Category: Funny Videos

Halloween Pets


It’s that time of year again when pet owners like to dress up their animal friends and celebrate Halloween.

17 Halloween Dog Costumes


Cute dogs Maymo and Penny model 17 different Halloween dog costumes for us in this adorable dog video.

Lazy Puppy In Bed


If you struggle to get out of bed sometimes then you’ll understand why Lulu the Shiba Inu puppy is in no hurry to jump out of bed.

Slow Motion Dog Tricks


Nana the Border Collie is back to entertain us with some slow motion dog tricks that are pretty amazing to see.

Ridiculous Parking Ticket


Getting a parking ticket is never a fun experience but imagine how ridiculous it would be to get a ticket for parking in your own driveway.

Donald and Hillary


I don’t care who you plan on voting for if you don’t see the humor in this video of Donald and Hillary singing “Time of my Life” together then something is wrong.

Stella The Dog Brakes


Stella the dog is a perfectly healthy dog who has a quirky way of stopping herself after she’s been running and playing.

Weekend Dogs Are Awesome


Dogs work hard all week so when the weekend rolls around they are ready for some outdoor fun and action.

Jimmy Buffett for President


If you’re sick of hearing about the two main presidential candidates and dream of having better choices then perhaps it’s time to elect Jimmy Buffett for President.

Car Splits in Two


Imagine your reaction if you saw a car driving down the street split into half!

Presidential Debate Bad Lip Reading


If you were one of the millions of American’s who watched the first Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump you might enjoy seeing this Debate Night Bad Lip Reading.

Unfamous Actors Beg You To Save The Day


A bunch of actors and actresses you’ve never heard of respond to their celebrity counterparts who are begging you to save the day when it’s time to vote for the President.

Andy Andrews Is Not Normal


New York Times best selling author Andy Andrews shares with us a few stories from his childhood of why his mother would look at him like he was not quite normal.

Cutest Koala Bear Ever!


If you would like to see the cutest Koala Bear ever watch watch happens when Willow the Koala encounters a butterfly.

Grandpa Gets A Limo Ride


Grandpa’s day gets a lot better when three girls invite him to go for a ride in their limo.

Photogenic Cats


If you’ve ever found yourself trying to take a photo of your cat then you might enjoy seeing these cute and adorable photogenic cats.

Southern Shakespeare


In this episode of “The Dixie Download” these fine looking Southern ladies tell some funny southern jokes as well as give a short lesson on Southern Shakespeare.

Dogs Go Golfing


Crusoe the Dachshund and his brother Oakley are all dressed up and ready to hit the links in this adorable video of dogs who go golfing.

Meanwhile In Ethiopia


Meanwhile in Ethiopia it’s just another day of seeing people being creative with their means of transportation.

The Love Of Scrabble


Love and romance is the name of the game for this professional scrabble player as he tries to use words to win the heart of his competitor.