amazing.

This Is Your Internet

See some cool dogs that have been trained to freeze in place until they are given a release command.

People Are Awesome

Watch amazing people do incredible things in this video of the Best of People Are Awesome for 2019.

Classic Car For Christmas

“The One That Almost Got Away” is a short film about a man who sold his favorite car from when he was younger and still has fond memories of it.

Cat Vs. Christmas Tree

Cosmo the kitten has discovered the Christmas decorations his human has so kindly placed around the home for him to play with.

5 A.M. Wake Up

If you’re not an early riser then this guy’s morning routine might look a little familiar as he has to get up early for work.

The Future Of Computers

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke predicts the future of computers and the Internet in this video from 1974.

This Is Your Internet

See a squirrel make an amazing escape from a Hawk and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

18 String Harp Guitar

Enjoy the classic song “The Sound of Silence” played by musician Jamie Dupuis in this relaxing music video.

Jetman Human Flight

A cool video featuring Jetman pilots doing some extreme flying through Heaven’s Gate in China to showcase the evolution of human flight.