Category: Funny Videos

Southern Women Southern Shakespeare

In this episode of “The Dixie Download” these fine looking Southern ladies give a short lesson on Southern Shakespeare and tell some funny southern jokes.

Cute Halloween Dogs

Cute dog Maymo and his sister Penny share with us a look at the assortment of Halloween costumes they have to wear when they go trick or treating.

Funny Animal Voices

“Talk Like The Animals” is a new series from Mashable that adds a humorous human voice to animal videos.

The Tallest Person In Canada

If you’re searching for something else to watch this fall beside football then you might be interested in the new reality show “Who’s Tallest Canada”.

Chicken Farmer With A Funny Laugh

Frederik van Wijk is a chicken farmer in the Netherlands with a funny laugh that is contagious when you hear it as it sounds like a chicken.

Politically Correct School

If you are baffled by how politically correct our schools have become then you might enjoy watching The World According to Billy Potwin starring Kevin Sorbo.

Musical Shell On The Beach

If you have ever found a seashell by the seashore and listened to the sound it makes then you know it can be musical.

Working At The Art Gallery

A funny encounter between a worker in a New York City art gallery and a Roman statue that is on display in this classic clip from the Candid Camera show.