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Idiot Of The Day

Today’s Idiot of the Day award winner is a man who somehow thinks it’s a good idea to mess with a mama bear and her three cubs.

The Silence of Scotland

If you want to get away from all the noise and distractions of modern life getting outside in nature is a good way to go about it.

People Are Awesome

We’re halfway through the year so it’s a perfect time to see the most awesome video clips of the year so far.

This Is Your Internet

See how car safety harnesses for dogs are crash tested using a crash test dummy dog.

Acrobatic Dance Duo

Duo MainTenanT is an amazing couple that got everyone excited when they recently performed on America’s Got Talent.

A Beacon Of Hope

Marine Veteran Kirstie Ennis shares her story and how she is fighting every day to be a role model.

Kryptos CIA Sculpture

An interesting encrypted work of art that has stumped cryptologists trying to break the code for thirty years.

This Is Your Internet

See a bunch of people on I-285 in Atlanta lose their minds when they see money on the highway.

We The People

I try to avoid politics but this term limits advocate comparing Congress to root canals and lice is just too good to not share.

Top 13 National Parks

If you enjoy traveling and being outdoors then taking a trip to a National Park is a great way to spend a vacation.

This Is Your Internet

Take a break from your day and see some adorable and unusual animals as well as more cool and interesting videos.

My America

Comedian Jeff Allen shares some thoughts on how America is a lot different today than when he was a kid.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day and see a baby Rhino that found a way to scratch an itch and more cool and interesting videos.

Bears in Finland

A cool wildlife video of a couple of big brown bears having a confrontation over territory in Kuhmo, Finland.

Mountain of Hell

The 2019 Mountain of Hell downhill mountain bike race starts off with a spectacular crash involving hundreds of riders.

How The Panama Canal Works

An interesting look at how the Panama Canal, the world’s shipping shortcut, helps to connect the world.

This Is Your Internet

See a couple of guys on a motorcycle get chased by a tiger and more cool and interesting videos.

Arnold Selling Cars

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover as a car salesman at an electric car dealership to try and convince people to buy a gas guzzler instead.

Bungee Jumping Bridge

Finding a good bridge to bungee jump off of without breaking the law can be difficult so these guys just bought there own bridge.

The Cutest Koalas

Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia shares the Cutest Koala Compilation Ever that is sure to bring a smile to animal lovers faces.

This Is Your Internet

See a really strong bed that was designed as a panic room to survive emergency situations.

Scooter Jousting

If you consider yourself a real man you might want to hop on a Vespa scooter and do a little jousting.

Power Plant Demolition

A cool look at an old power plant on the Ohio River being demolished by D.H. Griffin Wrecking company who imploded the building.

Marriage Humor

Comedian Jeff Allen shares some insights into his relationship with his wife including her twisted sense of humor.

Search and Rescue Dog

This is the story of Bailey, a Search and Rescue dog who is trained to help find people and rescue them in the event of a disaster.

Lady Of The Crown

A cool look at the centuries-old Santurio Madonna della Corona in Italy as filmed by a drone.

This Is Your Internet

See a dog that has brief fainting spells when it gets excited as well as a dog that loves to eat popcorn.

Dog On Remote Island

See the touching story of an abandoned dog that was rescued from a remote island off the coast of Belize.

The Cycles Of Nature

-N- Uprising is a cool video from photographer Thomas Blanchard that highlights several species of insects and flowers on colored backgrounds.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day to see how a Policeman used CPR and quick thinking to save a baby’s life.

Indonesia By Drone

If you have ever dreamed of traveling to Indonesia then seeing this Island nation as filmed from the air is sure to entertain.

Rate Your Success

If someone asked you to rate your level of success in life how high a score would you give yourself?

Dog Saves Couple From Grief

Mutual Rescue shares the story of Kim and Brian and how their rescue dog Lana helped them to recover from a personal loss.

This Is Your Internet

See a lion who is hunting African Buffalo when the tables get turned and ends up being surrounded by the buffalo.

Lulu The Dog

It took three years to rescue Lulu as she was living alone in a California canyon but the wait was worth it.

The Fireflies Of Mexico

Filmmaker Blake Congdon shares a wonderful look at Fireflies in the night sky during mating season.

This Is Your Internet

See a really cool caterpillar, an adorable puppy, and more cool and interesting videos.

A-hole of the Day

This mail carrier in Los Angeles gets the award for being a total A-hole when she pepper sprays a dog.

The Struggle Is Real

Since I don’t speak French I feel so much better knowing that Parisians struggle to pronounce certain words in English.

Top 10 GoPro Moments

Now that summer is here GoPro shares with us the Top 10 Moments of Winter in this exciting video.

This Is Your Internet

See how a crab uses a jellyfish to protect itself from predators and more cool and interesting videos.

Bad Guy

The beautiful and talented Ariana Savalas performs a wonderful cover of “Bad Guy” by Billie Eilish in this entertaining music video.

This Is Your Internet

See some mysterious lights in the night sky over Norway and more cool and interesting videos.

This Is Your Internet

If you love animals take a short break from your day to see this Baby Rhino and Goat playing together and a cool cat.

People Are Awesome

The crew at People Are Awesome shares with us some of their favorite clips of people being awesome this week.

The Virgin Prince

Tim Conway displays his pure comic genius as he plays a Prince on the Carol Burnett Show.

Amazing Street Drummer

If you enjoy awesome street musicians then I think you’ll like seeing Matthew Pretty, the “Bucket Boy”, performing in Las Vegas.

This Is Your Internet

See some cool technology that allows a living portrait to be created from a photo and more interesting videos.

A D-Day Survivor Story

Actor Sam Elliott shares the story of 98-year-old D-Day survivor Ray Lambert who landed on Omaha Beach.

They Gave Two Lives

A Memorial Day Tribute video featuring a speech from President Ronald Reagan at Arlington National Cemetery in 1985.

Blue Danube Line Riders

DoodleChaos has hand drawn a line rider track with multiple riders to synchronize with “The Blue Danube” by Johann Strauss.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day to see a massive dust storm in Australia and more cool and interesting videos.

Rainstorm Waterfalls

“The Canyon” is a cool look at the Partnach Gorge in Germany after a torrential rain event filmed by Timestorm Films.

This Is Your Internet

See a bear save a bird that fell into the water and more cool and interesting video clips.

Daycare By Danny

This is what a typical day might look like for Daisy at Danny Daycare run by Professional biker Danny MacAskill.

Black Shade Balls

An interesting video that explains why there are 96,000,000 Black Balls floating in the Los Angeles reservoir.

Conquest of Paradise

Musician and Conductor André Rieu performing “Conquest of Paradise” live at the Amsterdam Arena with the Johann Strauss Orchestra.

A Visit To Florence

“Florence Moves” is a short film that does a wonderful job of capturing the sights and sounds of the city of Florence, Italy.

This Is Your Internet

See some window washers who had a scary day at work when their rig malfunctioned causing them to dangle from the skyscraper.

The Cost of Pharmaceuticals

An interesting look at why prescription drugs cost more in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

Weird Boxer Dogs

The Dodo shares 4 reasons why Boxer Dogs are the weirdest but the cutest dogs.

This Is Your Internet

See a violinist playing his violin during brain surgery and more cool and interesting videos.

Wasteland To Dreamland

50 years ago David Bamberger purchased 5,500 acres of land in the Hill Country of Texas that was by any definition a wasteland.

Everybody Talks

The beautiful and talented Michaela Paige performs a wonderful cover with Postmodern Jukebox of “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees.

The Sound Of Butterflies

If you’ve ever wondered what millions of butterflies sound like turn up your sound and sit back and enjoy this amazing sound.

Really Old Trees

If you’ve ever wondered what a 2000-year-old tree looks like then take a trip to the Black River in North Carolina.

This Is Your Internet

See a science teacher demonstrate how water can defy gravity with a little help from surface tension and air pressure.

Walking Blues

Playing For Change musicians perform “Walking Blues” as a tribute to blues legend Robert Johnson.

The Titanic

The MozART Group string quartet shares their Titanic music video with us that any fan of the film should enjoy.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day and see an artist who paints using fire and other cool and interesting videos.

Magical Animal Moments

If you love animals then these magical moments with animals are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day.

Living With Grizzly Bears

Jeff Watson loves grizzly bears which is why he has lived with a couple of them for the last 30 years.

Amazing Underwater World

One Breath Around The World is an amazing underwtawr journey through the eyes of a Free Diver.

This Is Your Internet

Spending a few days living as a goat is enough to make anyone want to live like a human.

The Boeing 737 Max

An interesting look at the design elements and economics of the Boeing 737 Max.

Basement To Pro Bowl

Living in your parent’s basement after college is generally not a good situation for most people.

Classical Tap Dance

The MozART Group string quartet shows us how to combine tap dancing with classical music in this entertaining video.

This Is Your Internet

Everyone has heard of Killer Whales but have you ever seen a whale being used for military purposes?

This Is Your Internet

See a couple of bear cubs wrestling in Yosemite National Park and more cool and interesting videos.

Seymour The Squirrel

Get your daily dose of cuteness by watching Seymour the squirrel eat avocado while wearing his helmet.

The Doggie School Bus

These dogs are happy campers as they get to ride the yellow doggie school bus to doggie daycare.

Fire Ant Colony Art

The next time you have an anthill in your yard consider turning it into some anthill art.

Refrigerator Delivery

Getting a new refrigerator can be an exciting event especially if it is delivered through a window.

No Dogs Allowed

Cats are laying down the law and not allowing this dog to trespass onto their property.

Flooding In The Midwest

An interesting look at why 2019 is going to be a really bad year for flooding in the Midwest.

Heroes Saving Dogs

A heartwarming and inspiring look at people who go above and beyond the call of duty to save Man’s Best Friend.

Meerkat Birthday Party

Baby Meerkats celebrate their birthday with a homemade cake at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney Australia.

This Is Your Internet

See some criminal masterminds that steal an ATM using an excavator to rip it from the building.

Dog Loses 100 Pounds

Kai the Golden Retriever was neglected by his owners and bulked up 173 Pounds before being rescued.

Dogs And Veterans Reunite

A heartwarming video of members of the armed forces being reunited with their dogs after being separated for an extended time.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day and see a cat with thumbs and more cool and interesting videos.

Avalanche Patrol

An interesting look at how the ski patrol at Mammoth Mountain uses a WWII era howitzer to prevent avalanches.

This Is Your Internet

See the largest bird sculpture in the world which truly is an impressive work of art.

Cool Dogs

Lucy and Juan show us how a couple of dogs can have fun riding a skateboard and scooter.

The Classic Race

The MozART Group string quartet shows us how to have a race while playing classical music.

This Is Your Internet

Take a short break from your day to see some crazy video clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.