Category: Funny Videos

99-Cent Sale!

There’s a 99-Cent Sale going on at the 7-Eleven store and it’s leaving a few customers confused and upset.

Help A Dane In The Sun

The Danish Sun Safety Campaign shares with us an important message on how you can help the thousands of Danes who will travel to warm and sunny climates this winter to escape dreary Denmark.

Funny Riddles

Marge and Carla get a little worked up trying to solve some riddles in this funny episode from The Carol Burnett Show.

Push X Pull Coffee

If you are a coffee lover you might want to try some Push X Pull Coffee brewed in Portland, Oregon by a couple of real outdoorsmen.

Christian Cuss Words

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins always manages to get a laugh without cursing even when he shares with us a list of alternative cuss words that people use.

Mission Impossible Dog

Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund does his best impersonation of Tom Cruise in his version of Mission Impossible called “Wiener Impossible!”.

Dancing Owls

If you enjoy bird watching then I think seeing these Burrowing Owls try to outdo each other in front of the camera is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Laughter Is Contagious

A man starts laughing on a dreary and boring metro ride in Belgium and shows us that laughter is contagious and capable of spreading rapidly.

Concrete Buffer Gone Wild

If you’ve ever worked in construction then you know how something like this concrete buffer gone wild can turn an otherwise boring day into an exciting one.

NFL Bad Lip Reading 2017

Just in time for the 2017 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons we have a hilarious video of some more bad NFL lip reading to enjoy.

Canine Freestyle Dance

If you love dogs and dancing then this video of a dog and it’s trainer performing a Canine Freestyle Dance is sure to bring a smile to you face.