Decorah Eagles Webcam – Live Eagle Camera

The Raptor Resource Project brings you the Decorah Eagles webcam from atop their tree near Decorah, Iowa. An Eagle was asleep the first time I watched. I had never seen an Eagle sleeping so I was immediately hooked on watching the Decorah Eagles in their nest. A Night Vision Camera is used, so there’s not a light shining on the Eagles at night. If you would like to learn how to tell the difference between the male and female eagle: Decorah Eagles Mom and Dad.

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This Decorah Eagles nest is known as N2 and is located next to Trout Creek which is about a quarter mile from their old nest which was called N1. I’m hoping that we have a wonderful season of Eagle watching in 2014. The Decorah Eagles have provided a closeup look at nature for millions of viewers and hours of enjoyment watching them in their nest. The real excitement will begin in late March or early April when the baby eagles are born. To see what Eagles look like when they catch a fish watch a Bald Eagle Fishing. I hope you enjoy watching the Decorah Eagles Webcam.

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