Category: Funny Videos

If It Fits I Sits

Rescue cats Cole and Marmalade show us how they like to try and fit into small spaces in this cute cat video.

Simon’s Cat In A Tree

Simon’s Cat has managed to get stuck in a tree and now it’s up to Simon to get the cat down safely.

Stuff Southern Women Say

My favorite group of Southern Women continue the language lesson for y’all on Sh%t Southern Women Say in this funny video.

The First Female Pilot

Airline passengers have some nervous reactions when they discover they are going to be on the plane flown by the first female pilot for American Airlines.

Pennies For A Dollar

This funny clip of people attempting to get change for a dollar shows us that we might all be different but our reactions are very similar.

Idiots Of The Day

Surveillance cameras in Shanghai are going to make these two criminal masterminds internet famous as they earn the title of Idiots of the Day.

This Might Go Viral

A young girl on anesthesia has fallen in love with her nurse and proposes to him while he is helping her to relax and remain calm before her surgery.

Cinnamon Challenge Idiots of the Day

This attractive young couple appears to be intelligent but they earned themselves the title of Idiots Of The Day when they decided it would be a good idea to take the Cinnamon Challenge.