Category: Funny, Cool, and Interesting Videos

Jetman Human Flight

A cool video featuring Jetman pilots doing some extreme flying through Heaven’s Gate in China to showcase the evolution of human flight.

Southern Belle

Comedian Josh Blue shares how difficult it is to perform as a Southern Belle when you have Cerebral Palsy.

3 Words You Never Want To Hear

I highly recommend a visit to the tear gas chamber if you are congested, don’t appreciate fresh air, or are otherwise just feeling sorry for yourself.

Idiots Of The Day

This roofing crew just created some construction work for themselves by trying to take a short cut in removing the chimney.

This Is Your Internet

See an adorable cat that sits and does a peculiar thing with its paws and more cool and interesting videos.

E.T. Holiday Reunion

E.T. travels back to Earth for the holidays to visit his friend Elliott after 37 years in this entertaining short film.

Hippo For Christmas

Postmodern Jukebox and Lauren Tyler Scott perform a wonderful cover of “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” in this entertaining music video.

The Evolution of Communication

Comedian Tyler Boeh shares some thoughts on how smartphones have allowed communication to evolve in this funny stand-up comedy act.

This Is Your Internet

See a person born with an unusual eye condition and more cool and interesting videos as you get your Daily Dose Of Internet.