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A Fire Tornado

I have seen videos of fire tornados before but I have never seen a clip of one sucking the firefighters’ hose into the fire tornado.

Hurricane Florence Flooding

An aerial look at the flooding caused by Hurricane Florence in Eastern North Carolina courtesy of Nelson Aerial Productions.

Swimming Pool Tricks

People Are Awesome shares with us an assortment of clips of people performing some cool swimming pool tricks and stunts.

Fortune Cookies

Comedian Jim Gaffigan shares with us some thoughts on Fortune Cookies that should bring laughter to your day.

The Price Of Vanilla

Vanilla may be the Plain Jane of the flavor world but that doesn’t mean it’s not expensive as by weight it actually costs more than silver.

Dolomites Adventure

Sit back and relax as you enjoy a wonderful timelapse adventure in the Dolomites.

People Nowadays

This eye-opening video about our addiction to the Internet might just leave you speechless.

This Is Your Internet

See a lizard that shoots a spider web and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

The Last Fighter Pilot

P-51 Pilot Captain Jerry Yellin shares some memories seventy some years after World War Two of his life during and after the war.

Scramble The Seawolves

The most decorated squadron in the Navy is probably one you have never heard of unless you were in it or received support from them in a time of trouble.

Just Married

A perfect video that shows a couple that was “Just Married” as they prepare for the ups and downs of marriage as they begin their new life together.

The World In 2018

An interesting look at how social media and mobile devices have taken control over many people’s lives.

Adventures with Ambrose

Take a look at this cool Smooth Knob-Tailed Gecko in this short nature video narrated by Ambrose from Sydney, Australia.

Narwhal Adopted By Whales

See a Narwhal that has been adopted by a group of beluga whales in St. Lawrence River and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

Mobile Car Detailing

Watch what happens when these guys cleaning a nice car are faced with an annoying bird.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

This cat is offended by this dog’s noxious emission and isn’t going to let a sleeping dog lie.

Emotional Magic Act

Magician Marc Spelmann performs an emotional magic act on Britain’s Got Talent that leaves the judges and audience wondering exactly how he managed to pull this off.

Hug Your Hound Day

Every day should be Hug Your Hound Day so if you have a dog be sure to give your dog a hug and let him know how much you love him.

Sticking To The Road

Imagine walking on a road that is so sticky that your shoes stick to it and you walk right out of them.

Kittens Enjoy The Violin

Some kittens are treated to the wonderful sounds of the violin from the beautiful and talented Esther Abrami in this music video.

Sound Of Silence Flashmob

The people watching a performance at the inner courtyard of the castle in Mayen, Germany are treated to an awesome live performance of the classic song Sound of Silence.

The Nitty Gritty Dance

The beautiful and talented Chanzie and Stephen show us all how to do The Nitty Gritty dance like we wish we could.

Omnidirectional Car Wheels

If you’ve ever dreamed of having a car that can move sideways then you might like to get a set of these Omnidirectional Car Wheels.

Violin Concert in Times Square

Watch what happens when the beautiful and talented Esther Abrami decides to play a song in Times Square in New York City.

Stairway to Heaven Flashmob

The people walking in the Kirschgarten in Mainz, Germany are treated to an awesome live performance of the classic rock song Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin.

Bohemian Rhapsody Flashmob

The people visiting a large shopping center in Kaiserslautern in Germany are treated to an awesome performance of the classic rock song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

9/11 Sounds of Silence

This 9/11 Tribute video was set to the song “Sounds of Silence” performed by Disturbed is a very moving video that is hard to watch without getting emotional.

A Fast Cooler

Take a look at this machine from Coca-Cola that can turn a drink into a super chilled slushy in a matter of seconds.

Meteor Smoke Ring

I’m not an astronomer so I can’t fully explain how this works but sometimes meteors leave what appears to be smoke as they pass through the night sky.

A Visit To Stockholm

“Stockholm Moves” is a short film from photographer Alex Soloviev that does a wonderful job of capturing the energy of the city of Stockholm, Sweden.

Let’s Stick Together

I have a feeling many people would like to be one of the dancers in this video featuring the beautiful and talented dancers Chandrae and Stephen.

Western Spaghetti

If you love creative Italian food then I think you’ll enjoy watching this pot of Western Spaghetti being made by PES.

We Need A Wall

When you see the illegal activity occurring on the Canadian border you’ll forget all about that wall on the Mexican Border.

The Trucker Cat

Take a look at Peanut The Trucker Cat and more cool and interesting clips as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.

The Beauty of Artisanal Firewood

If you love sitting around a fire and watching the flames and smelling the smoke then you might appreciate the beauty of Artisanal Firewood.

Rip It Up Dance

Awesome dancers Bianca and Nils perform a tribute dance to “Rip It Up” at the Rock That Swing Festival in 2018.

Making Fresh Guacamole

If you love creativity in the kitchen then you’re going to enjoy seeing how Fresh Guacamole is made by PES.

Homemade Submarine Sandwich

If you’ve ever had a submarine sandwich made with your favourite fresh ingredients then you know how fulfilling it can be.

Make Men Good Men

Allie Stuckey shares with us some interesting thoughts on how to make men masculine again that will have liberals heads spinning but make perfect sense to conservatives.

The Comedian’s Diet

Comedian Brian Apprille shares with us how the last two Presidents have influenced his diet and ability to lose weight.

Careers For Cats

If your cat lying around the house all day doing nothing then it’s time to get the kitty resume out and pound the pavement with those paws.

Muskox in Alaska

There are two reasons why I love this video of a couple of muskox battling it out on a remote stretch of highway in Alaska.

Neck Pain Relief

If you suffer from neck pain then you might be interested to see how the Archlifter™ Balanced Traction Device works.

Rock That Swing Dance

Dancers Nils and Bianca deliver a wonderfully entertaining dance performance at the Rock That Swing Festival.

Pets and Animals Outdoors

Spending time outdoors with your pet or the natural wildlife is usually never a dull moment as you can always expect the unexpected to occur.

Airplane Goes Over A Cliff

A lot of thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies like to jump off cliffs with a parachute or wingsuit but not many would attempt to do it in a plane.

Our Wonderful Night Skies

“GALAXIES Vol. 3” is a short film from Adrien Mauduit Films that gives the viewer a wonderful look at our night skies and the stars that fill them.

The Cutest Dog Ever

Take a few seconds out of your day to see Mr. Bubz, who just might be the cutest dog ever.

The Disappearing Man

Magician Justin Willman has some fun with making a man disappear in this creative and entertaining magic skit.

This Is Your Internet

If you have never heard of or seen a Sun Dog then take a break for a few minutes and see what it looks like.

Idiots Of The Day

Three punks on a motorcycle in the United Kingdom earn the title of Idiots of the Day.

Bears and More Bears

If you love bears then I think you’re going to enjoy seeing this collection of bear videos courtesy of The Pet Collective.

Where Wine Corks Come From

If you’ve ever opened a bottle of wine you might have paused for a moment to admire the wine cork before enjoying a glass of wine.

The Professor of Pronunciation

If there was ever a man that should be known as The Professor of Pronunciation then that title would be given to Jacques Bailly.

Treating Bears That Have Been Burned

An interesting look at how a Veterinarian from the University of California Davis is using Tilapia fish skins to treat bears that have been burned in forest fires.

Driving Through A Wildfire

Justin Bilton and his father were caught in a wildfire and filmed part of their harrowing attempt to escape by driving through the fire.

A Workout For Beginners

Zuzana from the Zuzka Light YoutTube fitness channel shares with us a simple workout you can do even if you’re not in great shape.

The Bird In A Cage

If you like to see amazing artists at work then watch as Salavat Fidai carves The Bird In A Cage on the tip of a pencil.

This Is Your Internet

Take a break for a few minutes and get your Daily Dose Of Internet as you see some cool and interesting clips and maybe even learn something new.

A Musical Proposal

If you make music videos for a living then creating a musical proposal would be an awesome way to get engaged.


If you are looking for an unstoppable ATV that can go just about anywhere then the Russian built SHERP might be for you.

Cage Homes In Hong Kong

An interesting look at how many people in Hong Kong live in a space smaller than the average parking space in the United States.

Lions At The Water Hole

If you love spectacular wildlife videos and photography then I think you’ll enjoy seeing these lions drinking at night.

A Really Big Black Bear

Finding a bear under your deck is never a good experience and when it’s a really big bear it can be even more disturbing.

Pizza Boy Piano Player

Getting a freshly made pizza delivered to your home is truly a luxury in life and it’s made even better when the pizza boy plays a short tune on the piano.

The Things We Tell Kids

Sometimes getting a kid to eat their dinner can be difficult so parents are known to tell a few fibs.

Aretha Franklin Tribute

NBC News shares with us a look at legendary singer Aretha Franklin who was known as “The Queen Of Soul”.

Monsoons In Australia

A cool look at some monsoon season weather from Australia that is sure to entertain anyone who enjoys watching amazing storms.

The Balloon Guy

Imagine working in an office six stories up and having some guy float down to your window with a bunch of balloons for sale.

Mudslide In Switzerland

Take a look at this mudslide that occurred in Chamoson, Switzerland on August 7, 2018, after a hail storm in the mountains above the village.

This Is Your Internet

Take a look at a guy taking a selfie with a whale and a girl getting chased through a field by a bunch of cows in this episode of Daily Dose Of Internet.

Professionals At Work

If you’re driving along a highway in North Dakota and look up towards the power lines you just might see some amazing linemen at work.

Dog On Deserted Island

See the touching story of a dog that was rescued from a deserted island in the Amazon.

BBQ Board Race

Some friends at a Barbeque in Iowa decided it would be fun to have a Boys vs. Girls Board Race and you probably won’t be surprised who won.

The Tables in NYC

What would happen if someone placed a couple of ping pong tables in a park in New York City?

Sad Dog Face

If you have a dog that has ever given you a sad face look then you know how hard it can be to resist giving that dog whatever it wants to make it happy.

Don’t Mess With Mama Bear

Seeing how quickly and aggressively this mama bear moves to protect her cub from a male black bear is amazing to watch.

The Singing Waiter

Some people might enjoy having a singing waiter serve their food at a nice restaurant or even a wedding while other people are just simply annoyed.

Cyber Yoga

People Are Awesome shares with us a look at a different kind of Yoga that can be practiced wherever you want.

Silence In The Dolomites

If you want to get away from all the noise and distractions of modern life getting outside in nature is a good way to go about it.

This Is Your Internet

I never thought I’d see a Minion riding a horse like a knight in shining armor but that’s how this edition of your Daily Dose Of Internet begins.

Lucky Yellow Marble

Watch this lucky yellow marble navigate through a course of blocks and other objects in tune to the song Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart.

A Magic Box Of Stars

In a blast from YouTube Past, Magician Tom Craven gives a wonderful short demonstration of a box of stars.

The Beach Party

If you were a teenager in the 1960’s then chances are you saw more than one Beach Party movie.

A Visit To Lisbon

“Lisbon Moves” is a short film from photographer Alex Soloviev that does a wonderful job of capturing the energy of the city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Your Own Personal EKG

If you have a heart condition called Atrial fibrillation and your own smartphone it is now possible for you to have your own personal EKG monitor.

How To Prepare For Winter

If you’re a bear living in Alaska the best way to prepare for winter hibernation is to find a river full of salmon and eat as much as you can.

Grandpa Goes Swimming

A 102-Year-Old man decides he’s going to take a swim on his birthday and I must say I was impressed!

Brooks Falls Brown Bears

A live webcam from the southwest bank of the Brooks Falls in Alaska where many Brown Bears enjoy feasting on salmon.

Minneapolis Police Help Kid

The Minneapolis Police Department was inspired by 13-Year-Old Jaequan Faulkner so they decided to offer him a little help with his hot dog stand.

This Is Your Internet

Today’s episode of Daily Dose Of Internet features a look at some really big bonfires in the desert that create their own fire tornadoes.

Stuff Southern Women Say

My favorite group of Southern Women continue the language lesson for y’all on Sh%t Southern Women Say in this funny video.

The Green Kid

If a green coloured kid showed up in a second-grade class how do you think he would be treated?

F/A-18F Carrier Landing

This Naval Aviator’s helmet says “No PRO” but after you watch him land his F/A-18F on an aircraft carrier I think you’ll agree that he is a Pro.

Double-Decker Plane

If you have to fly half-way around the world then you might want to do it in a Double-Decker Airbus A380.

Safari Surprise

A safari group in Kruger National Park in Africa was treated to a spectacular wildlife scene when two rutting male impalas got a scary surprise.

Little Girl Is A Genius

A mom shopping with her little girl is surprised to learn from the store clerk that her daughter is a genius.

How To Use Ketchup Cups

I was amazed to learn from a Crazy Russian Hacker that I’ve been using fast food ketchup cups wrong my entire life.