Category: Funny Videos

Going Out With A Bang

When someone grows tired of life I’m sure the thought of going out with a bang crosses their mind.

Funny Cat Videos

There’s a reason cats have nine lives and these short clips of cats who fail in various situations show us why.

Amazon Echo Silver

If you are an older person who struggles with technology then the new Amazon Echo Silver might just be the perfect smart home device for you.

Hand Sanitizer Overflow

The Candid Camera crew shows us how people react when the hand sanitizer in a grocery store overflows on them.

Maymo The Dog

Maymo the dog wagging his tail over 500 times is sure to bring a smile to your face as you watch this adorable video compilation.

People Vs. Nature

When it comes to the epic struggle of People Vs. Nature wind and water will win every time.

Croc In The Crab Pot

Leave it to some Aussies to pull a funny prank on a mate as they put a fake crocodile head in a crab pot.

Fishing Gone Wrong

If you enjoy fishing and spending time on the water then you might get a chuckle or two out of these fishing clips gone wrong.

Big Man On Slip n Slide

A short lesson on physics courtesy of a big man on a slip n slide who demonstrates how sometimes a large body in motion might not stop when you expect it to.

Press 9 For A Human

A funny look at an office worker trying to reach a human on the phone but instead is faced with Auto Answer Hell.

The Value of Higher Education

If you’ve been wondering if spending a small fortune obtaining a college degree is worth it pay close attention to this video about Higher Education.

If Pharmaceutical Ads Were Real

A funny look at how a pharmaceutical ad would look if real people were used and they told us how they truly feel about the drug.

Chevy More Awards Parody

A funny look at how those Chevy Awards commercials might look if a real guy named Mahk was used.

Marriage Advice

Amber and JP share with us how mastering passive aggressive behavior can lead to a strong and healthy marriage.

Wedding Photographer

Love and marriage are about to happen but not quite like this wedding photographer expects.

Great Dane In Bed

Max the Great Dane is comfortable in bed and doesn’t want to get out of it as his owners are trying to make the bed.

Dumb Americans

In this sadly humorous clip from several years ago, Mark Dice asks some young people in California what the D.C. in Washington D.C. stands for.

94-Year-Old Love Story

94-year-old Tom Sitter shares a hilarious story from Valentine’s Day when he was ten years old way back in 1933.

Funny and Adorable Boxer Dogs

Pet’s World shares with us a funny and adorable look at Boxer’s, a dog breed with character and personality unlike any other.