About Big Geek Daddy

I like to share videos that I find funny, interesting, cool, or otherwise entertaining as well as some computer information I think people might find helpful. I have a very diverse set of interests and a sense of humor.

I’m not an IT guy, just a basic neighborhood Geek. Being a Geek just means I happen to be an average guy that knows more about computers than the average guy. Everyone should have a Geek Daddy if you use a computer. The Bigger the Geek the better. Seriously, I’m 6′ 3″, 205lbs, a Computer Geek, and a Daddy…so that’s where the name Big Geek Daddy came from. Real clever of me I know.

Special Thanks to my good friend Mike. He’s also a Big Geek as well as being older than me so he’s really an Elder Geek. Without his guidance and positive encouragement, I’d still be buying computers off the shelf and paying some other Geek to fix them.

I hope you enjoy the site and either find something useful or funny on it. If you want to help support the site you can Sign Up For my FREE Video of The Day email then send the link to everyone you know so they can sign up also. Sharing any videos you like is also very helpful.