Category: Funny Videos

Thinking Out Loud

A funny look at how conversations might sound if spiritual people were Thinking Out Loud.

Funny Family Feud Family

Steve Harvey thinks he has heard and seen it all when it comes to families he has on the Family Feud then he meets the Obus!

Candid Camera Stage Fright

Many people are afraid of public speaking or being on stage for a performance so imagine the stage fright you might experience if you were stuck on the stage.

Going Out With A Bang

When someone grows tired of life I’m sure the thought of going out with a bang crosses their mind.

Funny Cat Videos

There’s a reason cats have nine lives and these short clips of cats who fail in various situations show us why.

Amazon Echo Silver

If you are an older person who struggles with technology then the new Amazon Echo Silver might just be the perfect smart home device for you.

Hand Sanitizer Overflow

The Candid Camera crew shows us how people react when the hand sanitizer in a grocery store overflows on them.

Maymo The Dog

Maymo the dog wagging his tail over 500 times is sure to bring a smile to your face as you watch this adorable video compilation.

People Vs. Nature

When it comes to the epic struggle of People Vs. Nature wind and water will win every time.