Category: Funny Videos

A Happily Married Couple

This young and attractive couple is happily married and has an endless stream of selfies on Instagram to prove it.

Little Red Convertible

Gabe Hits The Road to do a little cruising in his cool red sports car that is sure to be a hit with the ladies.

Dad Left Home Alone

One creative dad has found an entertaining way to spend time with his young son when it’s just the dudes at home.

Bear On Ice

Berkley The Bear has discovered a small stream covered in ice and decides to show off her ice skating skills.

NYC Ice Storm

Some unsuspecting people talking a taxi ride in New York City were caught in an ice storm that appeared out of nowhere.

Hiring A Millennial

If you’ve ever wondered what hiring a Millennial would be like this funny look at a Millennial job interview might provide some insight.

Sh%t Southern Women Say

My favorite group of Southern Women continue the language lesson for y’all on Sh%t Southern Women Say in this funny video.

Dog Discovers Mud Puddle

A dog named Toby is out walking with his dog friends when he discovers a mud puddle that is calling out to him to play in.